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For all they have problems with the 2020 versions scroll down to the end of this post - there you find a torrent for all 2020 portable. On the License Agreement page you need to click the "I accept the agreement" radio button before clicking "Next". The materials in these collections were created using Bryce's Deep Texture Editor. Unfortunately I do not have access to a Mac but if you do and would like to create a Mac version of this tutorial for this page then please contact me. Bryce 7 (7 Downloads Available) go to this website.

[Lore] The Crusader home again

Richard pulled the reins hard on his horse, his cloak violently flapping in the wind as the rains pounded over his ears. He squinted his eyes hard, trying to see through the carpet of rain. Perhaps this is the Gods punishment. This is what I get for barring steel against a Septon. He urged his courser forward, their movement slow from the deep muck that had been washed up. He'd left the Kingsroad behind miles ago, he had only ramshackle roads and highways now. The events in the Riverlands seemed nought but a distant dream now. A Septon lying in a pool of brains and blood, a Selmy with his throat mangled, and a grinning Dustin riding hard for the North. Gods, what a fucking mess that was. He'd heard word of the High Septon's death while stopping in King's Landing. The old man was found entrenched in a sleep he never seemed to wish to stir from. Perhaps that's for the good. He won't have the Most Devout at his throat, only the Father. Or the Warrior. Or the Stranger, or whatever the fuck God would be right pissed at the situation. He shook the thoughts from his head, instead turning his attention to the wall of rain before him. A chill had set in, and he was soaked to the bone. For an instant he thought he saw it, a distant wood keep. He raised his horn to his lips, giving a single long blast. AROOOOOooooooooo. Then he waited, listened.
AROOooooo, came the reply; nearly lost by the crash of thunder. Richard grinned to himself, giving his soaked beard a scratch. I'm home.
The courtyard of Crow's Nest was as muddy as the outside, but here the wooden keeps and walls shielded him from the worst of the rain. A boy approached him, his light tunic whipping in the wind.
"Ser Richard!" he screamed over the torrent, "You are wanted in the Hall!" He took a hold of the coursers reins, the beast giving a frightened whinny at the sudden movement. Richard dismounted, his boots sinking into the deep mud.
"See to it that he gets an apple," he shouted as he made his way towards the great wooden doors of the hall. He flipped a silver stag into the boy's hand. "And see to it that you get something warm in your belly."
As he approached the great oaken doors to the hall, two guardsman stood in his way. Grey-green cloaks were fastened about their necks, the Crow of Morrigen sewn into their surcoats. One stepped forward, his fat mustache dripping rainwater onto his lips.
"Ser Richard?" he demanded, his halfhelm gleaming in the rain. Richard nodded to him, pulling his hood back to give the guard some reprieve. The man gave a sigh:
"You're father awaits you in the Hall, they are preparing for their leave." Richard furrowed his brow.
"Leave to where?" He demanded.
"Why, to King's Landing. For the Great Court." The man stood aside, heaving the great door open as Richard strode in. King Aerys' court? That's when Uncle Torrance decides to leave Crow's Nest again?
He breathed a sight of relief at the warmth of the Hall, and was then taken aback by it's state. All around him men and women were busying themselves, shouting over one another as the room roared with life. Men were carrying swords, armor, and shields; a few children giggled as they chased each other between the legs of those working; woman were carrying bushels of apples, potatoes, leeks, and radishes. Is he taking all of Crow's Nest with him? A young lad looked up from a map with four other men, giving a grin at meeting Richard's eye. He laid the parchment down, striding towards him with outstretched hands.
"And you must be Ser Richard Morrigen, it is a true pleasure to meet you, Ser." He firmly grasped Richard's hand, giving it a shake as he smiled warmly. His brown hair curled around his ears, and the early stages of a beard framed his jaw and mouth. Richard stared at the man in confusion until spying the chain wrapped about his neck, pewter and silver links buried under layers of the Maesters heavy robes.
"I am Maester Anders, and I have been serving your family for several weeks now." Richard gave a lazy smile at the man.
"Ah, yes, excellent. I was wondering when Uncle was going to replace Maester Bryce." He brushed past the man, searching the crowd for signs of his family. The Maester followed close behind.
"Ah...Maester Bryte? I-I trust he served your family well?" he nervously called after him. Richard unclasped his cloak:
"Bryce. And yes, he surely did. Just died of a sudden pox is all. Didn't know that the stable master's wife was unclean." He tossed the soaked cloak to Anders. The young Maester's cheeks were burning crimson,
"Oh, yes, I see. That-well I-that was very unprofessional of him, and I promise you that I will represent the Citadel in the-" Richard didn't let him finish,
"Yes, I'm sure. It has been fantastic to meet you Maester Anders, do remember to speak to my cousin Martyn sometime; I'm sure the two of you could talk for hours." he turned to walk toward the head table, calling back as he went. "Oh, and Anders, the stable master's wife is unclean. Please remember that."
Arlorn Morrigen sat at the head table of the Hall surrounded by five men. He was scratching away with a quill into a book laid before him, while each man around him spoke with the same notion of urgency. Richard stopped before them,
"I thought losing an arm meant less work, not more."
Arlorn looked up, his eyes growing wide and a smile cracking over his face. Richard couldn't help but grin. The foolish old man.
"Oh! Richard, Gods be good you're back!" he stood himself up from his chair, extending out his right arm towards his son. The two embraced, Richard taking in his father's deep scent of perfumes. Never thought I'd miss the feeling of that knobby stump in my back. He broke away, motioning towards the commotion around them.
"Father, when did Uncle Torrance decide that he was going to the Dragon's Court?"
Arlorn furrowed his brow, "Oh, two moons ago now? Houses Trant, Estermont, and Selmy are all going. And surely other Stormlords as well. Half the realm is turning up!" Richard studied his father's face, his eyes sunken into his face as his skin began to grow loose around his skull. His hair was nearly all white now, as were the uneven hairs upon his chin. He doesn't look good, not for his age. Not for a man of eight and fifty.
"And where is Uncle now?" Arlorn reached out his stump to Richard, letting it prod against his chest.
"I wouldn't bother him now. He has slept little, planning for this trip. And he won't be as excited to see you." Arlorn's face grew dark at that last sentence.
"Well, what for?" Richard questioned, even though he knew the answer.
"Word hasn't been lax in spreading of your work in the Riverlands. Sure, it was a northman who burried an axe in that Septon's head; but it is no large secret that you stood above him, preparing to strike him down!"
Richard rolled his eyes, placing a firm hand on his father's shoulder. "What's done is done, father."
Arlorn angrily brushed aside his son's grasp, "No! You would dare bar your steel against a man of the Faith?"
"He was insane. Nearly every man there was preparing to do the same." His Gods are not mine.
"It doesn't matter! Richard, I raised you better then that! I have raised you in the light of the Seven, and it is not your place to fall to the same levels as those heathen northmen! Men who would burn down Septs, and murder innocent Septons as they-" Arlorn closed his eyes, composing himself as he remembered where he stood.
"Father, I-"
"It doesn't matter." Arlorn opened his eyes again, smiling. "We have better news. A wedding."
Richard took a step back, his eyes wide. "A wedding?"
Tears were in Arlorn's eyes as he cupped Richard's face with his hand. "You are to be married, son. As is your sister!"
Richard opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came. I've got so many whores to fuck yet. He hadn't even done the Seven yet; he still had to fuck a girl from the North, the Westerlands, and Dorne. He stomach dropped. A Dornish girl. Fuck, a Dornish girl... He'd always wanted to be able to tell if that song by the bards was true, The Dornishman's Wife.
"To whom do I receive the honor?" he questioned with false grace.
"Lilypad Caron is to be your betrothed. And Mary will be marrying Edric Trant."
"And mother is happy with this?"
Arlorn pursed his lips, a worried look flashing through his eyes. "You know she isn't. But imagine it my boy, a great alliance between the Houses Caron, Trant, and Morrigen. Oh, how it will be a sight to behold! The Seven will shine upon your bedding! Now, I need you to ready yourself. You and I leave for Evenfall Hall in a fortnight."
Richard heaved another sigh, running his hands through his thin hair. "What the fuck for?" Arlorn had returned to his chair, looking over his long list as he scratched off an occasional tally with his quill.
"Your betrothed's own sister is marrying Ser Endrew Tarth."
Richard turned to look about the great Hall once more, teeming with more life then it had seen in a long time. It was good to be home, for this long at least. He strode away, making his way towards his chambers within the Keep. Fuck weddings.
[M] tl;dr Richard has arrived home from the Riverlands, and is now preparing to depart for Tarth with his father. Sorry for the wall of text, the majority of my posts won't be this long.
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NPC Thread 3.0

If you have an NPC you want added or you have decided to take over an NPC, just tell me and I'll edit the list to reflect the new changes!
  • Lord Manfrey, age 45, steward to Princess Sarella
  • Arianne Dayne, younger sister of Ulrich and Martyn, 13
  • Lord Manfrey Fowler, steward to Princess Sarella Martell at Sunspear (The Old Palace): tall, thin, balding black hair, a long crooked nose, shrewd and loyal, age 50
  • Elwood Gargalen, a member of the guard for Princess Sarella Martell at Sunspear (The Old Palace): of average height and weight, talented with a spear, long black hair, tan skin, loyal and dutiful, age 32
  • Lady Ellaria Uller, advisor to Princess Sarella Martell at Sunspear (The Old Palace): long legged and lithe, curly black hair that falls past her waist, a pragmatic woman, age 31
  • Lord Anders Sand, advisor to Princess Sarella Martell at Sunspear (The Old Palace): lean, almost gaunt, bald and aging, a wise man and a Martell bastard, age 60
  • Axell Storm, who is currently residing in Dorne after Edric convinced Sarella Martell to keep him as a ward at the Water Gardens, because Edric feared for his son's safety from his father.
  • Olyvar Yronwood, younger brother of Trebor Yronwood. Hates fighting
  • Ashara Qorgyle: The only female member of House Qorgyle. She's unmarried and has light brown hair. A plain girl, but friendly, outgoing and charming.
  • Ser Gerold Drinkwater, Knight in the service of Arron Fowler
  • Dareon Sand, servant of Arron Fowler
  • Cailian 'Halfmaester' Dayne - Brother of House Dayne, technical heir to Starfall (I assume that Martyn married Sarella Martilineally?)
  • Aero Allyrion, guard of Sarella Martell
  • Lord Marlon Vaith, 54, fairly honourable head of House Vaith
  • Lady Amerei Vaith, 46, his dark haired, cold, imperious wife
  • Ayrmidon Vaith, first son, 25, close friend of Andros's, heir to House Vaith
  • Meliana Vaith, first daughter,18, soon to be betrothed
  • Jammos Vaith, second son,16
  • Sylva Vaith, second daughter, 14
  • Torrhen Seaworth, younger twin brother to Matthos Seaworth, who is heir to Cape Wrath. Message YughurtEater for more information
  • Lord Sebastion Foote, in his late forties, bannerman to House Caron
  • Lady Marya Foote, in her early forties, aunt to Lord Corliss Caron from his father's side and wife to lord foote. They have children (one born just recently)
  • Henly, maester of Nightsong
  • Ser Jonothor Selmy, a veteran 47 years old knight of Nightsong, Captain of the guard.
  • Ser Maeron Storm, a 26 yeasr old bastard who became a knight, he never met his parents.
  • Ser Lorent Swygert, a 37 years old knight of Knightsong.
  • Koss, a tongueless lowborn who became a man-at arms out of loyalty for the late lord Caron
  • Alyn Connington, 18 - Orys's son and heir of the Paramouncy, twin to Cassana. He has his father's appearance.
  • Cassana Connington, 18 - Orys's daughter, twin to Alyn, betrothed to Lord Corliss Caron. She has more vivid red hair than her brother and father, hazel eyes, a slender build of middling height, and the affections of many who gaze upon her.
  • Ser Argrave Morrigen, 31 - captain of Orys's household guard. The guardsman has longish dark hair, chiseled features and a cool, superior demeanour.
  • Richard Morrigen, 56 - Ser Argrave's uncle, master-at-arms at Storm's End. He has close cropped salt and pepper hair, and no tolerance for ineptitude on the practice yard.
  • Arthur Connington, 44 - Orys's cousin, rules as Lord of Griffin's Roost in Orys's absence
  • Maester Theomar, 68 - former maester of Griffin's Roost, now moved to Storm's End
  • 'Red Bowen', 35 - castellan of Storm's End, formerly a soldier under House Connington with a talent for administration. With Orys's affinity for military men, he was the natural choice.
  • Rousso from Ass'hai, Priest of the Red Temple in Oldtown
  • Tyro, 41 Former Pit-Fighter, Master-at-Arms of Horn Hill
  • Hycae, 32 Former Whore of Lys, Assistant to Lady Leonette Tarly (Tyrell)
  • Ser. Varus of the Channel, 61 Swornsword, Advisor, and Captain of Lord Bonifer Tarly's Guard
  • Lady Leonette Tarly (Tyrell), 44 Unoffical Castellan of Horn Hill
  • Randyll Oakheart, Lord of Old Oak, contact kulaboy94 for details
  • Lady Elinor Grimm (formerly Serry), 40 year old wife of Godric Grimm
  • Mathis and Mia Flowers, 20 year old twin bastards of the late Lord Mathis Hewett, whose House is now extinct
  • Lord Amory Chester, the 8 year old Lord of Oakenshield
  • Lord Bael Ashford of Ashford. Mid 50s with gray hair and eyes
  • Lord Harlan Sunglass of Sweetport Sound, 24 years old
  • Lyel - 22, male whore in Flea Bottom, tall, skinny, high cheekbones, very pretty and feminine, loves cross-dressing.
  • Jana - 52s, older whore and unofficial cook at the Sleeping Dove, mostly toothless.
  • Mistress Namha - 53, proprietor of The Sleeping Dove brothel in Flea Bottom, sandy Dornish but squat and fat, business-minded and cruel.
  • Danwell vo Harweez (Aged around 8): Looks sort of Meereenese but has blonde hair.
  • Lynna owner of The Arrowhead - a bar in King's Landing. She's about 50, looks very stern and has salt and pepper hair.
  • Lord Arthur Celtigar, Lord of Craw Isle
  • Ser Flement Lefford, Knight of the Kingsguard
  • Lord Hothor Velaryon - Newly legitimised Lord of the Tides. Contact folktales for more information.
  • Velaena Waters and her son Edric Waters - Bastard sister to Varyo, currently castellan of Hull. Edric being a bastard of Bryce Caron. Contact folktales for more information.
  • Ser Kevan Westerling, the cousin of Rollam. Part of his household and a Knight serving at the Crag. He's 27
  • Ser Harys Lorch, head of Rollam's household guard. Knight serving at the Crag, currently. He's 40
  • Ser Robert Hill, a bastard knight son of the late Daemon Westerling who was raised in the Crag with the rest of the family, the nephew of Rollam, 23 years old.
  • Rollam Westerling, Head of House Westerling original players bio linked for additional information
  • Anatario Spicer- is a lord of Castamere in his early twenties with blond hair and golden eyes and has somewhat of a mental disorder.
  • Ser Lymond Vikary a knight in service to Lord Daven Kenning of Kayce
  • Cleos Rivers the Master of Arms at the Twins
  • Harys Haigh sworn sword of Bryden Frey
  • Donte Erenford sworn sword of Bryden Frey
  • Clarence Charlton sworn sword of Bryden Frey
  • Jason Mallister sworn sword of Bryden Frey
  • Gromm - Cortland Darry's right hand man and bodyguard
  • Madeline Darry - Sister of Cortland Darry
  • Tylor Mallister - Lord of Seagard.
  • Esgred Harlaw,15, dark brown hair, with grey-blue eyes and freckles. She is currently at Ten Towers
  • Norne Kenning - Captain of the Silent Shark and high ranking officer in the Iron Fleet. In his 50s.
  • Barra Wynch - Raider on the Iron Victory, currently aged 14 with short brown bobbed hair and brown eyes. Said to be skinny and tall with a long face.
  • Urrigon "Urri" Pyke - Bastard son of Lady Meera Tawney and his father is currently unknown as of yet, cabin boy on the Iron Victory. Currently aged 9 and is the youngest member of the crew. He is said to have black hair and smokey grey eyes. Contact nickithered1 for further details or if you want to pick up the character.
  • Victaria Harlaw/Greyjoy - Wife of Dagon Greyjoy, and Captain of Sea Song. She has thick curly black hair and stormy grey eyes. Contact nickithered1 for more info on this character or if you want to pick her up.
  • Rodrik Harlaw - One of the wards at Pyke. Currently 7 years old with a head full of black curls and bright ocean blue eyes. He is known to be a shy child.
  • Maester Armond - The elderly Maester at Pyke. Said to have a shinny bald head with ice blue eyes, he was once a man from a Northern house, many people distrust the maester for various reasons.
  • Yohn Codd head of House Codd and Captain of the Lamentation.
  • Old 'Dog' Donnel an ironborn crewmember of the Lamentation.
  • Valeena Pyke- bastard daughter of lord Vickon of house Wynch age 21. A beautiful girl skinny but well-muscled, red hair and has two different eye colors right side eye hazel, left side eye blue.
  • Dykk Wynch - oldest son of lord Vickon of house Wynch age 18 and twin brother of Falia Wynch. he has lean body and has black hair with haze eyes
  • Falia Wynch- Daughter of lord Vickon of house Wynch age 18 and twin sister to Dykk Wynch. She is a beautiful skinny girl with long black hair and hazel eyes.
  • Alannys Wynch- daughter of lord Vickon of house Wynch aged 16. She is a plain looking girl who has dark brown hair cut short and brown eyes.
  • Denys Wynch- age 13, son of lord Vickon of house Wynch. he has dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and most in his family find him strange.
  • Penny - age 18, she is a servant at the Wynch family keep and lord Vickon's eyes and ears around the keep, along with her being Vickon's lover. She has long straight brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Ser Harald Redfort is 3rd son of the current Lord Redfort the second in command of the Bronze Gaunlet, and a good friend of Ronnel Royce
  • Edian Corbray a ward of Nathaniel Arryn and squire to Dake Arryn. Dake Arryn is also his teacher, as Nate is at King's Landing.
  • Kym Egen, captain of the guard in the Eyrie. He is a close friend to Dake Arryn
  • Ser Vince, a man of twenty-five. Knighted by Dake Arryn, also his friend. He is a skilled swordsman
  • Ser Willas Moore, the new master of laws of The Vale.
  • Rickard Mormont: nephew to Dacey and Jerold, a boy of 17 and already tall for his age. He has an arrogant attitude and a love for pushing younger kids around.
  • Lyra Mormont: Dacey's cousin 28 Very tall, muscular, and hairy. She looks like an actual bear walking on its hind legs when you see her at a distance. Skilled in battle.
  • Maege Mormont: Dacey's cousin 26 Short and squat woman with flaming red hair. She's missing several teeth. Like all Mormont women she's also skilled in battle.
  • Ysela Stark, a Lady of House Stark. Contact Starks_rule for info
  • Jerold Mormont, member of House Mormont
  • Alister Locke, maester to House Manderly of White Harbor
  • Cerrik Manderly - Castellan at New Castle.
  • Bella Manderly - Keeper of Silver in White Harbor, oversees the silver mines and the silver mint.
  • Leona Manderly - Adviser to Lord Wyman.
  • Duncan Mallister: Builder of The Nights Watch, and younger brother of Tylor Mallister
  • Ser Loras Oakheart, former heir to Old Oak, exiled to the NW for his house's treason
  • Mart Forel, braavosi master waterdancer and the bloke who trained James Rivers. A friend and confidante to James and a skilled fighter. Has a little bit of influence in the Braavosi court, aged 60.
  • Mazdhan Harzoo Xaoho XXV: Current Lord Protector of New Meereen.
  • Grey Rat - Unsullied Captain, One of Blue Maggot's former Childhood Friends
  • Sar'sian, a freed pit fighter from the Summer Isles and personal bodyguard of Cleos Baratheon
  • Alios Haratis - Eldest son of Sharako Haratis and Taena Haratis of Pentos, a man of 17 with brown hair, hazel eyes, olive toned skin and an athletic body. Please contact taenaofpentos for more details.
  • Larra Haratis - Oldest daughter of Sharako Haratis and Taena Haratis of Pentos, a maiden of 16 with raven black hair, dark brown eyes, and paler skin. Please contact taenaofpentos for more details.
  • Seldys - Eunuch former whore and retainer of the Rogare Household, now head of the Rogare Bank and the Lysene Chamber of Commerce. Contact folktales for more information.
  • Mona of the Seahorses - Former lover of Varyo having just given him a Bastard. De-facto leader of the Seahorses. Contact folktales for more information.
  • Serrae - Mistress of Diplomats for Varyo. Contact folktales for more information.
  • Mansa Flatfoot - Commander of the City Watch of Lys. Contact folktales for more information.
  • Moredo Maegyr - Captain and smuggler from Volantis. May be uncle to Danae. Might not give him away, but possibly to the right person. Contact folktales for more information.
  • Esgrid of Thenn, wife of Chief Torwynd of the Cave Dwellers, 20s
  • Mother Nettles, leader of the Forest Dweller clans, 70s/80s
  • Noregg, fellow Cave Dweller and friend of Torwynd, 40s
  • Brynden Waters, bastard of House Bar Emmon, former second in command of the now defunct and scattered Holy Hundred.
  • Loras the Swordsman: member of Starling's sellsword company
  • Willam Torrent - Starling's lover: member of Starling's sellsword company
  • Pate, former maester student: member of Starling's sellsword company
  • Doran the archer: member of Starling's sellsword company
  • Flement, excellent at all forms of fighting: member of Starling's sellsword company
  • Captain Philip of the Maidens Men
  • Wex Sand- Baseborn son of a Dornish merchant, last seen in kings landing, wealth of gold from lifetime of trading, missing his left leg. message gporter1285 for more details.
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