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[Review] Upgrading & Settling Into the t480

Hey folks,
I only recently became a ThinkPad fan earlier this year after searching for & finding the excellent value of an x230 with a handful of upgrades thrown in. Pretty quickly I got used to some of the ThinkPad design mainstays you could still see in that model with its' sturdy build, excellent input methods, and emphasis on user-serviceability.
A little while after that I got the chance to trade a fixed-up x230 + some cash for the t480 you see below. It felt like rolling the dice on if a newer, larger ThinkPad would be a good fit for me, but I still pulled the trigger on it. This is a few months ago now, and I'm very glad I did.
The t480 came to me with the stock Intel i5 8250u CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 500GB SATA SSD, stock 1366x768 TN Panel, non-backlit keyboard, and a flush 3-cell battery. Pretty decent deal for a trade & some extra dosh, but I was looking forward to making some improvements and trying out the machine proper.
Coming from an x230 (and prior to that an older 11" MacBook Air) I was a little concerned that the t480 would feel too large for my daily use. It's heavier in a "dense feeling" way, and requires a larger space in bags, but I've come to appreciate the extra space to stretch out and work both onscreen and on the keyboard deck + palmrest. I'd probably swap to a 12.5" or 13.3" device if there was one that boasted the t480's features and expandability, but because there isn't I'm quite happy continuing to acclimate to a larger workhorse.
The build overall feels more premium but also a bit more fragile than the ThinkPads I've fixed up and owned from around the x230's release period. Those machines were finished less lavishly but felt like you could throw them around without damaging the internals inside. The t480 feels nicer, but also so densely packed that it's hard to imagine you wouldn't crunch in on something important with a decent drop. Its' finish also collects a lot more hand oil on the outer case, which I'm trying to let bother me less over time.
The t480's ports are more than enough for my use cases daily. I moved to USB-C chargers for my phone and x230 not long ago, so the t480 fits right in. The rest of the I/O is versatile and nice to have. USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, full-size SD, and a 3.5mm jack feels like as many options as one could want outside of dedicated audio in + out jacks. My want for that stems specifically from my livestreaming hobby though. I won't need to use everything here on a regular basis, but I'm grateful the functionality will be there when and if I do.
While using the machine the performance jump coming from a 3rd-gen dual core up to an 8th-gen quad-core Intel CPU was evident. I don't tax my CPU heavily on most days, but even in general system usage, light mutlitasking, and a good amount of web browsing things felt snappier and the system ran cooler than my x230 ever could.
This segues us nicely into undervolting, which was something new for me to learn with this machine. I learned from this guide and had a fun time dialing in the undervolt values & stability using Throttlestop, a looping Cinebench R20 script, and RealBench for extended stress testing. It's really cool seeing how the voltages, clockspeed, TDP, and temperatures all relate and react to one another. After a week of trying different values on both AC and Battery I settled on a -160mv undervolt for the core+cache and a -55mv undervolt for the iGPU+unslice. This handily dropped operating temperatures and allowed for eking out a bit more performance under sustained load.
Having gotten mostly used to the size and invested some time tweaking the machine to make it run better, I was enjoying the t480 enough to begin ordering parts and upgrades in for the machine - these will comprise the real meat of this post;
The upgrades I made were:
Innolux IGZO Low-Power FHD Panel
This is a phenomenal screen that's likely the best panel I have in a device at this point. Especially coming from the underwhelming stock TN panel this display has made using the t480 a lot more special. I can tell I'm looking at a high quality panel each time it flicks on and I see the Lenovo logo or my desktop wallpaper. Colors and blacks simply pop (NotebookCheck reviewed this panel here), & all that alongside the high 400nits brightness and reduced power draw is just a treat. This is also my first time using a 1080p panel in a 14" screen, and I find things to be a good balance of spacious, readable, and crisp at 125% scaling.
Ensuring to get the IGZO panel made by Innolux means you'll get all the aforementioned niceties without compromising on more intense ghosting like with some of the other IGZO FHD panels from BOE & AUO. I had good luck sourcing a genuine panel with this seller on eBay who mention including the proper panel-mounting-brackets in their listing, and also reached out to me upon placing my order to confirm their panel would be compatible with my device. It took a few weeks to show up, but it was so worth it. Allow yourself some time to sit down and gradually remove the bezel so you don't kink it and its' adhesive strips like I did, and you'll be golden.
Chicony Backlit Keyboard (FRU 01HX419)
The keyboard turned out to be a pretty finicky upgrade for me. I didn't mind the non-backlit Darfon-manufacture model's keyfeel - it has a slightly more pronounced "snap-back" after depressing a stroke - but I did mind the cheaper looking & feeling keycaps with decal legends. It took me three orders of a backlit replacement part to receive one that functioned properly on arrival. The first one was warped in a way that made the spacebar miss 75% of my inputs unless I forcefully bottomed out the right side, and the second had perfectly functional keys but a non-functional TrackPoint + mouse buttons. It took until the third one for me to get in a Chicony-manufacture model with good keys & TrackPoint operation out of the box.
As mentioned above, the backlit keyboard does feel slightly different from the non-backlit model in typing dynamics. It seems to have the same amount of tactility and force required for a keypress, but springs back afterward ever so slightly softer & quieter. I don't feel a huge difference in use, but I do give a slight edge to the feel of the non-backlit model. The keys of the backlit keyboard are made of a higher quality material and have legends formed into the keys themselves to allow the backlight to shine through. The backlight itself isn't as bright or as clean as other laptops I've seen, but I appreciate having the option there when I need it.
X1 Extreme Glass Trackpad
This was one of my final upgrades. It was a relatively cheap part + long wait to order from AliExpress and dropped in as an easy replacement after a little fiddling to get the trackpad properly centered in its' space.
I use the TrackPoint for most mousing duties, but enjoy the trackpad for gestures throughout Windows or for when I can't use both my hands while using the machine. The glass surface is smoother than the plastic trackpad but still has a very fine, matte texture finish to the surface.
I've already put a few hairline scratches in mine somehow, which is something I didn't think about happening with glass but totally does. Still, I'm happy the surface I interact with there will likely stay fresher looking and nicer feeling over time than plastic would.
SaotoTech low-profile soft-rim TrackPoint Cap
I came to prefer the soft-rim style TrackPoint while using my x230 earlier this year, so this 3D-printed version from SaotoTech's Etsy shop for newer, slimmer ThinkPads was an instant order for me.
It took awhile to ship overseas but was worth the wait. The material is slightly tougher feeling than the stock soft-dome cap, but recaptures the sensitivity and finger-anchoring that I appreciate with the official soft-rim caps. A cheap way to enjoy your TrackPoint even more & support a ThinkPad fan's shop. :)
m.2 2242 NVMe SSD
This t480 is the first machine I've owned that accepts NVMe storage, so I was excited to add in the Western Digital SN520 512GB NVMe SSD (the one that comes from the factory in the 2242 size, y'all are some real ones for manually slicing SSDs in half.)
I wasn't able to find many options for NVMe SSDs in the 42mm "2242" size, so after shopping around I picked up my SN520 from TigerDirect who shipped it out extremely quickly. It benchmarks a good deal faster than the average speeds from the Crucial 500GB SATA SSD that came with the t480, but I'm not doing anything overly intense with it. It boots a touch quicker than my SATA SSD did (usually before the little Windows spinner can finish a full circle animation) and leaves room for future expansion in the t480's 2.5" bay - so I'm pleased with the purchase.
72Wh 6-Cell Battery
I felt intimidated by the dearth of sketchy "genuine compatible" t480 batteries on eBay, so I ordered mine straight from Lenovo through Amazon and called it a day.
The stock setup of external 3-cell battery + internal 3-cell battery gave me around 4-6 hours of mixed usage with a few utilities running, Discord open, 3-6 Firefox tabs, and some light video and music playback.
On the 72Wh 6-cell battery + 3-cell internal I routinely use my computer for upwards of 6 hours at work and still pack up the machine with 50% or more left to go. I was expecting the combination of a low-power display, undervolted CPU, and extended battery to be potent - just not quite this potent. Anywhere from 10 to 14 hours of screen-on time is just insane to me. It's a tossup between the IGZO display and this battery for my favorite upgrade.
dGPU Heatsink + Fan Assembly
This was the last upgrade I added to the t480, and was another cheap part + long wait from AliExpress. My t480 lacks the dedicated Nvidia MX150 dGPU, so I isolated the part of the heatsink that would normally make contact with it using some electrical tape and re-pasted the t480 at the same time with some Kryonaut thermal paste I had left over from re-pasting my x230.
In the small bit of testing I've done since, working temps have dropped to around 30-40C while idle with programs open, and 45-55C while browsing, watching video, and general light multitasking.
That's pretty nice, but I was even more impressed upon looping Cinebench R20 while monitoring in Throttlestop. The upgraded heatsink allows the t480's i5 8250u to maintain a 3.0-3.1Ghz boost clock indefinitely while accepting a 25W sustained TDP & hovering around 73-75C. That's an increase from it settling in at around 2.6-2.7Ghz and around 19W sustained TDP on the stock heatsink and its' similar to slightly higher temps. This netted a tidy increase in Cinebench results from ~1330 with the stock heatsink up to ~1580 with the dGPU heatsink. Not bad for a $15 part, and if one was really into tweaking thermal limits there's room to extract even more performance for your effort while still staying under 80C.
Having invested so much time and effort into upgrading this t480 one would hope that I end up preferring it to my prior x230 - and indeed I do. The t480 strikes a nice balance between newer quad-core performance on a power-sipping CPU, a host of tweaks & upgrades that can be swapped in mostly painlessly, and a good selection of ports that'll allow for both backwards and forwards compatibility for awhile to come. The overly nice display panel & impressively long battery life were the main two factors that pushed the t480 over the edge into being my daily machine.
The things I end up missing most from my x230 are its' x220-swapped classic 7-row keyboard and its’ more old-school ThinkPad design + sensibilities. At some point along the way ThinkPads became more like MacBooks that still sport some distinguishing ThinkPad features rather than a wholly distinct product, but that doesn't mean the newer ThinkPads aren't still great to use.
I don't even miss the x230's compact size as much as I thought I would. I'd still take a hypothetical device sporting a 16:10 or 3:2 aspect ratio & falling between the t480 & x230's sizes as a personal ideal, but I appreciate what the t480 packs into its' footprint all the same.
After months of upgrades I feel quite settled into my little t480 build. I still have the potential to upgrade up to 32GB of RAM and chuck a larger SATA SSD into the 2.5" bay if ever needed, but for now I think my season of upgrades is done.
I've come to like this little machine enough to think about replacing my desktop altogether with it, so maybe that's where my further upgrades will manifest. And come to think of it, Xyte.ch 's T25 classic keyboard modkit does look pretty tempting... I just can't justify the cost... yet ;). There I go again.
Anyways. If you've made it this far down the page thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed seeing the different things I chose to add to my ThinkPad. This community of fixer-uppers, mods, and upgrades is a lot of fun - hope y'all appreciate whatever ThinkPad machine you've chosen to rock.
(Edit: reposted due to Imgur doing some odd things with my albums. Should be fixed now.)
submitted by SilentStormer to thinkpad

Watch Dogs: Legion - Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Watch Dogs: Legion
  • PlayStation 4 (Oct 29, 2020)
  • Xbox One (Oct 29, 2020)
  • PC (Oct 29, 2020)
  • Google Stadia (Oct 29, 2020)
Publisher: Ubisoft
Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 75 average - 62% recommended - 91 reviews

Critic Reviews

3DNews - Алексей Лихачев - Russian - 9 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion doesn't have the main protagonist, instead we have a city full of oppressed and tired people with their own stories. Other than that this is the usual Watch Dogs game and fans of the first two should be pleased with what it can offer.
ACG - Jeremy Penter - Wait for Sale

Video Review - Quote not available

Ars Technica - Kyle Orland - Unscored
In the end, the London of Watch Dogs: Legion feels a mile wide but only a few feet deep. What promises to be endless variety in character choice and hack-driven gameplay options quickly boils down to the repetition of the same old gameplay and plot tropes.
Attack of the Fanboy - Diego Perez - 3.5 / 5 stars
Watch Dogs: Legion is incredibly ambitious, but the play as anyone system needs a little more work. The story suffers from the lack of a central protagonist, and it's hard to get attached to any of your characters when the character models and animations are stiff and robotic. Still, there's a lot of fun to be had in futuristic London.
BaziCenter - Bahram Bigharaz - Persian - 6.5 / 10
After so much anticipation, Watch Dogs: Legion is finally here, failing to impress. Almost every single problem that prevented the 2 previous version to reach their full potential is still there, and the ability to play as all NPCs added even more issues to the game. Yes, the world is beautiful and you have all the freedom that you want, but as a game, Watch Dogs Legion is shallow and suffers from poor level and character design. A strong contender for the most disappointing game of the year.
Bazimag - Vahid Zohrabi Nejad - Persian - 5.6 / 10
Watch Dogs Legion is yet another open-world game like other Ubisoft's games, full of great ideas, but in action, they don't have enough depth and don't perform well in general. A soulless world with poor level designs and exhausting missions make a graveyard for the series's real potential.
COGconnected - Michael Chow - 75 / 100
Overall, Watch Dogs: Legion is a fun game with a nifty new mechanic that can be utilized in different ways in the future.
Cerealkillerz - Manuel Barthes - German - 8 / 10
Until now the story of Watch Dogs was an up and down, which doesn't change that much in Watch Dogs: Legion. The energy that went into the unique recruiting mechanic leaves a lot missing in the actual game world and the story, which makes the trip to london a bit cloudy, classic british.
Cheat Code Central - Jon Gronli - 5 / 5
Even though Watch Dogs Legion already gives you an impressive amount to do as well as a lot of options on how to do it, it’s still going to be growing. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next and how It is going to affect what’s already in place. I’m also looking forward to the multiplayer component, which I’m more than willing to write about when it comes out. So, come on. Join the resistance.
Console Creatures - Luke Williams - Recommended
Watch Dogs: Legion's Play as Anyone is an exciting mechanic and post-Brexit Britain is easily the best setting yet. However, Watch Dog: Legion's brilliance is hidden behind a fair amount of smog.
Critical Hit - Darryn Bonthuys - 7.5 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion is a fascinating game, massively ambitious and crawling with technology that isn't just on the bleeding edge of what's possible, it's pure magic to see unfold. All of that may sound impressive but slick software and a bustling metropolis of people power can't hide the dull gameplay and shallow approach to the sandbox shenanigans of Watch Dogs: Legion. It's still a fascinating game to experience in short bursts, and it's going to be fascinating to see how Ubisoft evolves London to make it vox pop as a next-gen headliner.
Daily Star - 4 / 5 stars
One that is very English, packed full of wild and interesting characters, each with their own story to tell.
It’s a huge step forward in that regard and one that should be celebrated as it shows a way forward for video game development.
Digital Trends - Tom Caswell - 2.5 / 5 stars
While Ubisoft presents its best open world to date, the main gameplay hook falls flat.
Digitally Downloaded - Trent P - 4 / 5 stars
What players will find when picking up Watch Dogs: Legion is a game that is prepared for a long post-launch game-as-a-service experience. The additional DLC announced so far leans into the strengths of the game and established ideas that the series does well. The beekeepers, paintball guns and magician tricks all bring a sense of playful humour to the series, but it is worth noting that anyone who is (rightfully) tired of Ubisoft's content approach to games is going to find this one a very content-driven game.
DualShockers - Ben Bayliss - 7.5 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion offers an incredibly vast recruitment system that wonderfully complements its hacking mechanics while boasting the darkest story in the series.
EGM - Michael Goroff - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion pushes through Ubisoft's generally noncommittal attitude towards storytelling and exploiting current events to create something that feels like a genuine shift, or at least the prototype of that shift. It might be a sloppy game in many regards, but Legion offers a novel way to experience an open world, with its interconnected NPCs and the introduction of permadeath to the genre.
Enternity.gr - Panagiotis Petropoulos - Greek - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion is much better in terms of depth and hacking and also comes with a huge living world. It's by far the best game of the series.
Everyeye.it - Alessandro Bruni - Italian - 7.6 / 10
Ultimately, while perfectly able to offer players a good number of hours of fun, Watch Dogs Legion fails to fully realize the potential of its basic concept, yielding to the flattery of an open world model that, at the end of the console generation, loudly requires more innovation.
GAMES.CH - Benjamin Braun - German - 89 / 100
Watch Dogs Legion mostly benefits from its rich game world in futuristic London. It's also fun to build a whole army of DedSec agents, using their special abilities within fight and stealth sequences or utilizing them on solving puzzles. It's not all roses concerning story or performance on current-gen consoles. Nonetheless it's the best part of Ubisoft's open-world hacker series so far.
GRYOnline.pl - Michał Grygorcewicz - Polish - 7.5 / 10
I had really low expectations and Watch Dogs: Legion turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It’s a decent action game with some cool ideas and mechanics that yield several dozens of hours of fun, prvided you like wandering around virtual cities doing the same thing over and over again.
Gadgets 360 - Akhil Arora - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion lacks a soul. It's also a passive game, since there's no active push-and-pull. Albion took over London, and now you push them out one borough at a time.
Game Informer - Marcus Stewart - 9 / 10
Legion offers a refreshing and fun change-up to the Watch Dogs formula that succeeds in letting players forge their own path like never before
Game Revolution - Paul Tamburro - 4 / 5 stars
Watch Dogs: Legion‘s beautiful London and its array of recruitable denizens make it one of the most enjoyable games of the year.
GameMAG - Александр Логинов - Russian - 7 / 10
On the one hand Watch Dogs: Legion is a revolutionary game with ambitious open world and thousands upon thousands of characters, probably created by some kind of neural network. The gameplay is fine, and if you love original Watch Dogs, you will feel right at home with this new title. But on the other hand Legion clearly lacks a strong narrative lead.
GameOnAUS - Royce Wilson - Recommended
There are some fantastic ideas in the game which mostly work, but also require an element of metaphorically ignoring the stagehands and the suspension of disbelief may simply be too much for many players.
GamePro - Hannes Rossow, Markus Schwerdtel - German - 79 / 100
Watch Dogs: Legion relies on a unique concept that offers many possibilities, but for which many compromises are also made.
GameSkinny - Mark Delaney - 8 / 10 stars
Watch Dogs: Legion throws out a decade of Ubisoft's cluttered-map open worlds in favor of exciting systems that deliver unique emergent moments consistently.
GameSpot - Alessandro Fillari - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion struggles with tone at times, but its empowering message about unity and justice still shines in a game that is as absurd as it is impactful.
GameZone - Cade Onder - 6 / 10
While it has its moments, Watch Dogs Legion doesn't have enough to feel like a fun place to escape to. The gameplay is too repetitive and too restrictive to allow for anything tremendously exciting over a long period of time. It's a game that shows all of its tricks within the first few hours and leaves you with nothing but jank for the remainder of your playthrough.
Gameblog - Rami Bououd - French - 7 / 10
Watch Dogs Legion is a fun title with interesting and clever gameplay.
Gamerheadquarters - Jason Stettner - 7.8 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion is great, it features an intricately detailed open world London to explore where you can recruit basically anyone though the story could have been more intriguing and the performance while driving could have been better.
Gamersky - 不倒翁蜀黍 - Chinese - 8.5 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion is the most ambitious and innovative one in the franchise. You can play as anyone and finish your job in any way. The open-world of future London is so beautiful and so well-crafted that I always can find something interesting to do.
GamesRadar+ - Alex Avard - 3.5 / 5 stars
Legion royally shakes up Watch Dogs' open-world template with a Play as Anyone mechanic that just about outweighs any headaches left by its rough edges.
GamingBolt - Shubhankar Parijat - 9 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion is definitely the best game in the series so far- and dare I say, one of the most engaging and inventive open world games I have played in years.
GideonsGaming - Joseph Pugh - Unscored
Overall I'm having enough fun that I want to stop writing and go back to playing it, which is always a good sign. The recruit anyone system is working incredibly well, and it's super addictive. The simulation is impressive, even if I haven't determined how much of that simulation affects the gameplay yet. And the few design flaws haven't been enough to hinder my enjoyment after 16 hours. Here's hoping it remains that way as I continue working on my full review.
Glitched Africa - Marco Cocomello - 75 / 100
Watch Dogs Legion is not a bad game I just believe it was too ambitious for its time. The recruiting system could have been something great but instead its shallow and delivered cliche characters with no real purpose. Unfortunately, this does not help the gameplay and story much. There’s a lot of fun to be had here but if you start expecting more from it, you are going to be let down.
God is a Geek - Mick Fraser - 8.5 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion suffers from a little jank in the tank, but the recruitment system is fantastic and there's just so much to see and do. The open world is full of detail, and the whole experience is full of heart.
GotGame - Dragos Dobre - 8 / 10
The post-Brexit dystopian London is exactly the right amount of craziness and fun I was expecting from a Watch Dogs game. Even though the original recipe hasn't changed a lot in the past few years, you can see the progress they made with Watch Dogs: Legion, polishing the game with every iteration.
IGN - Dan Stapleton - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion's bold use of roguelike mechanics in an open-world action game pay off in interesting ways, making this visit to near-future London feel more varied than the previous two games.
Impulsegamer - John Werner - 4.8 / 5
Without a doubt, “Watch Dogs: Legion” ticks all the boxes required to be a true Watch Dogs game, embracing elements from both previous games while brining its own flavour to the table.
Inverse - Tomas Franzese - 7 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion pushes current-gen hardware to the limit, and suffers for it.
Life is Xbox - Dae Jim - 89 / 100
Watch Dogs Legion ‘play as everyone’ mechanic works brilliantly, this is a genre-defying feature and something that sets the game apart from its competition.
Marooners' Rock - Andrew Peggs - 8.4 / 10
Overall, I feel as if Ubisoft has dug back into what made Watch Dogs enjoyable to play. With some improvements to the overall gameplay and tweaks as time goes by, I can see others enjoying the game.
Metro GameCentral - 6 / 10
A disappointingly tame vision of a near future dystopia, that represents a perfectly competent use of the Ubisoft formula but falters in its attempts to add anything new to it.
MondoXbox - Andrea Giuliani - Italian - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs Legion keeps the series' base mechanics while enhancing the whole formula thanks to the higher gameplay and tactical variety provided by the huge choice of agents available. This has the downside of making every character pretty forgettable though, keeping us from establishing an emotional bond with any of them.
New Game Network - Alex Varankou - 65 / 100
Being able to Play As Anyone in Watch Dogs: Legion is impressive at first, but it becomes a detriment to the core experience that's in need of revitalization. The hacking and stealth infiltrations haven't changed a bit, and with repetitive mission design and numerous technical issues, this latest chapter finds DedSec in an identity crisis.
Nexus Hub - Sahil Lala - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion is more of the same Watch Dogs formula fans of the franchise have come to expect. There are additional gimmicks and features that round off the product and it’s a great game to spend time in. The mystery plot and the intrigue around finding out just who exactly Zero Day is and putting a stop to him is great and will easily keep you entertained for 50 hours or more as you explore London.
PC Gamer - Christopher Livingston - 80 / 100
Playing as anyone works great in Legion—once you've finally found the right group of anyones.
PC Invasion - Tim McDonald - 7.5 / 10
The connected, living world here is a genuine revelation, and it's well worth exploring if you're willing to mess around and make your own fun. It's just a shame that some of the vibrancy and depth of Watch Dogs 2 has been lost in the process.
PCGamesN - Dustin Bailey - 7 / 10
Richly realised systems and empowering abilities create a tremendously fun sandbox to dig into, but another toothless story ensures these flashes of brilliance never cohere, leaving Legion feeling less than the sum of its parts.
Pixel Arts - Arman Akbari - Persian - 7.5 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion is a game that has been able to maintain diversity and difference among thousands of playable characters. However, along with the dynamic and detailed world, the game suffers from weakness in the design of the stages and unfortunately becomes repetitive and boring over time.
PlayStation Universe - Neil Bolt - 6 / 10
While Watch Dogs: Legion does the basics well and has a refreshing change of scenery, it moves backwards from Watch Dogs 2 in terms of characters and storytelling. It's still quite enjoyable to get up to tech-based naughtiness in London despite that, but the underlying open-world template Ubisoft keeps using ends up feeling overexposed here.
Polygon - Owen Good - Unscored
Watch Dogs: Legion’s cast of randos makes a surprisingly winning team
PowerUp! - Paul Verhoeven - 6.3 / 10
And that’s the real issue here: the previous game was a story and a damned good one. Watch Dogs Legion is a playground and a damned good one. All it took was a shift in priorities to make the open-world feel less like a world, and more like… well, a game.
Press Start - James Mitchell - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs Legion builds upon the solid foundation established by Watch Dogs 2 while adding its own ambitious twist with mixed results. Having literally every character playable is a gargantuan task, and from a gameplay perspective it works to cement Legion as the best Watch Dogs game thus far. Narratively speaking, however, it collapses under its own aspiration to offer an intriguing concept with spotty execution. Regardless, Legion is a triumph for making good on most of its lofty promise and a triumph for the series.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Nate Crowley - Unscored
While I may not identify with any of my guerrillas and their grab-bag backstories, nor feel any sense of real investment in the fate of DedSec as a whole, I’m still attached to this strange band of possessed berserkers. We’ve had a good time together, in this nonsense dystopian playground.
Rocket Chainsaw - David Latham - 4 / 5 stars
Watch Dogs: Legion brings new ideas to the franchise while keeping within the world of Blume Corp’s ctOS.
Screen Rant - Leo Faierman - 3 / 5 stars
The takeaway is this: Watch Dogs: Legion is an ambitious simulation which reliably fails whenever players push against its boundaries. Like the cargo drones which grant them the ability to freely fly, it hits an invisible ceiling that prevents players from soaring above London’s skyscrapers.
Shacknews - Donovan Erskine - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion is a hacking good time and a great addition to Ubisoft’s technology-based saga.
Sirus Gaming - Lexuzze Tablante - 7 / 10
Watch Dogs Legion tries so hard to innovate the franchise, but in doing so, it feels like a product that was either rushed or there was no love for it. Ubisoft Toronto did their best to give us a whole new Watch Dogs experience, but when the second installment of the franchise is the benchmark, it’s hard for me not to nitpick on these issues I find in the game. I love the franchise, but this isn’t the kind of innovation I’ve expected Watch Dogs to have.
Skill Up - Ralph Panebianco - Unscored
Watch Dogs: Legion is an ambitious title. Perhaps a little too ambitious. As much as certain parts of the game shine, you can't help but feel that the game is too clever by half.
Slant Magazine - Steven Scaife - 2.5 / 5 stars
It's difficult to escape a sense that the game's ambition far outstrips the number of unique people it can plausibly render.
Star News - Rod Oracheski - 4 / 5 stars
Watch Dogs: Legion sticks you in the shoes of characters you’d never have chosen otherwise, and it works more often than it doesn’t.
Stevivor - Luke Lawrie - 6 / 10
There’s some fun to be had in Watch Dogs Legion, but it becomes so repetitive that by the end of the game everything feels like a chore — one I was desperately wanting to be over hours before its credits rolled.
The Digital Fix - Andrew Shaw - 8 / 10
The best Watch Dogs game yet. While it's dragged down by long load times and some repetition, Legion is a hugely enjoyable game that offers players a level of freedom that is rarely seen in this genre.
The Game Fanatics - Trevor Paul - 8.5 / 10
Overall, Watch Dogs Legion is a ton of fun. There is so much to do and experience in this game and so many different ways to do it. The hacking puzzles are familiar but still fun and sometimes challenging. The real star of this game is the variety of characters you can recruit and the backstories that come with them.
The Games Machine - Simone Rampazzi - Italian - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs: Legion starts with some really intriguing background ideas, ideas that try to dig deep and to leave us with many more questions about the near future. The overwhelming control of a state willing to know everything about its citizens, however, does not prevent a few uncertainties about the gameplay, a sore note that prevents the game from shining as hoped. However, it remains an enjoyable offer, ready to satisfy the taste of lovers of the genre.
TheSixthAxis - Miguel Moran - 8 / 10
Watch Dogs Legion is a different type of sequel to Watch Dogs 2, contrasting in its approach to creating a hackable open world playground, but with no less impressive results. Playing as any citizen in London leads to some less-than-engaging story moments, but the web of relationships and activities that crop up as a result of the systemic design is mind-blowing. I rarely did the same thing twice in Watch Dogs Legion, and if I did, I wasn't doing it the same way twice. Watch Dogs Legion truly feels like a living, breathing world, and it's a world that I plan to revisit often, even though I've seen the credits on the main story roll.
ThisGenGaming - Robby Bisschop - 90 / 100
Watch Dogs: Legion is a massive game with perhaps the biggest recruitable main cast of characters we’ve ever seen. With its varied gameplay and its tried-and-true Ubisoft open-world experience, it offers dozens of hours of entertainment and isn’t to be missed.
TrueGaming - محمد جابر الصهيبي - Arabic - 8.5 / 10
Watch dogs legion gives you freedom and it's accentuated in the new recruiting system which makes this title worth playing even before the release of next gen version.
USgamer - Mike Williams - 3.5 / 5 stars
The new "Play As Anyone" system is as impressive as it sounds on paper, creating a host of intriguing characters if you choose to dive into their backgrounds. Crafting your own version of DedSec is a ton of fun, especially early on. The problem is the gameplay of Watch Dogs Legion is mostly the same as its predecessors and the missions are quite repetitive overall. It's not a step back for the series, but the hacking and stealth core of the series does need an overhaul.
VG247 - Lauren Aitken - 3 / 5 stars
Watch Dogs fans and more die-hard anarchists among you might enjoy it more, but between the short storylines, underwhelming tech and mission types and the general “everything is on fire” vibe, it just doesn’t rate highly for me.
[VICE] - Austin Walker - UNSCORED
'Watch Dogs: Legion' Promises Revolution, But Mostly Delivers Distraction You can play as anyone you want, but the game remains the same.
Video Game Sophistry - Andy Borkowski - 6 / 10
The ‘Play as Anyone’ feature is the game's biggest fault. There’s no way to really work as a team. Instead each individual is one part of a fully fleshed out protagonist that has now been cut into 20 different pieces and called upon to work without the other. A severed hand doesn’t make a hero.
VideoGamer - Josh Wise - 5 / 10
Where the action comes alive is in the leaving behind of bodies altogether. Most missions involve breaking and entering, and the thrill lies in the absence of any breaking.
Wccftech - Rosh Kelly - 7.9 / 10
Watch Dogs Legion is a great step forward for the series, with enough experimental new gameplay features to complement the familiar mechanics. London is incredible, and exploring it is an almost visceral experience. It's just a shame that the story doesn't hold the same familiarity that the map does.
We Got This Covered - Todd Rigney - 3 / 5 stars
Although the recruitment system provides a few hours of entertainment, Watch Dogs: Legion feels like a series of systems masquerading as an open-world adventure game. Compared to the first two entries, Legion is a massive step backward, both in terms of story and execution. This is paint-by-numbers Ubisoft on autopilot.
WellPlayed - Zach Jackson - 8 / 10
With a surprisingly good narrative that excels thanks to the unique ability to turn anyone into a DedSec hacker, Watch Dogs: Legion is a damn good time
Windows Central - Carli Velocci - 4.5 / 5 stars
Watch Dogs: Legion is a departure from the typical Ubisoft brand, and it's better for it. The play as anybody system just works, there's a lot to do, and it's unabashedly political in a way that feels important in 2020.
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