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Serial number senses fail hack cs 1.6

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Names to the Names!

Names to the Names by Kadius
Ladies & Gentlemen, Rivens & Rivettes, today I present to you the thread that will give us all an introduction to one another and maybe help find some friends to play with!
To find someone you may want to get information on, Press CTRL+F and type in a Reddit username, Server or IGN to get what you're looking for.
To be added to the list simply PM me or comment the following:
Reddit Username
(Optional) Irl name (again only if you want us to all know)
Any other significant info we should know about you (i.e hobbies, rank, job, favourite colour, op.gg link... you get the idea.)
If you want any info changed simply PM me and I'll fix it asap!
IGN: Kadius
Server: OCE
Bio: I'm a bronze scrub on oce that enjoys doing fancy stuff on photoshop and a mild anime enthusiast :3 Add me if you're on OCE!
IGN: rely on riven
Server: NA
Bio: Low elo in S5 but hoping to climb with my mechanics once solo Q is out.
IGN: eNi Pinkman & hey its saarteco
Server: BR
Bio: Uhh, ex master tier Riven player that now stinks ass. Hoping to become what i used to be.
IGN: Nickuanium
Server: NA
Bio: Low elo riven scrub. Hopefully I can learn more about riven and get better!
IGN: Nurse Riven
Server: NA
Bio: I'm really bad but practising everyday in order to get better! http://plays.tvskeletonqueen
Server: NA
Bio: Staying low Elo to play w/ Friends.
rengo unchained
IGN: Randrax
Server: EUW
Bio: High platinum, hit diamond in preseason. Reddit mobile user.
Chanc3 N Choic3
IGN: theslayer378
Server: NA
IRL Name: Fernando
Bio: I was in promos to gold about 4 to 5 times (it was really annoying win 2 lose the next 3 lol) last season, but then I stayed playing riven more and stopped trying to climb (mostly because i was spamming her in normals). Currently I'm silver 5, mostly still spamming riven in normals.
IGN: tempostorm com and QQ62475783416
Server: NA
Bio: I'm a 15, turning 16 in march. Diamond 4 last season; haven't played promos yet. I like hearthstone streams, but I don't play hearthstone. Computer is kind of bad and I'm looking to get a summer job to buy a better computer and then look to climb to challenger 8). (also if you take assassin mastery over biscuit mastery fuck you man i'll find you and i'll change all your mastery pages to only biscuit mastery i'll do it i really will)
IGN: Tk Wirlson
Server: NA
IRL Name: Wilson
Bio: Random inconsistent Riven and is in a "complicated" relationship with league atm.
IGN: Owarimonogatari
Server: NA
Bio: Peaked Masters (low LP) last season but not by playing Riven. My internet is pretty bad so my ping ranges from 90 to 120+ with packetloss at times. Looking for someone high elo to help me with Riven.
IGN: Azelka
Server: NA
Bio: A top lane main trying to find new champions on my eternal quest to git gud.
IGN: lIIlIlIlIll
Server: NA ex EU
Bio: 18 yo, unranked on NA ex diam player.
0kills the troll
IGN: 0kills
Server: Philippines
Bio: diamond 4 lp Vladimir 99% ranked pick. I always get to lvl 3 at 2:50 thanks to smite and also ff by 20 because no flash.
IGN: T0p lane banter
Server: NA
Bio: 2 Plat 5 accounts playing mostly riven and zed, however I suck and can't get past Plat 4. Would love to play with some good riven players to get better! :D
IGN: Infamous Riven, Not a Riven Bot
Server: OCE
Bio: silver Riven main who's learning computer science/games and interactivity at university. Hobbies including cubing and magic the gathering.
IGN: Doctapownz
Server: EUW
Bio: Diamond 3
IGN: Predacon
Server: NA
Bio: Just a bad Gold II Riven and Vayne main with dreams of obtaining Diamond/Master in season 6, chill guy, lets play together and have fun. I'm always learning and trying to improve.
IGN: RvN J0wNs
Server: EUW
Bio: Gold 5 scrub trying to get to plat and failing every time.
IGN: Timendo
Server: NA
Bio: 23, I usually get stoned and play ranked, if I'm not, I'm actually pretty good.
IGN: SkumbagPanda, Xsizors
Server: EUNE
Bio: Im a 17yo grerk Platinum II scrub, hit dia season 4 but then started playing csgo for almost a year, losing my skills. I have mained all roles but I love riven and her kit. I check reddit mostly on my phone at school or when I'm bored. Also, I have found my way to win difficult lanes like Rene and Olaf and I'll be making a guide about my tankish riven.
IGN: SimonJK
Server: EUNE
Bio: Plastic 18, Good shit Memer. (might be s5 gold/s6 silver 3, but you don't know my life)
IGN: Not Riven Close(mains), LangsatHardbake(smurf), Lïthox(smurf)
Server: EUW
Bio: I'm a 17 year old Riven main from Italy, peaked at d1 67LP and finished d1 50Lp in preseason. I first started playing in late-S2 on Lulu's patch and I climbed in S3 from Silver to Diamond 3 mainly playing Lee Sin.
Jack White40
IGN: Jackwhite40
Server: NA
Bio: Silver Riven with the worst macro sense in the world. Great at analyzing other peoples play, terrible at playing myself : ^ )
IGN: Veeke
Server: EUW
Bio: Silver scrub with above average mechanics but bad decision making.
Server: EUW
Bio: Got to diamond five in s5 as an adc main but I love playing riven so I'm trying to get gud at her at the moment. I also love doing montages but I rarely finish my projects :(
IGN: Rhven
Server: NA
Bio: Hoping to OTP Riven on this account for 95% of my games and get to at least gold just with her.
unlucky jinx
IGN: Kuromeh
Server: EUW
Bio: I started mid-late s5 and got plat 4 in preseason 6, i hope for high plat once soloq comes out, i have good mechanics and decent enough game knowledge, tilt is the only problem x) other than riv i play irelia and ahri
it me waifu
IGN: Florence Watch
Server: NA
Bio: I'm a one trick pony Riven! Peaked at Plat I last season, currently gold III and been playing Riven since season 2! (Feel free to add me!)
IGN: Lets Nerf Riven
Server: NA
IRL Name: Logan
Bio: Silver, aspiring to get really good with Riven I'm not the worst, but I'm closer to the bottom of the ladder than I am the top. I almost never play ranked, and I just play to have a fun time with friends.
IGN: EmiliaLeblancBot or NMF Emi (where I mostly play Riven)
Server: NA
Bio: Gold 3 midlaner, Been playing since Season 4. Im a hardcore one tricker. Mainly a LeBlanc and Morgana Player, but looking to learn and take Mid Riven as far as I can.
IGN: gstvVv
Server: BR
Bio: Peaked Diamond 2 playing mid and ad carry. I got bored of adc and a bit of mid, so i saw the shy destroying people on KR Challenger with riven and since then i mained her.
Tilted Toast
IGN: Tilted Toast
Server: EUW
Bio: Season 5 gold elo, currently unranked ._.. Hmmm dunno what else to write. http://euw.op.gg/summoneuserName=tiltedtoast
IGN: SypherTheExile
Server: NA
Bio: Currently Silver 2 in a steady climb towards gold. Feel free to add me, I play withe just about anyone. Even managed to get called out in a couple YouTube videos.
OG Pariah
IGN: heartless Pariah
Server: NA
Bio: 17 turning 18 in july, Silver rank, a new riven main looking to better my play and maybe climb with her exclusively in the future.
IGN: dof
Server: NA
Bio: ex-Riven main who is trying to practice riven again in Gold smurfs. Hoping to reach diamond this season.
IGN: Yung Wolve
Server: EUW
Bio: just some Riven noob who tries to be boxbox. And yeah i know my name is written in a bad grammar, its on Purpose
IGN: Clearly Poseidon (Smurf: Riven In Time)
Server: NA
Bio: s5 was my first season being able to play ranked I got to gold 5 then stopped playing got to gold 3 in preseason though right now I'm spamming riven on my smurf currently gold 4 and climbing.
IGN: BowMaster930
Server: NA
Bio: Bronze scrub, but barely ever do ranked. Actually am a jungle main, but I detilt at least once a week with some Riven.
IGN: Azuregoz, Rydryn
Server: EUW
Bio: Formerly midlane main became a Riven main to lose LP, currently unranked/bronze silver S4 gold 5 S5. Sucks at the game when playing but can analyse and help others with theory/game knowledge that he can't apply himself properly xP 22 years old french (pls no hate kek) student in finance and mathematics applied to finance. Played some league back in S1-2 but I was too absorbed with other games (originally CS 1.6 CSS CS:GO player) came back around Yasuo's release and mained him for a while before becoming a Talon main. Played Talon during most of S4 but started struggling and (re)discovered Riven and fell in love with the champion, ever since been losing LP and sucking at the game : ^ )
IGN: Craey
Server: EUNE
Bio: Season 4 HardCore Riven main, started playing SC2 few days ago. I love books and long walks on the beach, also bush did 9/11 loominaty confirm.
IGN: Eye of Soron
Server: EUW
Bio: Riven lover plat 3 Riven hated main (like 90% of the Rivens main LOL) U can add me if you are on euw serv
submitted by MrKadius to Rivenmains

A case for a MENA (Middle East, North Africa) server

I'm a player from Morocco (North africa) that have been playing this game since Season 1, and over the past 6 years, I have seen our local community grow from about 30 players in the maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) grouped in one Facebook group to a community that could easily be counted in the 6 digits in my country only, and I don't think it would be too generous of an estimate to say that the 15 MENA nations would count over a million players.
There have been similar threads made about this topic before, some of them were very insightful and well-articulated but I personally feel like all of them failed to touch on two important points.
  1. A lot of them didn't take into account technological limitations or cultural similarity (Although the later is not a must for a video game server).
  2. Failure to provide clear informations and incentive for such a server.
That being said, I will try to tell you why a MENA server wouldn't be a bad idea, not only because we want a server, but because it is mutually benefical to both Riot and the MENA community.
Videogames and the "Arab" world :
It's a known fact that the local culture in conjunction with the gaming culture is a huge premise if we ever want to take a look into how a game would do in a particular region, so let me start off by talking about gaming culture and specifically eSports in our part of the world, how it evolved, how it went through the struggle of being accepted in our slightly more conservative place on earth, through a lot of passion and dedication from my fellow Arab gamers.
Growing in the 90's I was part of the first generation of gamers here, video games were a big part of my life but also my friend's life, it wasn't just a fun hobby, it was an opportunity for us to escape a boring reality and this statement still hold true to date, because if you were to compare countries like Holland with Saudi Arabia, a young guy who plays games in holland could potentially be doing a lot of different things, he could be snowboarding, going to parties... while for the Saudi the prospect of sitting at home enjoying a game of league of legends with his compatriots is a better alternative to hanging out outside in the hot weather with his friends doing nothing. the sad reality is, the options are very limited for a middle eastern or a north African player because of cultural and/or religious circumstances so we tend to be more dedicated to video games. not only allocating more of our free time to playing the game but also by dedicating on average more of our spendable income to the game, numerous time I saw people point out how ludicrous it is that some wealthy Arab donated a big chunk of money to a streamer and talking about how insignificant that amount was for him considering his financial situation but something they fail to grasp is how big of a part watching that stream played in his daily enjoyment.
Another point is how all of these different countries with different ethnical background relate to each other, because there's still this idea of an "ummah" and it even makes it's way in video games. since the day of playing Counter strike 1.6 there were already a lot of "Arab" amateur tournaments, people looking for other "Arabs" to play with, and myself I have played in numerous tournament, in-house customs, CS wars with people from the MENA region so grouping everyone under one server is as convenient as grouping Americans with Canadians.
Riot and the MENA region :
For reasons I talked about earlier and other reasons I can get into but will refrain from because the post is already too long, the MENA region is already lucrative and dynamic as is, and it's only getting better, the gaming culture is growing exponentially but the industry seems to be lagging behind, there's a lot of exposure, activity and money left on the table and companies are starting to catch up, but since we're talking about League of legends and not video games as a whole, let's just look at Riot. Obviously, league of legends has a huge international success and is played by people in every nation, Riot also has servers for every region that could support that, so naturally the Middle east and North Africa should be next in line since they should and could support a server.
Monetizing the game and fighting frauds :
All of the people playing from Morocco all the way to Israel tend to play on European servers, a portion of these people buy Skins and digital goods offered by Riot already but while I can just pull out my card and pay for skins, it's not the case for a lot of people because people are just not used to interacting with digital payment, a lot of people are afraid of piracy and also not every bank offers an international card and some charges a big amount per transaction, so a lot of people who would be buying physical gift cards or paying through other means find themselves unable to do so, that could be remedied easily on a MENA server. Also much like Russia, China, India... Our region sadly is also a hotbed for stolen credit cards and money laundering which probably costs Riot a lot of money and manpower because of chargeback, this also could be remedied if Riot was more involved regionally.
Esport & Streaming :
Before talking about Esport, let me give you a view on what sport is like in MENA, much like in Europe and South America football is the biggest discipline followed, while the participation per capita is low, the audience is huge, people watch sports religiously, likewise people who play LoL watch esports and streams a lot, a regional server with its own tournament and league structure would attract huge viewership for that region.
it is one thing to watch some Moroccan Master or low challenger streamer playing on European servers, it is another to follow and feel invested in a stream on a MENA server with players you could recognize, watch players battling it out on a tournament casted by people speaking your language and by players you relate to. just look at how good the Brazilian streams are doing now that they are on their own server. Another thing is team sponsorship and Media coverage, the Arab world is the biggest financial supporter of European football, some of that money could easily flow into League of legends if it had a correct representation in the Arab world, Also local companies and media would be more willing to accommodate players, our Media, especially state-run is always willing to give exposure to tech-friendly youth activities and local athletes representing the country internationally, so it isn't far-fetched to assume there would be a huge coverage of world or wild card tournament by the Media of a country who's young players could qualify for.
EDIT : Some people raised some concerns about censorships and rather than responding to them one by one with the same answer let me just post and give a little bit of exposure to people who put some effort into making good league cosplays. I'm sure you can easily come to the conclusion that if the country is fine with people dressing up as Leblanc and Ahri, the claim that it would oppose a virtual version of these characters doesn't make much sense.
submitted by and156 to leagueoflegends

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