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Battlefield 2142 Random Funny Awsome Moments

AusGamers Files - Battlefield 2142 Beta Patch v1.25 to v1.40 next. Attack or Defend) 7 save profile 8 apply profile 9 restart =====. More than 40 ranks and unlocks including special squad and commander upgrades New & Used. I just want to make it known that the crack for 2142 1.40 does NOT work for everyone. BF2 & BF2142 *Ranked* servers atlast! !! - iiNet Group. Pilo's award winning beauty services include highlighting, coloring, haircuts, facials, massage, body treatments.

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[BF2142] Playing with bots when suddenly...: Battlefield

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Bf2142 patch 1 40 music. Call of Duty 4 Rank Hack PS3. Re: EA gets hit by the karma bus: BF2142 sales There not bad company(s), it's just they made some poor decisions with BF2. TS LV-strom: Apr 3 2020, 10: 19 PM, updated 3y ago. Product Dimensions 7.75 x 5.75 x 0.53 inches; 5.61 Ounces Binding DVD-ROM Rated Teen Item model number 15265. Ounces Binding Video Game Rated Teen Item model number 15665 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer Yes Item Weight 4.8 ounces Manufacturer Electronic Arts Date First Available October 2, 2020.

Battlefield 2142 v1.40 Crack

This new Incremental Update for Battlefield includes new community maps, Wake Island and Operation Shingle. Threads in This Forum. Best Sellers Rank #21, 918 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games) #665 in PC-compatible Games: Pricing The strikethrough price is the List Price. MSI Kombustor in a background of a game the FPS is low but it doesnt drops. BF2142 problems? Post them here! https://pro-monolit.ru/crack/?key=737. I've searched the forums but have not found a solution that works for me. I'm trying to run Battlefield 2142.

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Battlefield 2142 v1.40 Crack - Page 4. I don't think there has been a game that ive spent this much time on since playing quake 1 multiplayer. For what it's worth the above method worked perfectly to enable x widescreen on my Mac. Post article RSS Articles. Forum: BF2 and BF2142 Server Forum. BF2142 over my 2Mb ADSL link and the average ping was about 25ms with no.

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Junior Member: Join Date: Aug 2020. Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition Serial Key. I Am running all the latest drivers. It is a community map based around the continuation of Wake Island map variants in the Battlefield series. The current list of supported games: Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2020; Alpha Protocol; Battlefield 2; Battlefield 3; Battle. EA servers doesn't pick it up and ban the person".

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BF3 theme is rubbish compared to the original

BF3 theme is rubbish compared to the original submitted by Darkshaunz to gaming

[BFV] Closed Alpha Constructive Feedback

Hey there!
Yesterday I released a video with my constructive feedback on the alpha. But since many developers won't have the time to watch a 17 minutes long video, I decided to post a text version of my feedback here as well.
That said in this thread I will link to specific timecodes in the video where I show clips which help to explain what I am talking about here. ;) https://youtu.be/AclOXd5PUfE
Create a Squad in the main menu to join a server with your friends https://youtu.be/AclOXd5PUfE?t=2m14s
  • increase squad size from 4 to 5. 4 is really small for a squad in BF. BF2 had 6 man squads and BF1 had 5 man squads. Since players never fill up all existing squads, but instead would create and lock squads that contain less than 3 players or don't join a squad at all, the playercount of 64 is not an issue that prevents squads from being larger than 4 players.
  • add an option for the creatoleader of the squad to enter a Name/ClanTag that will also show up ingame like "ALPHA [BNS] 5/5"
Add "switch team" option
During the alpha we encountered the issue that half of the enemy team suddenly disappeared. We tried to switch to the other team to balance it out but we could not find an option that would have allowed our entire squad to switch to the other team. Please add that option if it does not exists yet.
Squad Spawn/Redeploy Screen
  • allow players to spawn on a specific squad mate by clicking on his name in the lower left (this already works in the big deploy screen so should be easy to port)
  • add an icon or "under fire" text next to the name of the squad member that I cannot spawn on
  • add a map which shows where each of my squad mates is, this is very useful as spawn decisions can be made just based on that info - it's not (always) required to cycle through all your squad mates to find the best "spawn point"
  • show Spawn Beacon placed by your squad in this screen (this does not seem to be the case at the moment?)
Spawn Beacon
First introduced in BF2142, the spawn beacon was a Squad Leader only gadget, and this is really the only player who will use it properly. We have seen time and time again that if the Recon/Sniper gets the spawn beacon, then he uses it as a "camping beacon" far away from the objectives. So give that back to the Squad Leader who will then place it near the frontlines where it is actually useful.
Auto Heal
With all the other gameplay changes made in BFV that emphasis teamwork, squad play, map awareness and playing smart, Auto Heal is entirely out of place and has to go. However, just like you can take ammo from killed players, I suggest that medics also drop small med-bags when they get killed, so that players can pick these up (by pressing "E"). This would then mean that "healing" and "getting ammo" works exactly the same, which means that these become very clear game mechanics.
Picking Up Ammo Dropped By Killed Players
This should be changed to require a manual interaction (press "E"). The current passive pickup seems to interfere with firing/reloading and it should be a decision made by the player to pick it up.
Revive System https://youtu.be/AclOXd5PUfE?t=7m1s
  • When it's clear that anyone trying to revive you will die, then allow the player to use the right mouse button, to "alert players that it is not safe to do the revive". However THIS MUST NOT CANCLE THE BLEEDING OUT PROCESS! Because then we would see players just instantly cancle the revive like we have seen in BF1. The Bleeding out process is meant to slow down the pace and get players to change their playstyle, so players must NOT be able to opt-out of it!
  • That said, in situations where there is no squad mate, nor any other medic around, players should be sent to the deploy screen right away, where they have to wait for the deploy countdown to reach 0.
  • When your squad gets wiped, then this currently aborts the "bleeding out" process and you get kicked to the deploy screen, even when there would be other medics near you! This must not happen! When a squad wipe occurs while you are bleeding out, then only send the player back to the deploy screen if there is no other medic around that could do a revive. When there are other medics then let him continue to bleed out and wait for a medic!
  • Add "revive" icons on the minimap to make it easier to find players/squad mates that you can revive
  • Add a compass ribbon to allow the downed player to call out where he sees enemy players.
  • Once I initiate the revive process, I can not cancle it (guess that's not in yet?). Which is less of a problem for a medic as he revives fast, but this gets squad members killed a lot, this could lead to players avoiding the "Buddy Revive's", which we don't want.
  • Starting the revive using the "E" key is not reliable and sometimes has very long delay until the revive starts - makes the player doubt if the system accepted his input [ sometimes it can take 10 seconds!? for the 3d "revive" icon to show up on the players hud (see the video I linked to above)
Indoor Lighting https://youtu.be/AclOXd5PUfE?t=9m15s
The interior of buildings is pitch black as if it would be night. That does not just look wrong, it also has a very negative impact on the gameplay as players are invisible inside these "dark holes".
Squad Leader / Orders https://youtu.be/AclOXd5PUfE?t=3m10s
  • Add "distance to objective" inside the Squad Leader's comrose
  • Make "requests for new orders" more obvious for the Squad Leader, as that small notification on the left is only visible for a few seconds is very easy to miss
  • In case that there is no active order, use the space where the currently active order is displayed to notify the Squad Leader that he has to give a new order - or that a Squad member requested a new order. This would also fix the issue where players simply don't know that they are the Squad Leader
  • Add the feature from BF4 where a Squad Leader will lose his position should he fail to give orders when when requested by the Squad Members
UI Elements Obstruct View
  • Get rid of those gigantic texts (LAST SURVIVING SQUAD MEMBER) and icons (PROMOTED!!!!) that obstruct our view
PING feature / Compass Ribbon https://youtu.be/AclOXd5PUfE?t=4m45s
The Ping feature is a really powerful tool, however we had many cases were this happened:
There is a sniper! WHERE??? I placed a Marker! I can't see a marker? It's near B! Oh there is the marker!
That marker can sometimes be hard to find - this could be fixed by adding a compass ribbon ::Design Concept Video::
North, there is a sniper, look for my marker! Thanks!
Voice Over
Get rid of the current Voice Overs where 2 languages are used in a single sentence "Sehr Gut! We've taken objective Berta" - that is just idiotic. Add an option to choose between "native" and "fully localized" voice overs, so that when a player selects "native" all VO's of the German faction will be in German, and German only. While when he selects "localized" you get the broken English variant where everything is in broken English - don't mix 2 different languages!!!
Flight Mechanics / Planes I did not have much time to spend in the pilot seat, so it's possible that I am wrong about the flight mechanics.
  • any kind of maneuver results in too much loss of speed and leads to a semi-stall
  • top speed needs to be increased
  • feels like it is too easy at the moment for ground units to shoot down planes, while in dogfights it seems that planes can take much more of a beating?
  • the way how planes respond to player input does not feel consistent/reliable. sometimes it seems like the plane will overreact to the players input.
  • turning radius feels too wide
  • add the feature from BF4 that allows the pilot to "look back" by pressing a key
  • move the "re-arm icon" further away from the Battlefield https://youtu.be/_-JGL0cryWQ
C.A.S. Close Air Support https://youtu.be/AclOXd5PUfE?t=11m50s
We really need this mechanic in Battlefield, especially now that 3d spotting has been removed again from the game, as it is quite hard for pilots to even "find" enemies on the ground.
Basically, a squad leader could use binoculars, to temporarily mark an area where he needs pilots to provide close air support in. And the pilots then get a notification on their hud where they see the area marked for close air support. So, with this mechanic the pilot then does not only know where to engage the enemy, it also strengthens the relationship between ground and air units as these then actively WORK TOGETHER. The pilot then also gets a reward for damaging any player who is inside the area, or who was inside that area when it was marked for close air support. To avoid that this feature gets spammed constantly, there must be a cooldown for how frequently such close air support requests can be made, and how many Squad Leaders can make such a request at the same time.
(Mini)map Is Hard To Read https://youtu.be/AclOXd5PUfE?t=14m
When I press "M" to get the big map, then it is almost impossible to tell where I am on that map. In the alpha I had to move my mouse left and right to find where I am. This needs to be addressed.
Tension Music
Starts way too early and gets quite annoying after a few matches.
I hope I did not forget something. :'D
submitted by BattleNonSense to Battlefield

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