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General Q&A Overview

One quote = question, 2 quote = deca answer
remember to join rotmg disc where there will be more Q&As in the future https://discord.gg/rotmg
Any information on the release date/timeline for the unity beta and release?
Yes! The planned structure of release is as follows:
Supporter Beta - 2/3 weeks
Open Beta - 2/3 weeks after supporter beta
After the open beta weeks will come the official release with marketing after it. In terms of release date, all DECA members are actively using exclusively the Unity client to test performance. It is feature-complete, as all features are already moved to Unity and we are currently in the last phase of improving performance. It will likely be here sooner than you think, but we only want to give a definitive date once we are absolutely ready. We are VERY close!
When is the next rift going to be? i love those modes
We are not planning another RIFT season before official release of Unity.
Do you plan any big uptades in future? It will be pretty cool to add new classes, items or dungeons. Always something new.
We are continually trying to bring new updates regularly to the game, balancing designer content and brand new features. As you probably know, this week we are running a public test session of a new class, the Bard. In terms of new items, on !answer February 12th we are releasing new a revamped version of the Belladonna's Garden seasonal dungeon, including new and tweaked items. Regarding brand new dungeons, we are currently putting most of our designer resources into creating Oryx 3, the next big endgame expansion. Besides this, we have many other plans for post-Unity content, but we don't want to share too many details on those just yet.
Do you plan to give the Alchemist another job, such as making him a dungeon boss or a quest NPC?
There is no plan for Alchemist to come back. He was fired permanently.
Has there been any change for Summoner and/or Battlemage class during the development?
We have gathered all feedback about these classes from community. We will work on them after Bard is fully ready to be released.
bard release date?
We plan for the Bard to be released the same date as Unity's official release.
With the addition of the new tops dropping from O3, many UTs and STs will be rendered nearly or wholly obsolete in endgame, vastly reducing the amount of viable niches, and thus build variety in endgame, these include Candy Coated Armor's niche being rendered practically useless by the new heavy armor, Conducting Wand suffering the same result from the wand, most katanas by the new one and KIDDForce by the staff, there are way more examples but these are enough to illustrate the point, is there any plan to do something about this? Not necessarily buffing items like these (Except for ones like Armor of Nil, which presumably will be within the same ballpark of rarity as these new tops) as you've made it clear you want actual power progression past items balanced around wine cellar tops, but atleast adding endgame items with the same niche, but balanced around the new tops, or something of the sort, to keep build variety intact?
As the endgame expands, there will likely be some tweaks made to a few existing items (Nil as an obvious example) and future content will give consideration to these new tops. That doesn't mean future UTs will strictly be stronger as that would quickly give way to issues of rapid power creep, and WC/LH tops will likely still be used as the general standard. Items like CC and Condu will most likely not be touched, as these are midgame UTs with limited niches that could just as easily have an endgame equivalent created in the future (think Bone Dagger -> Queen's Stinger Dagger).
Will there be T7 Rings since T7 Abilities are confirmed?
There are no plans in the immediate future. If and when T7 rings ever do come to be, it would likely only be after the current progression of tiered rings is revised to make more than just HP/DEF builds viable.
When will there be the first testing session for the Unity client?
We have Unity client testing sessions all the time! But for players it will be with the release of Unity Supporter Beta, or Open Beta a little bit later for those who were not a part of the original campaign.
Hey! New here. Is there any plans to add new regions or set pieces?
We'd love to expand the realm with more varied biomes and activities, but this is a longer term project. There are plenty of ambitious ideas, both internally and from community suggestions, but it's probably not something that will get heavy development in the short term future.
When do you plan on advertising the game to the general public? Or do you plan to rely on the consistent player base we have now?
We are planning to have a marketing campaign right after Unity's official release.
Are there plans for a pet ability rework? As it stands, there are a few insanely strong abilities, and the rest incredibly weak.
We are looking into pet changes. A little while back we tested a brand new In/Out-Of-Combat system that some of you may have seen on public testing. We're still working on this, but given the importance of carefully balancing such a big aspect of the game, we want to make sure we take our time with it and get it just right.
how do i become an admin/tester?
Only members of DECA Games receive admin accounts. Testers are hand-chosen by a variety of criteria. One of the best ways to stand out is to give thorough and useful feedback during public testing sessions!
Any plans to make Necromancer a real Necromancer that summons things?
One of the ideas we are looking into is a summoner class, which may happen at some point after the Bard.
Will there be more bossfights like fungal or will it be in the instapopish style of MBC?
We are trying to provide all kinds of dungeons to help provide new content to players of all levels. But if you enjoy harder, advanced fights like the Fungal Cavern, you should be looking forward to Oryx 3. ;)
Any plans to rework the mid lvl dungeons?
In the mass dungeon polishing update a little while back, we aimed to address some issues and frustrations that had lingered in a handful of midgame dungeons to improve the experience in content that doesn't get touched up too often. We will continue to revise content as necessary, typically in between releases of brand new content.
Will there be any more Easter eggs added into nexus eg; pet farm where we can use abilities to explore and such ?
Funny you ask. We recently started discussion about implementing new Easter Eggs into RotMG.
Have you thought of buffing the bard ability?
As the latest PT session for the Bard recently concluded, we will be looking at all feedback in-depth and going from there. If you haven't shared your thoughts in the RealmEye forum thread yet, please do!
What are the current plans to combat server lag and stability after Unity launch?
There are a few layers to it. Lag can come from client side - with Unity this should be vastly improved compared to Flash's structure. Lag can come from server side as well, and we are looking into ways to improve backend code to be best optimized for Unity. Often lag simply comes from the fact that too many players join one map, overloading a dungeon that's only built for up to 35 people with over 100. We are investigating ways to properly fix the dungeon cap, for the sake of both gameplay balance and performance.
Will we be seeing in/out of combat coming any time soon?
The OOC system is not abandoned! Many adjustments have been made, and we are thinking of releasing it alongside some notable progression system changes that will make it more comfortably compatible.
1.what do you think about adding more and more challenging quests? (For example achievements - complete 100, 500, 1000 shatters, solo a shatters, solo a shatters on a specific class? Current quests are pretty boring and something more challenging would be really needed
We are looking into creating more content that will be challenging for everyone! Even players who have achieved just about everything.
Are you planning on bringing back extremely old dungeons and items like the Dreamscape Labyrinth or the Sheep Level that Amit, made in some new remastered form?
We're glad some of those ancient dungeon concepts are still remembered by some long time players! We will probably continue to work on more original dungeon concepts, but there's always a chance that one of those will be revisited someday. Never say never!
Any plans to improve the loot system so it’s less RNG or add some sort of system that slightly protects you from the RNG of the loot system?
We plan to introduce UT exchange system a bit after Unity's release, which we believe will have a significant and positive impact on helping players manage the times RNG just doesn't go their way.
Which platforms will RotMG Exalt run on? (Eg Wimdows/Linux/Mac/PS4/XBox/Comodore64)
RotMG Exalt will run on Windows and Mac.
When will be more epic dungeons?
Probably not unless another extremely early game dungeon is created. As of now, there is an epic version of all five early game realm dungeons that do not drop a guaranteed stat potion, and we would prefer to use more original themes for future content to keep each dungeon feeling fresh, rather than retreading old ground.
Whats all 5 Epic Dungeons?
Pirate Cave - Deadwater Docks
Forest Maze - Woodland Labyrinth
Spider Den - The Crawling Depths
Forbidden Jungle - Secluded Thicket
The Hive - The Nest
why is treasure cave rare?
We consider the Cave of a Thousand Treasures to be a sort of specialized bonus dungeon, since it has no exclusive drops but all the monsters have the potential to drop potions. We may buff those rates a bit in the future to give it a bigger bounty, but this is the main reason it's not treated like a typical godlands dungeon. This is also why we've made Treasure Maps a reward for some new Tinkerer quests, as a chance at further bonuses and a relatively rare experience.
You mentioned something about marketing in one of the responses. I’m unsure how well that will work before the beginner experience is improved. Are there any plans to improve it soon?
Yes! Just recently we had some long sessions discussing the status of the tutorial and very early game. We're planning some light additions to help guide new players through some core mechanics that are currently not explained very well without outside resources, as well as restructuring the tutorial a bit to clarify things and make it more compatible with Unity.
Will there be death effects for Unity?
Not for release but we are looking into implementing some.
Will be the account on unity reseted ? or will remain
How is ut trading going to work?
It will be UT exchange rather than UT trade. The plan is to introduce a new NPC which will help you with it.
Upon Unity release, do you plan on closing some empty servers so there is more life "filled up" servers?
This is a serious question: Why does Deca keep doing events that are clear to players majority opinion to be "cash grabs"? like the st story chests and constant chest events, some players feel you are going way too overboard with these types of "cash grab"s. thank you
Since progression in the campaign is tied to gold purchases overall rather than being a direct purchase itself, we aim for the recent ST campaigns to work like a fast pass for people who want to support our game and at the same time stand out inside it. We feel that the limited time exclusivity is a balanced trade-off for the permanent implementation of the set (as well as a class's previous set) at much higher drop rates after the first month.
In terms of events, we use these as a way to shake up various dungeons week by week by providing additional loot chances or other special activities within. We know that it's a mixed subject, as many people enjoy the events and others don't participate. We also try to provide additional bonuses for these players as well, such as the Keyper inside the realm and events at Oryx, both of which help remedy the key chains that some players find more repetitive. We hope that future changes (such as fixing the dungeon player limit) will make long chains of event dungeon runs less automatic/steamrolled and maintain more gameplay engagement.
are there any plans for t8 ability items? maybe for a late game enemy that is harder than void entity to drop them?
We haven't even introduced T7 abilities yet! πŸ˜„ Maybe in the very far future, but there are no current plans for anything that's in development.
Is there going to be any significant changes coming to the trading system? Like potentially a market, or restricing even more items from trading?
We are looking more into trading systems and improving it to be a more worthwhile part of gameplay and progression again. Some of the loot drop changes mentioned in our latest PT session are a small but important step towards this.
Is there any planned change to the mark/quest system and, if so, is there an eta on its release?
We want to make the quest system more user friendly but there is no current ETA.
As others have noted, the Bard class in its' current state is EXTREMELY overpowered for groups due to both of its' abilities, the breakdown why:
Range boost - Far too high, a 50% range boost to the group is very problematic in terms of balance for alot of reasons, the main one being it effectively renders many weapons whose range is supposed to be a great perk, like the Crystal Sword, obsolete, while also making many weapons whose low range is meant to be a significant downside, like the Void Bow, too strong, it also has the secondary problem of increasing shot speed rather than lifetime, making weapons like Blade of the Assailant and Symbiotic Ripper overpowered as they then completely lack downsides;
Energized - Bards in numbers or with divine pets can effectively give everyone in the group a legendary pet worth of bonus mp regen, further bolstering the overpoweredness of spamming abilities like tomes and Marble Seal;
It's undeniable how problematic Bard is right now, can his ability please be either highly nerfed, say, 15% range boost and 10 mp a second energize, or reworked?
Any feedback about the Bard should be put in the RealmEye PT thread so it can be evaluated with the rest! We know there are a lot of different thoughts about it and want to make sure all concerns are addressed.
With the upcoming development of O3, are there any measures in check to reward people who contribute more to the fight instead of bringing weaker characters for minimal soulbound damage? One problem with LH raids is that players who bring "0/8 dream ppes" and players who bring properly geared characters have the same chance at loot, which doesn't incentivise progression outside of halls.
The handy thing about O3 in particular is that he can only be accessed after O2. Though we're not ready to share the exact prerequisites to accessing O3 just yet, any player will still need to get through a closed realm, Oryx's Castle, Chamber, and Wine Cellar before standing a chance (and O3's dungeon itself isn't kind to those who aren't prepared). While there's nothing STRICTLY stopping an unmaxed character with impeccable dodging skills and enormous amounts of luck from getting through it, the increased time and difficulty to access O3 gives more reason to put your best foot forward and bring a character you believe can get all the way through.
Related to the recent reworks of dungeons, why do they have a trend of making the dungeon alot longer while not making them reasonably more rewarding, especially when the only issue those reworked dungeons suffered from was that they took too long to do, making them not worth grinding for their items. I'd like to especially bring up the cemetery rework, as you've even addressed it being too long being an issue before and having made the dungen shorter earlier. That approach seems to have been thrown out of the window though, as the rework made the dungeon longer than it ever was with an added boss and extra phases that are 1. not up to quality and very sloppily made 2. not more rewarding to compensate for the increased length. The items in cem are not really any more valuable or worth grinding for than before and the new added white is on the same level of vanity as the geb wand. Was this never brought up during the making of the rework? It's so obvious that I can't imagine it ever went unnoticed. The other reworks suffer from this and other similar issues. What gives?
Given that each round of the Cemetery takes about 2-3 minutes to complete and has its own stat potion drops, we believe that it balances out with the average rate of finding and running a typical godlands dungeon while providing more surefire chances at five separate sources of potions. Completing the dungeon as a whole is a longer time investment, but with far more potions to show for it. There is a careful balance between a dungeon that showers players with too many potions and trivializes the maxing process, and one that people feel is too stingy. We prefer to err on the side of caution, and in the future will be reevaluating overall dungeon reward rates to create a more balanced curve from early game to endgame (a lot of older content has skewed rates that make it difficult to create consistency in risk vs. reward).
Are there plans for uncapped FPS in Exalt?
Not in the early stages of Exalt.
Has the game tick speed changed with unity?
When will goblin grotto come out?
The Goblin Lair was unfortunately scrapped long ago and will not be releasing.
When Unity is released will the FOV be changed in settings however you want or it will be a set FOV per dungeon, in the unity trailer i find the FOV being way too big.
There will be a few options of FOV on the release of Unity but they will be very limited. We are planning to extend those options though.
Are there future plans to rework the daily quest system to work with dungeon completes/monster kills rather than a mark turn-in system? This would also mitigate the need for players to carry stacks and stacks of tokens for event exchanges.
Yes, we are looking into improving dungeon completion and quest system.
Is Oryx 3 going to have another sprite or is it going to be the same as 1 and 2?
There will be a new one.
Have you ever considered the idea of making early game UTs tradable? I think if most cyan bag UTs (would exclude the likes of Spectral and Expo) being tradable would add an interesting spin to the economy. I know that I personally would occasionally trade for the likes of Sprite Wand or Chasuble of Holy Light.
Furthermore, has there been any consideration into buffing some of these items such as Honey Scepter and Woodland Robe?
This has been thought about before, but since there would be very little market for trading the lowest end UTs that see virtually no use by experienced players, we would prefer to keep the soulbound status of UTs consistent to avoid confusing newer players.
Also, why would you buff the strongest scepter in the game?
similar to the recent remake of epic dungs, are there any plans for the shatters? or are all shatter plans for after the unity port?
Yes, a Shatters rework is still planned, and has been fully specced out. We delayed it in favor of Oryx 3, but it is not forgotten. That said, we know the idea of a Shatters rework is extremely controversial given how polarizing the dungeon's love-it-or-hate-it status is. When we do move forward with it, we want to heavily involve the community in its progress with development updates since it's such a unique case.
Does Deca in the future plan on putting Pet Skins in the nexus available for purchase like character skins?
We did not plan it. But we can definitely make it happen.
Any plans to make the early game grind from 1-19 less boring and monotonous for people who have done it many many times?
The process of leveling from 1 to 20 is considered to be the first major early game accomplishment, and we consider the ability to continually get faster at leveling to be its own form of intrinsic progression system, as the game enables people to reach level 20 in under 5 minutes under the right conditions. We may look into the leveling system again in the future to some degree, but we do feel it has a valuable place in shaping the game, even if it is just a small "speed bump" for veteran players.
What happened to the price change for keys, any plans to retry that or is that just gone forever.
We have this task in our backlog and will definitely look into it soon. Sorry for the delay.
That's a wrap for today! Thank you for joining us in this Q&A session and voicing your questions! We know there wasn't time to answer every single one, but we hope we've addressed a fair amount of big questions and topics that you've been wanting to know more about. Thank you again!
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"Liliy Shop" White Farm | Might | Power | Strength For you | Join

Lost Hall
White Prices For each white
  • Trom \ Cult - 80$
  • Colos \ Void 115$
You have only Unique Item - Of set
Any other Item in bonus, you keep all loot from runs
  • Shatts RUNS: 4$
  • Lost Halls: 4$ for a random run (may be cult run, may be colo/full void run, it's random).
  • Lost Halls: 6$ Per run For (Colo+Void or 2 Colo)
Fame servise
  • 1000 base fame - 7$
  • 15.000 dead fame costs 10$
  • Price for making you a white star: Obtaining 5 stars on one class costs 5$ (E.g. you need 10 classes for white star, that'll cost you 50$)
  • Also one thing I wanted to explain: the price is counted just for 1k but that doesn't mean you can't buy 1500 or something like that. You can buy any amount of base fame from 500 and higher
Since we don't want to disappoint our customers, new rule appeared:
If the farmer didn't get any white during runs, you'll get 15% of additional runs for free. (Counted from the bought runs, this rule gets active only when you bought 35$+ worth of runs)
  • I selling for you items, Maxing, UT Farm, Very fast, Very smooth
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What about UT Farming
  • If it says "dungeon white", then it's RANDOM white from certain dungeon!
** Runs won't guarantee loot. Runs prices only used for rare/hard dungeons with rare whites.
====Non-epic dungeons====
  • Pirate cave white: 10000$
  • Dbow/dblade: 20$
  • Mad robe: 15$
  • Scepter of fulmination: 30$
  • Conducting wand: 25$
  • Wand of the bulwark: 100$
  • Prism of Dancing Swords: 30$
  • Harlequin armor: 35$
  • Tome of Purification: 25$ on a speedy class. 30$ on a slow class.
  • Toxic sewers white: 35$ on a melee/rogue. 40$ on a range.
  • Parasite white: 40$
==== EPIC/Realm event dungeons====
  • Ancient Stone sword: 15$.
  • Davy's white: 50$
  • Spectral cloth armor: 35$
  • Mountain temple white: 60$
  • Crystal sword: 25$
  • Crystal wand: 60$
  • Pirate king's cutlass: 60$
  • Leaf bow: 40$
  • Doku no Ken: 40$
  • Ocean trench white: 40$
  • Ice cave white: 50$
  • Laid Of Draconis White: 60$
  • RANDOM tomb ring/white: 30$
Safe 100%, But
What if a character dies in the farm?
  • i'm Do Free Maxing
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Req :
  • 6\8 or more
  • Cheat client used only
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  • CSGO Skins 0.80 of price on (Price Check opskins.com)
  • PUBG | TF2 Key - 0.80 of price
  • Qiwi, Webmoney
  • Bonus
Special rules for Lost Halls: You'll get additional runs from 100$, number of runs is decided bt the farmer depending on the circumstances
Small FAQ (it can expand in future):
  • Q: What happens to pots that I get during farming?
A: You can add 3$ and you'll get all the pots during farm. If it's mana/life or event whites order, it'll cost 5$.
  • Q: What about time? How long will it take to farm for you?
A: RotMG is based on random. I can't tell you certain time for an item.
  • Q: I see you having a lot of items in price list, why there isn't ?
A: Some whites/rare drops are not worth farming. They can be too useless or it's droprates aren't enough certain. For example, battle for nexus white, thousand shot.
  • Q: Am I able to speed up your work?
A: Yes, for SOME whites (not all) you can leave your guild so I'll invite you to my one. This will make me able to teleport to my mules standing on other servers. (useful for event whites farming)
  • Q: Can I play during your farming on my account?
A: If you really want to play RotMG yourself, just PM me and I'll get off your account.
  • Q: During what time are you farming?
A: That really depends. But it'll be really comfortable for you as my timezone is UTC/GMT+3
  • Q: You're human... right? What happens if you nexus after 1st or 2nd boss in shatts?
A: That run won't count. Only full 3 bosses run will count towards completing your order.
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