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submitted by Infinite901 to smashbros

X.31.8.0 - Alien Invasion Patch Notes

Hi everyone!
As the past few weeks have gone by, the Nexus has been filled with whispers of strange sightings in the sky. The first few reports were dismissed as nothing more than the crazed ramblings of those who had consumed one too many Magic Mushrooms, but it soon became clear that something sinister is afoot.
Adventurers began to find odd pieces of alien technology, and the most diligent explorers managed to scrounge up fully intact reactors. Even the realm's most seasoned engineers have yet to make any headway in actually opening them, but they did manage to make one horrifying discovery. It turns out that quiet hum heard inside the locked reactors has been emitting an energy signal the whole time, and a hostile alien armada is now hurtling toward the realm to conquer their next target.
Heroes, mad months are ahead of us, the Realm needs you now more than ever!
Happy Month(s) of the Mad God!

MotMG 2019 Event Calendar

Update 07/16:

  • An Alien Leprechaun can now spawn in Godland Dungeons (Toxic Sewers, Mad Lab, Theatre, Abyss, Undead Lair, Sprite World, Snake Pit, Cursed Library) - when you manage to catch and defeat it, it will spawn a random wormhole.
  • Event Whites drop rates are back to normal
  • Wormholes should no longer appear on top of Dark Water
  • Alien Invasion enemies should no longer be able to spawn on top of players
  • It is no longer possible to teleport to the isles of Forax
  • Tarul’s mouth and tentacles now have the same grace period as other wormhole enemies
  • Fixed Ivory Wyvern being able to be stuck in the table
  • Fixed Rock Dragon Bat missing a display id
  • Fixed Avatar’s shades not forming a perfect circle
  • Fixed vault missing a few tiles in the upper right

Alien Invasion Event

Invading aliens have made the realm their next target and it’s up to you to send them back to outer space.
This brand new addition will spice up the realm cycle as any realms could become invaded however it is not a guaranteed occurrence, the more heroes you defeat in the realm, the higher the chance of the event triggering.
Once an invasion has started you will hear from Commander Calbrik and start seeing his army roaming in the mountains. To progress you will need to defeat more and more aliens until more powerful ones show up until finally Calbrik himself joins the fray in his ship for a final confrontation.
Defeating Calbrik’s UFO will allow you to obtain the following items:
  • Heavy Protective Matrix
  • Count as Alien Gear
  • +21 defense
  • On Taking damage below 75 hp: Become invulnerable for 2 seconds Become dazed for 5 seconds 240 seconds cooldown
  • Fitted Protective Matrix
  • Count as Alien Gear
  • +15 defense
  • On Taking damage below 75 hp: Become invulnerable for 2 seconds Become dazed for 5 seconds 240 seconds cooldown
  • Magic Protective Matrix
  • Count as Alien Gear
  • +10 defense
  • On Taking damage below 75 hp: Become invulnerable for 2 seconds Become dazed for 5 seconds 240 seconds cooldown
  • Locked Reactor
  • Metal Scrap

Once Calbrik is defeated wormholes will start appearing all around the realm.
Each of those wormholes is a gauntlet style dungeon where you have to fight off waves of enemies as they teleport in. If you are fast enough you will be able to progress further into the waves but if you happen to be too slow then the waves will stop and you will be allowed to return to the realm.
Malogia is behind the red wormhole and a planet with luscious forest, it is not that different from ours however the creatures there are rather aggressive so stay on your toes at all times! In this wormhole you will be able to acquire the following alien gear:
Untaris is behind the blue wormhole and a fractured planet where ice has consumed a majority of the areas. To navigate you will need to use smaller wormholes to teleport across platforms forcing you to keep track of your location. In this wormhole you will be able to acquire the following alien gear:
Forax is behind the green wormhole and a planet covered in acid water, the general environment is dangerous, especially the extremely fast tide you find there. You will need to decide when to cross through and whether or not you can handle the acid river without risking your life. In this wormhole you will be able to acquire the following alien gear:
Katalund is behind the yellow wormhole and a planet covered by unbreathable cloud gas, thankfully there is an air pocket for you to breath but it is constanting shifting. You will need to move alongside it to survive while also keeping track of enemy location as they get more resistant under the gas. In this wormhole you will be able to acquire the following alien gear:
You can also access the four wormholes by using the keys obtained via the First Encounter-campaign or later during the month via the Login Calendar, please note that the keys can only be used in your vault or in a guild hall and that the dungeons have a player limit of 25.

Alien Cores

The Alien Invasion offers Players a chance to get exotic loot. Through their adventure, Players will be able to obtain unique Alien gear as well as Alien Cores.
There are 4 Alien Cores that can be found in the different Wormholes and via the Tinkerer. Each of these unique items get stronger as you wear more Alien Gear.
In addition, Players will be able to open the mysterious Locked Reactor they obtained via the First Encounter-campaign. Doing so will grant them the Entropy Reactor.
  • Alien Core: Power
  • Count as Alien Gear
  • On Taking Damage: 10% chance to paralyze surrounding enemies in a 3.5 radius for 4 seconds
  • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +5 attack
    • +5 dexterity
  • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +7 attack
    • +7 dexterity
  • Alien Core: Corrosion
  • Count as Alien Gear
  • On Taking Damage: 10% chance to poison surrounding enemies in a 3.5 radius for 4.5 seconds
    • 50 impact damage
    • 1500 damage over time
  • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +45 HP
    • +9 speed
    • +4 dexterity
  • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +45 HP
    • +4 attack
  • Alien Core: Warp
  • Count as Alien Gear
  • On Taking Damage: 10% chance to create a decoy
  • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +45 MP
    • +5 dexterity
  • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +45 MP
    • +10 defense
  • Alien Core: Dark Matter
  • Count as Alien Gear
  • On Taking Damage: 10% chance to Armor Break surrounding enemies in a 2.5 radius for 4.5 seconds
  • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +65 HP
    • +5 defense
  • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +65 HP
    • +10 defense
  • Loaded Core
  • Count as Alien Gear
  • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +60 HP
    • +45 MP
    • +5 defense
    • +5 attack
    • +5 dexterity
    • +9 speed
  • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +60 HP
    • +45 MP
    • +5 defense
    • +5 attack
    • +5 dexterity
  • Entropy Reactor
  • Count as Alien Gear
  • On Taking Damage: 5% chance to paralyze surrounding enemies in a 3.5 radius for 4 seconds
  • On Taking Damage: 5% chance to poison surrounding enemies in a 3.5 radius for 4.5 seconds
    • 50 impact damage
    • 1500 damage over time
  • On Taking Damage: 5% chance to create a decoy
  • On Taking Damage: 5% chance to Armor Break surrounding enemies in a 2.5 radius for 4.5 seconds
  • 2 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +60 HP
    • +45 MP
    • +5 defense
    • +5 attack
    • +5 dexterity
    • +9 speed
  • 3 pieces of Alien Gear:
    • +60 HP
    • +45 MP
    • +5 defense
    • +5 attack
    • +5 dexterity
  • Gravestone reskins thanks to Trensient (Supporter Gravestones will remain)
  • The Nexus has been visited by Aliens

Lair of Draconis Rework

Dungeon Credits:
  • Lead: Kiddforce
  • Design: MMoas, Xaklor
  • Art: Trensient, Aurum, Piggby, Wunderwafe
  • Special Thanks to: Atrapper, Toastrz, Mrunibro
The Lair of Draconis is about to change in a drastic way, say goodbye to disorganized color calling with no impact and say hello to a brand new inheritance system where each dragon inherits an attribute from the last! Not only that but the distinction between Hard Mode and Normal Mode is completely gone so you will no longer be forced to do Feargus first to access the mighty Ivory Wyvern!
The dungeon has received a giant overhaul altering everything you know while keeping it similar at its core, from the artwork to the gameplay a lot of work was done to make the Lair of Draconis truly stand out from any other dungeon.
The Rock Dragon has also received several changes to accompany the dungeon rework:
  • Immune to Paralyze and Slow
  • Speed is now based on the amount of segments left
  • Phase transitions are now based on HP rather than time
  • Rock Dragon Bats now slow instead of confuse
  • And a brand new second phase!
The Dragon Tamer Warrior ST Set received several improvements as well:
  • Indomptable:
  • Damage: 566-650 -> 525-575
  • Range: 3.5 -> 4
  • Rate of Fire: 25% -> 33%
  • -10 DEF -> 0 DEF
  • Helm of Draconic Dominance:
  • No longer paralyzes nearby enemies
  • +250 Max HP for 10 sec -> +125 Max HP for 6 sec (is now stackable)
  • Shoots 3 fireballs at cursor
  • Damage: 500-650
  • Range: 5.6
  • Shots hit multiple targets
  • Cooldown: 10 sec -> 0.5 sec
  • MP Cost: 80 -> 95
  • Set Bonus:
  • 3 Pieces Bonus: +5 DEX +10 DEF -> +5 DEX +80 MP
Not only that but the Sullen Blade will be turned back into the mythical Celestial Blade, of course its stats have been modernized to fit the faster pace of the game:
  • Name and Descriptions updated to those of the Celestial Blade
  • Shots: 3 -> 1
  • Damage: 40-120 -> 200-220
  • Range: 3.75 -> 5.2
  • Amplitude: 0.5 -> 0.65
  • Frequency: 0.5 -> 0.2
  • Fame Bonus: 4% -> 6%

Lair of Shaitan Rework

Dungeon Credits:
  • Lead: Kingged
  • Special Thanks: Toastrz, Tuvior, Artauris
Just like the Lair of Draconis, the Lair of Shaitan has received a major overhaul, while the core elements of the fight remain, the entire fight has been remade from the ground up to make it much more engaging and of course dangerous. Shaitan has a lot of new tricks up his sleeve so don’t underestimate him!
Of course since the difficulty has been increased to be in line with other Court of Oryx dungeons, the rewards should as well. Shaitans drop table now includes Vitality potions in addition to the already existing Attack potions. Their drop rates are more in line with other court dungeons like Puppet Master’s Encore, this is also the case for the tiered drops.
The Skull of Endless Torment has also received an update with a quite unique effect:
  • Updated description
  • Base Damage: 280 -> 120
  • Ignores Def: 60 -> 20
  • Radius: 1.75 -> 2.75
  • Heal: 90 -> 80
  • Hit 2 enemies at once: Removes negative conditions on self
  • Hit 4 enemies at once: Removes negative conditions on group
  • +40 HP -> +50 HP

Paladin ST Rework

As part of our design goal to improve all STs we have created an improved version of the Paladin ST.
The current ST has been removed from dropping from Candyland and has been replaced with the newer version. Players will keep any piece of the legacy set that they have in their possession. In addition, all Legacy piece will still be tradeable.
To reflect this change, the current ST and its pieces have been renamed to:
  • Legacy Swoll Paladin Set
  • Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword
  • Legacy Seal of the Enchanted Forest
  • Legacy Fairy Plate
  • Legacy Ring of Pure Wishes
The Legacy Swoll Paladin Set doesn’t provide bonus stats but players can still transform to the 16x16 sprite when wearing the full legacy set. The pieces of the Legacy set do not work with the new Swoll Set.
The new Paladin set will drop from Candyland. It has an improved Seal, Ring and bonus stats.
  • Pixie-Enchanted Sword
  • New sprite
  • Same stats
  • Seal of the Enchanted Forest
  • Party effect:
    • Damaging for 4 seconds in a 4.5 range
    • Wismod
  • On Self:
    • +15 defense for 4 seconds
    • -15 speed for 4 seconds
  • On Equip:
    • +5 defense
    • +9 attack
    • +9 wisdom
  • 115 MP Cost
  • Fairy Plate
  • New sprite
  • Same stats
  • Ring of Pure Wishes
  • On Equip:
    • +45 HP
    • +45 MP
    • +8 defense
  • Set Bonus:
  • 2 pieces:
    • +25 HP
    • +25 MP
    • +2 defense
    • +2 attack
  • 3 pieces:
    • +25 HP
    • +25 MP
    • +2 defense
    • +2 attack
  • 4 pieces:
    • +25 HP
    • +25 MP
    • +2 defense
    • +2 attack
  • Overall bonuses:
    • +75 HP
    • +75 MP
    • +6 defense
    • +6 attack

Note:The Mystery ST Chest item will now contain the new Paladin ST set instead of the Legacy Paladin ST set, which has been removed from the mystery item.

Cursed Library Update

The Cursed Library has received a small polish update to fix a few bugs, add some quality of life changes and add new prompts to the Realm Eye related to the Alien Invasion.
  • ATT no longer a guaranteed drop from the Corruption Phantom (the normal drop rate remains unchanged, however).
  • Slightly edited some room maps.
  • Portal of Cowardice replaces itself with a Realm Portal after the Corruption Phantom dies.
  • Golden Dagger prompt updated and fixed.
  • Avalon can no longer be insta-killed in his first phase.
  • A few typos in the Realm Eye's speech were corrected.
  • Added 7 new prompts to the Realm Eye.

Special Events

Double Drop Chance for Event Whites

All event whites have their drop chance doubled from today until the next release on the 16th of July!

Discord Shoutout

You should join the Realm of the Mad God official Discord server so you can participate in various events with amazing prizes over the course of Month(s) of the Mad God.
They're currently running a fan lore contest! Prizes include Realm Gold, Mystery ST Chests and more!
For more details: discord.gg/rotmg


  • The Alien Tech Fragments used in the First Contact Campaign will be removed
  • The Permafrost Lord will no longer appear in the Realm
  • Various bug fixes have been added
  • Updated Guill dialogue for Lair of Draconis
  • Added new Guill dialogue for the wormholes
  • Vault has been extended from 120 to 140 vaults
  • New character and pet skins!
  • New Mystery Summer Skin item, which includes the following skins:
    • Tennis Player Archer Skin
    • Beach Assassin Skin
    • Snorkeler Knight Skin
    • Beach Party Necromancer Skin
    • Banana Boat Paladin Skin
    • Buckethead Warrior Skin
    • Summer Vacation Wizard Skin
    • Hermit Wizard Skin
    • Baywatch Samurai Skin
    • Shark Hunter Ninja Skin
  • Don’t forget to claim your FREE MotMG Pack from the Mystery Store! (Once per account).
  • New Pet Food
  • New Cloths thanks to Aurum!
  • Reduced FP on Stone and Kingdom Skins from 1000 to 500
  • Content of MotMG Bags

Moss Bag Drops:

  • Lime Jungle Bay
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Oryx Stout
  • Quest Chest Item
  • Slime Archer Skin
  • Slime Assassin Skin
  • Slime Huntress Skin
  • Slime Knight Skin
  • Slime Mystic Skin
  • Slime Necromancer Skin
  • Slime Ninja Skin
  • Slime Paladin Skin
  • Slime Priest Skin
  • Slime Rogue Skin
  • Slime Samurai Skin
  • Slime Sorcerer Skin
  • Slime Trickster Skin
  • Slime Warrior Skin
  • Slime Wizard Skin
  • Stone Bag

Stone Bag Drops:

  • Backpack
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Lucky Clover
  • Mad God Bag
  • Potion of Max Level 1
  • Stone Archer Skin
  • Stone Assassin Skin
  • Stone Huntress Skin
  • Stone Knight Skin
  • Stone Mystic Skin
  • Stone Necromancer Skin
  • Stone Ninja Skin
  • Stone Paladin Skin
  • Stone Priest Skin
  • Stone Rogue Skin
  • Stone Samurai Skin
  • Stone Sorcerer Skin
  • Stone Trickster Skin
  • Stone Warrior Skin
  • Stone Wizard Skin
  • XP Booster

Mad God Bag Drops:

  • Blackguard Mercenary Assassin Skin
  • Carthusian Monk Priest Skin
  • Court Wizard Skin
  • Demon Summoner Necromancer Skin
  • Forax Key
  • Foreign General Samurai Skin
  • Forest Tracker Huntress Skin
  • Katalund Key
  • King of Thieves Rogue Skin
  • Kings Bowman Archer Skin
  • Kingsman Armorbearer Paladin Skin
  • Kingsman Cavalry Warrior Skin
  • Kingsman Guard Knight Skin
  • Malogia Key
  • Royal Sorcerer Skin
  • Sensei Ninja Skin
  • Untaris Key
  • Village Peasant Trickster Skin
  • Wandering Gypsy Mystic Skin


Players might experience disconnects in Katalund using Chrome - we recommend using Firefox or Flash Projector.
submitted by Sil3x to RotMG

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