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$34k/mo making memes for air traffic controllers.

Hi /Business_Ideas, it's Pat from Starter Story, where I do interviews with successful e-commerce entrepreneurs.
u/Kroovistos reached out to me to post these interviews on this sub (I usually post on /Entrepreneur), so figured I would make this a regular thing.
Here is my interview with David Lombardo, the founder of ATC Memes/RadarContact.com, a meme website and e-commerce store. David is also a redditor, I found him on here!
  • He found a super specific niche, and capitalized on it.
  • Built up an FB page to 181k followers, Instagram to 63k followers.
  • He quit his job as an air traffic controller to focus on the business.
  • Built an audience first, then built a business around it.
David is grossing $34k/month and recently quit his job to go full-time on the business.


Hi, my name is David Lombardo and I am one of the founding members of a website called ATC Memes.
ATC Memes originally started as a social media site that was geared towards air traffic controllers sharing stories and joke images known as ‘memes’.
Over the years, the concept evolved into an online store called RadarContact.com, where we sell many unique and niche types of merchandise catering to those who are involved with or have an interest in the aviation industry.

My backstory

Ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in aviation. For most of my youth, I was obsessed with video games; specifically simulation games. I was borderline addicted to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator and the online WWII dogfighting game Fighter Ace. It was these two games that really got me into flying. I thought I wanted to be a pilot, and it was all I dreamed about.
I decided to attend Purdue University, which was a great mix of all of my interests. I majored in aviation management, but I still had a social life and was involved with music. I had a band, and I also ran a music venue with the same band simply called ‘The Venue’. My classes on the other hand, were aviation based. It was as great balance.
After graduating, I returned home and taught music for a few years. I had many students on both guitar and drums. I had eventually applied to become an air traffic controller, however. To make an extremely long story short, I was finally hired by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2014, attended the training academy in Oklahoma City, and was assigned to the New York Center, which is located on Long Island, New York.
One night after coming home from an evening shift at my new air traffic control job, I sat down on my computer and sent a message to an old friend who had started a page for air traffic controllers to share funny and silly images known as ‘memes’. At the time, the page was pretty small but doing well for what it was.
“Hey man, long time no talk. Do you mind if I add some content? I can help you moderate it?”

How I accidentally made my first meme.

One night, when helping someone mix a song on Cubase, a digital audio workstation program (remotely via the internet), I had a website called ‘LiveATC’ open in the background. I was actually monitoring the frequencies for a sector I was to be trained on in the coming months and trying to memorize as much chatter as I could for frequencies and restrictions pilots received. However, when I played back the song I was mixing, I realized that I had inadvertently recorded the LiveATC transmissions. I played it back and put it through a whole effects rack worth of stuff, and the result was that the audio of the pilot's chatter sounded totally weird, almost ‘fake’.
Suddenly, a huge idea hit me with a spark of inspiration I had not felt since the days of flying that plane over Saratoga Lake; I would create my own ATC transmissions. And these wouldn’t be normal ATC, they would be intentionally hilarious. I envisioned scenarios that air traffic controllers could relate to, and make them ridiculous.
In the weeks to come I wrote a few basic comedy scripts during breaks at work based on events I had experienced and in the evening recorded it using a few microphones I had around my apartment. In using my recording techniques I had learned in the years prior, I was quickly able to re-create very realistic sounding recordings.
I made these assuming that people would know they were fake. In uploading some of the recordings to Facebook and YouTube, however, it became increasingly apparent that some people (even those who were aviation professionals) had no idea if they were in fact real or not. People began to share them, tag their friends, and comment on them. In one week, the ATC Memes page went from 8,000 fans to over 40,000. People also began to submit more and more of their own creations and memes. People were also sharing the memes, which also helped create buzz and a more social effect for our page. We were viral.

Building our social media meme accounts and starting to sell products.

After a few months of establishing ourselves on multiple platforms (including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, a blog, and others), my partners and I decided to try to monetize the page. At this point, we had over 140,000 followers and a very loyal following at that.
We designed and sold some t-shirts, and then some stickers, but nothing was significant. It was beer money. However, like the realization with the audio I had months before, on one evening in Winter 2016, another idea came to us, women’s apparel.
For many years aviation apparel had been pretty popular like shirts with aircraft references and airplanes on them, but it was all mostly for men. Women were (and still are) a minority in the aviation world. I am not entirely sure where the idea came from but one day I realized I had a huge PNG image file of the New York airspace on my desktop and I decided to upload it and see what it would look like on women’s leggings, of all things.
Within hours we had sold over $2,000 worth of these leggings. Suddenly I realized we had a lot of work to do, and this was only selling the products with the New York airspace. We wanted customers to have the option of every inch of airspace in the world. We also began offering custom products.
Sales are still going strong, and we have also added a variety of different products. We offer lanyards, hats, bags, phone cases, skirts, ties, shoes, dresses, and even blankets! In late 2017, we changed the name of our store to Radar Contact, a phrase that better reflected all of aviation and not just ATC.

Product validation, and expansion to new products.

To be honest, the product came together itself because the idea of having authentic airspace printed on clothing was a very specific and strange niche.
The market research required was already encapsulated within our own fan base. That is to say, we just had to post a few mock images, and gauge the reaction from our already loyal fans.
This is perhaps one of the single biggest advantages in the modern world of social media. There is little risk of doing some basic market teasing and testing if you’ve already won over the attention of the audience through other means, memes in our case.
If we had tried to do it the other direction (that is, sell something before building the rapport of an entertainment page), I don’t think it would have worked; or at the very least, it wouldn’t have been as successful. People want to establish a relationship with your brand and in 2018, sometimes this means they want to get to know the people behind the page. Entertainment (specifically humor) on social media offers a sort of social bond that blatant, old-school marketing cannot achieve. It was the glue that established the framework for the entire business itself.
We have since expanded not only the types of products that we offer but the designs of the products as well. We sell many types of apparel not related to the airspace map line of products, but they continue to be what we are known for. As for manufacturing, everything is done via on-demand printing through an online platform, and our suppliers all painstakingly worked with us to ensure that the quality was impeccable. We rejected some mock-up designs because they weren’t what we envisioned. We wanted everything to be readable, down to every little number and letter on the map.

How we attract new customers.

We have experimented with many marketing techniques and avenues, but the most effective method by far is good old viral social media.
To this day we all continually work to try to have great comedy content to ensure authentic traffic to the site. We also keep our fans involved by sharing submitted images of them wearing our clothes and sporting our stickers, lanyards, ties, etc. This builds an absolutely huge community and sense of camaraderie between users.
I have also found an incredibly positive response from live video. In the past year or so this has become a vital asset for many online marketers with now nearly all platforms offering some form of live video feed for pages. I usually “go live” to talk about recent aviation news, recent memes/videos we’ve made, and of course our new products.
The results are mind-blowing. Sometimes we will make over 100 sales in a 15-minute live video broadcast. One time one of the partners went live on a flight and a fan was sitting a few rows behind him on the same aircraft! There are countless awesome tips and tricks for creating the best live broadcast possible that you can find by just doing a Google search. However, the secret to a good live broadcast is energetic and consistent interaction with the fans. Period. People want to be heard and live platforms allow you to listen to a virtually limitless number of people all at once. That’s a marketing superpower.
With respect to a more traditional advertising route, Facebook Ads has proven to be valuable in the information it provides, especially with the Pixel algorithms which have helped us realize what types of ads work and which do not.
Google Analytics has also been absolutely essential to understanding the impact of our marketing and the overall aggregate behaviors of our users, sometimes in real time. It's also fascinating to see A/B comparisons. For example, we have found that things as trivial as the color of a button can have a substantial impact on the conversion percentage.
A lot of it comes down to just experimentation. But before experimenting, it's import to build a customer base first. It’s better to build a base of loyal fans that you can experiment with to see what works as opposed to experimenting without any real dedicated influence. Follow the rules first, start small, and then have fun.
Finally, never discredit email. Our email list, gathered from our conversions, is one of the most responsive part of our business structure. It’s a good idea to immediately begin to build an email list. It’s authentic traffic that is “your control”, as an air traffic controller might say!

Would I do anything differently if I could go back?

It sounds incredibly cliché, but I wouldn’t really have done anything differently, not in this business and not in life.
One thing I wish I knew ahead of time was the challenge of handling sizing issues of the clothing. Sizing, especially in the world of women’s apparel and online apparel, can be notoriously tricky. We offer exchanges on all of our sizes and our returns are under 1-2%. Still, it becomes a logistical nightmare if 30 people all of a sudden want another shipment. These are things we never thought about. So I would recommend having an accurate sizing chart and that you confirm is “true to fit” by inquiring with your customers.
Finally, get used to criticism; it’s going to happen. It’s easy to be subjected to criticism because people hide behind a computer. It’s a rush to get thousands of positive reviews but it’s equally a rush (albeit a negative one) to get a one-star roaster that calls you and your business worthless. But don’t always respond to it.
You have to choose your battles wisely and being in small business is all about which battles to fight. Whether you’re directing a battlefield or designing stickers, the idea is pretty much always the same; minimize your moves and use your energy to achieve goals and values.
Do not jump at your rivals, especially in the beginning stages of a business. It’s best to lay as low as possible. Don’t intentionally rock the boat for a cheap thrill when the energy should be used to propel you and your business closer to your goals. Finally, it’s important to remember that the harshest critics can be total jerks, but some can offer some decent advice if you see past their cynicism. Conserve your energy for the stuff that matters. Also, for the love of god, conserve your money. Fighting battles can be really, really expensive.

Lessons learned.

I have learned that you can always sell more product. It’s increasingly difficult to maintain people’s attention; especially in a world full of ever-increasing distractions. We had the attention of our fans though and that was entirely due to our memes and community. All of us were involved in aviation so we also had the knowledge of the industry.
Having said all of this, I have learned through many experiments that just because you have a lot of attention doesn’t necessarily mean your fans are all going to want to share your products to their social circle. The most difficult part of this process was promoting products and still trying to maintain our status as an entertainment page. However, by marketing to our current followers and integrating the products into references and jokes already established, many people caught on quick. Our fans were enthusiastic, and nearly all of them were already aviation professionals and/or enthusiasts, so this meant that news of the merchandise did in fact spread like wildfire.
Sometimes, if a web community pushes conversions too hard, the reaction can be less than favorable (“you sellouts!”), but I have found that if you are tasteful and careful, the results are actually the contrary. Most people, so long as you are making relevant products and offers, are genuinely pretty curious. They want to know more.
I would say the most important thing is to start small and conquer a small niche before expanding; set realistic goals. Also, and perhaps most profound in my realization, is that there is really no such thing as a wasted talent if you put it to use, however humble. ATC Memes would not have been the same if I had not gone into air traffic control, and it certainly wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t spent the time as a 16-year-old kid messing around with electric guitar sounds. The audio was a fundamental part as to why this page became as successful as it did.
Customer service is also absolutely imperative. If you sell a lot of product, I have learned that you’re going to be dealing with a lot of issues. There is no way around this. However, by planning ahead and being ready to answer questions at a moments notice, you’ll help your brand tremendously. Set up auto-responders to let customers know you’ll get back to them ASAP.; set up contact forms; get a P.O. box to accept returns and snail-mail, etc. We also purchased a phone number which forwards to our cell phones. Customers are almost always surprised when a real live human answers. This in itself has led to countless conversions. Don’t overlook the human interaction! It’s rare in 2018.
Also, I try not to obsess about success and trivial matters like gossip and opinion. Our society is way too concerned about achievement, success, failure, and the matter of others. Rather it’s exponentially more important to stay true to your values instead of focusing on blatant achievements to compare yourself to others. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who wakes up and strives to be just a bit better than yesterday is already successful. It has nothing to do with other people and everything to do with yourself. This is as true for life as it is for business, and it cannot be stressed enough. Compete with yourself fiercer than anyone else!
Finally, but certainly not least, I am very lucky to have found good partners to run my business with. The guys I work with at ATC Memes are unbelievably creative, passionate, and truly gifted people who are always open to authentic communication and downright real discussion. They’re also funny as hell, and great guys to hang out with.

Leaving the FAA, and how the future looks for us.

In 2017 I made the tough decision to leave the FAA. Ultimately, I could not see myself doing that job for the rest of my life and knew that if I didn’t want to become handcuffed to it, I had to act now while I still had time to build a new career. I think a lot about the future of social media and how it has had such an undeniable effect on society. I often wonder what the next few years will bring as more businesses harness the power of the platforms and more players get into the game. There is most definitely an art to it, as millions compete to be heard, seen, and understood on a virtual stage.
Still, while it’s important to stay relevant, it’s just as important to disconnect now and then to focus on the things in life that really matter. Instead of focusing on “keeping up with Joneses” focus on what makes you and your business unique. You’ll never be as successful living in something else’s shadow as you will be if you dare to be different and cast your own shadow. Spending time nourishing my creative outlets like music and writing comedy is important in keeping our business unique and interesting to our fans.
In terms of networking, we will be doing interviews and making appearances at popular aviation events. I also hope to keep expanding the brand to new and exciting locations, including doing more B2B with companies (like airports and flight schools) that will stock some of our products.There is a lot of potential growth and with that comes the promise of new relationships with amazing people, which is perhaps what I enjoy the most.

Tools I use.

While we’ve experimented with a lot of different tools we have never used any automation tools. Most of the tools we have used are related to business promotions, organization, CRM, audio, and video.
The main e-commerce platform for our store is predominantly built on Shopify. We have also used WooCommerce. The software/products I am currently using are:
  • Shopify
  • MailChimp
  • LinkedIn
  • Trello
  • Salesforce
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Business
  • WordPress
  • XMind
  • Basecamp
  • Slack
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Cubase
  • Waves VST
  • Evernote

Books I recommend.

This is honestly one of the hardest questions of this interview. I have had so many books and people influence me. Two books that have had a recent and significant impact on me are Peter Thiel’s ‘Zero to One’ and ‘Everybody Lies’ by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz; the latter had me actually re-reading certain sections in an effort to get more out of them, something I rarely do. While I find a lot of non-fiction literature to be fluffy, even superfluous at times, nothing within these two books seems to be without value. Every word is helpful.
Some works have had an influence on certain parts of my life specifically. For example, the Stephen Dubner ‘Freakonomics Radio’ episode on The Upside of Quitting helped encourage me to quit my job at the FAA.
In a similar reference, Kashdan’s ‘The Upside of Your Darkside’ helped show me that it is ok to have self-doubt and anxiety, in spite of a world always telling us that negative emotions are somehow bad (spoiler alert: they’re not).
The Miguel Ruiz classic ‘The Four Agreements’ helped explain to me that great works, at their core, are quite often paradoxically inspired by stark simplicity, and ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ was a near perfect description of how things aren’t always so black-and-white. This idea of balance between extremes is also perfectly summed up in the classroom scene in the 2001 film ‘Donnie Darko’. While some of these references can be taken as obscure, they are fundamental to business and creative works.
One of the most influential works of literature I have ever encountered in business and in life is undoubtedly Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’, published in 1999. It is a book that inspires creation and curiosity and reinforces the idea that no matter who you are or what your circumstance is, you have a story. Don’t waste it. You may be surprised to find out how many people are willing to listen if you’re willing to create and bring your stories to life.

Advice for other entrepreneurs.

The most important advice I can tell anyone is to just be yourself.
It is also important to have some sort of rapport with your customers. Again, start small, and work your way into new avenues of adventure. Don’t try to take on too much at once. The riches are in the niches.
Also, don’t be afraid to want to learn more. I constantly find myself worried that I don’t know enough, and I think this perpetual state of heightened anxiety actually has been one of my biggest assets when it comes to critical thinking and learning.
Enjoy your success! But don’t get too comfortable. Never stop learning, and never stop growing. Good luck, and most of all, HAVE FUN!
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    4. Sweden Is Best Day (8416 points, 244 comments)
    5. The Polish Corridor (8353 points, 95 comments)
    6. Blunt Order (8091 points, 175 comments)
    7. The Slammer (7904 points, 149 comments)
    8. Sheriff Poland Saves The Day (7485 points, 110 comments)
    9. The Slammer (7368 points, 380 comments)
    10. The Nordic Model (5995 points, 302 comments)
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    2. Destructo Disk (6919 points, 190 comments)
    3. Son of Odin (6647 points, 172 comments)
    4. A Christmas Comic (6633 points, 271 comments)
    5. The Coldest War (6618 points, 144 comments)
    6. ISIS Has a Rival (6516 points, 161 comments)
    7. A Very Cold War, Indeed... (6152 points, 121 comments)
    8. Sing Along to the North Korean Song! (5917 points, 210 comments)
    9. To Catch a Terrorist (5847 points, 276 comments)
    10. Don't Sweat It! (5550 points, 71 comments)
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    1. Why Antisemitism Never Really Worked in Japan. (15160 points, 369 comments)
    2. Waves (11711 points, 179 comments)
    3. Marking Bombs (10130 points, 334 comments)
    4. Pet (8204 points, 198 comments)
    5. National Reaction to Archaeological Finds as Opposed to the Length of your Country's History (7183 points, 330 comments)
    6. Bomb Making (6283 points, 145 comments)
    7. Even children can use. (6129 points, 150 comments)
    8. Aging Clays In Need For New Excitments (Or: How Did Britain Discovered That Hobby Of Him) (5896 points, 198 comments)
    9. Isolationist Turkey (5401 points, 167 comments)
    10. Aging Clays In Need For New Excitements (Or: How Did Britain Discovered That Hobby Of Him) (5300 points, 97 comments)
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    1. Worst Airline in Southeast Asia (11200 points, 162 comments)
    2. Academic Fraud (7355 points, 77 comments)
    3. The Truth for All Sushi Bars (7079 points, 413 comments)
    4. Modern Warfare (7049 points, 190 comments)
    5. 420 in the True North Strong and Free (6664 points, 297 comments)
    6. Seize the Means of Consumption (6594 points, 176 comments)
    7. Russia's Secret to Staying Cool (6447 points, 80 comments)
    8. The Fundamental Reasoning for the Existence of the Universe using the Available Knowledge of all the Laws of Science (6359 points, 80 comments)
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    4. Don't Hate, Vaccinate! (8323 points, 258 comments)
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    3. Fraternization (10032 points, 288 comments)
    4. What a maze (9433 points, 128 comments)
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    7. Nostalgia (7557 points, 415 comments)
    8. That mystery for medicine (6939 points, 153 comments)
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    10. We know our priorities (5156 points, 161 comments)
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    4. Satan Is My Motor (7371 points, 223 comments)
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    7. EU - US trade wars (6675 points, 414 comments)
    8. Germany goes on holiday (6232 points, 246 comments)
    9. Acceptance (5707 points, 220 comments)
    10. The Balkan System (4874 points, 221 comments)
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    3. Unhated Nations (14171 points, 1533 comments)
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    5. The Guardian of Bifröst (9590 points, 425 comments)
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    7. Stick Happens (5295 points, 665 comments)
    8. Nightmare at 6096 Metres (4864 points, 74 comments)
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    3. FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 RUSSIA - GROUP STAGE - FIRST ROUND (11468 points, 538 comments)
    4. FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 - QUARTER FINALS (10266 points, 545 comments)
    5. Garbage (8332 points, 194 comments)
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    8. Poland The Victim (4905 points, 501 comments)
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    5. Food Chain (6529 points, 188 comments)
    6. Nowhere Safe (6467 points, 78 comments)
    7. The Powerpuff Axis - Ep.3 It's about time (6315 points, 231 comments)
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    5. Capitalism at 20,000 Feet (7253 points, 139 comments)
    6. Polandball: Infinity War (5991 points, 95 comments)
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    4. Indonesia Jones: Raiders of the Leste Timor (6565 points, 55 comments)
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    6. Global Gun Laws (5934 points, 320 comments)
    7. Archaeological error (5702 points, 201 comments)
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    9. Sale for Sale (4800 points, 162 comments)
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    3. Recipe for Israel (7633 points, 155 comments)
    4. Who is the Real China? (7536 points, 151 comments)
    5. How to Die: Roman Edition (6541 points, 169 comments)
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    7. And Then There Were None (5583 points, 348 comments)

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