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Update to support Rad Studio 10.1 Berlin. Delphi Activator for lite/repack setup. Delphi Win32 and C++ (Preview when it was shipped but stabilized in Update 1) into a single IDE. I think Embarcadero would also be happier and end up with more users who would renew and maintain their SA subscription.

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Keygen for Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle Architect Update 1. Install: Log in or Sign up. Home; Forums. Embarcadero has just release updates for the XE8 and 10 Seattle versions of Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio, available to customers with an active update subscription. I've come across this before with XE7, where the 64 bit compiler was broken and never fixed in XE7, which is why I went to XE10 in the first place. Seattle included: Android Background Services support; TBeaconDevice class for turning a supported platform device into a "beacon" FireDAC support for NoSQL MongoDB database; FireMonky controls zOrder support for.

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Year Update Subscription is now included with RAD Studio Tokyo editions. Embarcadero rad studio xe7 update 1 activator work. RAD Studio Installation links (ISO and Web installers. ISBN (hardcover) 1-59140-693-5 British Cataloguing in Publication Data A Cataloguing in Publication record for this book is available from the British Library.

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Coding Bootcamps, Data Science, UX, Business. Firebird embedded, New VCL and FMX Multi-Device Styles, IDE Productivity Components, Quality improvements to over 150 customer reported issues. Rad Studio 10 Seattle Crack. Download Embarcadero RAD Studio Architect XE7 Update 1 + Patch crack.

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The contract is for a 1-year period with a possible extension. Delphi xe lite Download with Crack Serial Keygen included. Supported IDE: Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle; Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle Update 1. It was much more stable than Delphi 8 or Delphi 2020 when shipped, and improved further with the release of two updates and several hotfixes.

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By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. HHAG - Health Hazards Assessments Group. Rad Studio 10 Seattle Update Rad Studio 10 Seattle Crack windows xp professional. Embarcadero Rad Studio 10 Seattle Architect Crack, Serial.

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Rapid application development RAD environment. R&D team has enhanced and added to the IDE, improved security, added more demos, improved menu creation for VCL and Windows 10, increased deployment support for iOS 9 and OS X, added more features to FireDAC, the REST client library and now installs with the latest version of Java. Available only for registered users of RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder and All-Access with an active Update Subscription. Compiler Versions - RAD Studio - Embarcadero Website.

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Borland's "Turbo Pascal for Windows", itself an evolution with Windows support from Borland's. To start keygen in compact mode (without the picture) you can run it as: Q: Please create the crack from Delphi XE8 Update 1 Subscription and send me. An effort of 0.07 FTE of NRC staff (1.3% effort of 21 full-time staff) was devoted to the administration of this project during the three month period from 10/1/13 to 12/31/13. Rad studio 10 seattle update 1 keygen.

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Studio XE8 Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6 Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 Delphi 10.3. Education, for example, requires time, effort, and expenses, plus the foregone income and experience, yet these losses can be weighted against future benefits education may bring to the agent or the. Update 2 Delphi Tags Studio license Server support Windows developers InterBase deployment mobile Support Android improved including Architect Enterprise completion Delphi updated Professional capabilities development include application keygen Ri. For more information, please see this article.

[Table] IAmA: Hello, I Am Greg Laswell. I'm a musician, songwriter, producer and dog lover. AMA (Ask me anything).

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Date: 2014-01-22
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Questions Answers
Now that the dust has settled, how do you feel about the uncredited use of your arrangement of 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' on Glee? Thanks - wish you were stopping in Denver on your tour - maybe next time? It's annoying whenever I think about it. I don't think about it much, though.
Hi Greg!! I'd like to know: If you could do a duet with any singer that is alive today which would it be and why? Also..who is your favorite artist? Thank you for everything you've ever created. It's gotten me through some crappy times. :) Glad I could help! I always like singing with Ingrid.
I just wanted to say (like many here) that your music has always been so important to me. High and Low was the first song I ever came across many years ago, and since then, I have been hooked. I do have a question, though. Did you always know you wanted to be a musician? In celebration of your new album, for example, was there a time in your life that you wanted to be an astronaut? Something else? Also, I would have probably tried to make Ingrid my wife if you didn't sweep her off her feet, but since you did, how is married life? I had my sights set on being a producer… becoming an artist myself kind of happened after I had my mind made up otherwise.
Hi Greg! I'm looking forward to your new record! Did you find some suitable Mexican food in NY? You mentioned a good place in LA/SD you like to go to last year, where was it again? I'm craving some bomb Mexican food just asking this question... Nothing like southern California. Adalbertos on Rosecrans. Or Cactus Tacos on Vine.
Hey Greg, what do you think music will be like in 50 years? considering the technology and new ways of marketing, distributing music? thanks! I think the 'album' is forever gone… at least how we all knew it.
How do you manage to live in Brooklyn without dying from lack of the consistently good mexican food in San Diego? I DON'T KNOW. PLEASE SEND HELP.
Hi Greg, Will you be doing a tour of the UK at some point in the near future? And will you and Ingrid record "You see the light in me/ The light in me"? (Random question: favorite film?) & thank-you so much for your music it's amazing and inspiring. Thank-you very much. Not sure as of now…. at least not immediately. My favorite movie is Once Upon a Time in the West.
Hi Greg, do you ever wish to break into the mainstream music world? or are you happy and content with the success that you currently have? I like where I'm at. If mainstream finds me, then fine. But I know what I'm best at, and I'm happy to do just that.
You are born with a disgusting long rat tail. Not a jedi-hair one, an actual long down-to-your heels butt tail. Doctors can remove it, but to remove the tail would mean losing your super power. What do you do? Follow up: What would Ingrid want you to do? Well, first of all, my superpower would be to eat as much mexican food as I want without any consequences. And I would keep this superpower at all costs. (I would tuck my rat tail into my pant legs).
How do you choose which songs you're gonna cover? I pick songs that I wish I wrote!
Hi Greg! Hope you're doing well, can't wait for the new album. What are your favorite tracks off the album? Also, how many songs will you be doing at each show? Any special guests?! Thanks again for doing this! Hi! My favorite is a song called December. And also a cover I did of Sparklehorse 'It's a Wonderful Life'. I'll be doing 15+. Special guests will depend on what city I'm in.
So, I'm attending your show on the 17th in Seattle at the Triple Door and I'm super excited! I was wondering, are you solely going to play the new record or are you also going to play some old stuff as well during the tour?? Some old stuff, too! See you there!
I love your music! What sports do you like? What are your favorite teams? I like most sports but only during the finals/playoffs. So I'm not the best 'sports fan'. I liked seeing the Patriots lose.
Can you talk about your songwriting process? Also, what was the first song you wrote that you really felt proud of? Thank you so much for doing this. :) High and Low. Song writing process changes for me all the time. It depends on what instrument has my attention at the time. Often when I start to write a song, I'll start by 'shopping' through song ideas that I have stored on my computer and/or voice recorder on my phone. If something jumps out at me, I'll finish it.
Hey Greg! I'm a huge fan of yours. My question is, do you ever wish you could get Shillglen back together? Do you miss that experience? Haha. No. I miss those guys of course. But I'm too much of a control freak.
Hi greg! Thank you so much for all the great music you write. What that you wrote has the deepest meaning to you? Thank you! Comes and Goes in Waves.
Three adjectives to describe the new record? So so so excited for it! Slow, nostalgic and nude.
(tastefully nude)
What's your favorite dog ? Mine.
So, i still have yet to try a doritos locos taco after your less than stellar review? Do you still stand by it? :) Will your handsome cellist friend join you on tour in the future? ;) haha Granted the young lady on the last tour was amazing as well. Look forward to seeing you in portland. :) I haven't been back. Colette will be with me this time around….
Hello! I'm really glad you decided to put one of these up. My question? How has Ingrid been an inspiration for you, musically? Has your style changed at all, at least in a noticeable way that you can attribute to her? Can you say the same for the inverse? Not really. We don't play much music together. In fact, it's very rare that we ever do.
I'm a big fan of your duet with Sara Bareilles "Come Back Down." Can you describe the process for writing that track and how you connected with Sara or thought of doing it with her? Thanks. There wasn't anyone else I was thinking of for that song. She came to mind even before I was finished with it. We had been friends for a while before. And toured together… she is about as good as they come.
Hi Greg! First of all, I'm a huge fan. I have 2 questions, if that's ok. 1) Do you think you may add some shows in the south to this tour? 2) How did you meet Elijah Wood and are you actually friends or was the How the Day Sounds video a 1 time thing? Thanks! Hi. Thank you. No, we won't be adding any more shows to this particular tour. But I will tour again soon! Elijah and I became friends years ago now. Before the video.
Do you have any immediate plans for concerts in Europe, maybe Poland??? =D Not immediately.
Who artist are you listening to now a days? Did any artist (other than Ingrid) inspire you for this album? I've actually been going through a really weird jazz phase. (gasp!)
Hey Greg, long time fan here in the PNW. I know you write all of your own music, how do continuously find inspiration to create such amazing albums? Thank you! Honestly? I'm always convinced that I won't be able to do it again.
Mr. Laswell! You're great! Thank you for making really rad music. Is there anything coming up that you're particularly excited about (musically or non-musically related)? Thank you! Um, I'm excited about dinner. I love dinner.
How did you go about choosing which songs you wanted to re-record for your new album? Also side note, REALLY excited for your show at the Troubadour. :) Cool. Thanks! I chose the ones that I thought would be the most interesting to hear different versions of. And also the songs that have changed the most over the years.
What's your favorite song from the new album? What's the most unique? I really liked the new "Comes and Goes in Waves", how similar will the others be to that one? Currently listing to Take a Bow, then saw you had an AMA, what are the odds haha. December! Thanks for listening!
Hey Greg, I love your music and Landline is one of my favorite albums. As for my question, will Ingrid be singing more on your future albums? I don't see why not.
Hey Greg, thanks for doing this AMA! This doesn't pertain to your music but what is your favourite breed of dog/what dogs do you own? You mentioned you were a dog lover so they must be a big part of your life. I have a Border Terrier and a Schnoodle. They are both WINNERS.
Hi, Greg! I was wondering if you'll be coming to Nashville at all for your current tour? Also, what made you decide to cover "Your Ghost"? It's one of my favorites that you've done! I was so happy when you played it at your last tour in Nashville, my first time seeing you in person! Not on this particular tour, but I will be back for sure. Thanks! To be honest, my friend Nicole sent it to me. I hadn't heard before. And I loved it instantly.
Hi Greg! How did you and Ingrid meet? What is like having two incredible musical geniuses residing in one house (I'm a HUGE fan of both of your music btw). We met at a show. She fell head-over-heals in love with me instantly. ;)
You are awesome Greg, I have a guy crush on you. I'm really glad I discovered your music a few years ago. Do you have any plans to come to Canada? Also, what is your favorite store(s) to shop for clothes? Haha. Alright then. I'm sure I'll be back to Canada. No immediate plans, though. I actually end up buying a lot of clothes when I'm on tour. It's easier than packing/doing laundry.
I was listening to your music today on my way to work and was thinking my mom would really like your music. My question is: Is there any surprising demographic of people who come to your shows? Moms. (I'm not kidding). I get a lot of 20-somethings who come with their moms.
Who's the most famous person you have ever met? Oh I don't know. I used to live in LA!
Hi Greg, I signed up for Reddit just to say how amazing your music is! I'm sure everyone in this thread agrees. What I want to know is, do you have any plans to come to the UK at all? You have lots of fans over here and we'd love to hear you live! I'm sure I'll be back! Thank you!
Hi! I'm wondering if you've worked with Erin McCarley? "Gotta Figure this Out" sounds, to me, like something you would've had a hand in. Thanks! Stay warm! I have. Years ago. Not that song though.
Poptart or toaster studel? Fries.
How did Elijah Wood end up in your music video? Are there any other actors/actresses that you would like to work with? We're friends. We thought it'd be fun.
When you come to San Diego and play Le Stats can you come hang with my friends at Ould Sod after? I'll buy you drinks and burritos. I'll stop by and say hi to my old friends there. Early mornings on this tour, though!
Hey man, I'm sorry to say ive never actually heard of you but you seem like a cool guy (I like dogs too!) and I'll give your music a listen, where should I start? Thanks! My last record is called Landline…. (I don't know where one should start).
Hey Greg thanks for doing this AMA! I've been listening to your stuff since I saw the music video for How The Day Sounds and I can't get enough. Are there any plans for a show in Vancouver at any point? Would love to see you perform live. Keep making great music! Thanks for listening! I'm sure I'll be through Vancouver again at some point.
I hope I am not too late to ask a question. Thanks for doing this AMA. I pre-ordered the new album and hope I was one of the first 50. :) I have been a fan of yours for a long time but have not had the opportunity to see you live. Understandable you tour more on the west coast and I don't see any plans to come east in support of this new album. Do you, or have you ever considered an option like Stageit? Thank you! I'm not a fan of those things… I'm not good at them.
Hi! Wondering also about there ever being a UK tour, and just a general thanks for the music! I'm not very good at coming up with questions, but how are you? :D. Nothing in the immediate future. I'm great, thank you.
Is there an instrument you can't play, but wish you did? Cello!
I loved your cover of this Woman's Work. How do you decide which covers to do? Thank you. I cover songs that I wish I wrote.
Will you have kids with Ingrid and form a family band? Because I can get behind that. Oh I don't know.
Hey, Greg! How is your day? COLD.
I absolutely can't wait for the new album! But, since we've still got a bit of a wait for it (i'm impatient!), who is your favourite artist right now? Favourite album? Favorite artist or album? Sheesh. I don't know. Movies are easier for me to categorize.
What makes you laugh? My dogs.
Are you ticklish? If so, where? Not really.
Are you living in New York sinse you were born or you moved there? (If you moved, please explain why) I moved here. I was bored.
Hi Greg. Random question. What high school did you go to? Also as everybody else has said..I can't wait for the new album! VCHS in Artesia, CA!
Your music instantly brings me back to one of my favorite and most magical summers. Thank you for that. I got to see you live in Philadelphia last year and it was great. I died a little inside when you didn't play Take a Bow though. So my question, what is your favorite song to perform live? Sorry that you died inside. Are you coming next month? I'll play it for you then. I think my favorite is probably What a Day.
I've been a fan for a long time, but I somehow just recently found out that you're married to Ingrid Michaelson, another favorite of mine! I think "Landline" is such a beautiful song, and I was wondering if the two of you have plans for more collaborations in the future? Keep on making great music! :) Most likely. No immediate plans, though.
Hey Greg! Thanks for doing this AMA! Big fan of your music. "Three Flights..." Is my travel music. It just feels right in an airport. I'm wondering how you come up with stuff in some of the non-traditional time signatures you use. How were you able to break out of what feels like (as a musician myself) an inescapable trap of only ever using 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, etc.? To be honest, I wasn't aware that some of these time signatures were strange until I went to record them… Mapping out 'Come Clean' on a click track tempo map was a headache.
Hi there! I'm such a fan and I just wanted to know who your musician is? Musician? Me (if I understand your question).
What is the hardest thing for you in being a musician now? Self doubt.
Who is an example for you as a musician? Brian Wright.
Greg will you be releasing any songs off the new album besides Comes and Goes in Waves remake (which is amazing by the way)? and also will you and Ingrid ever record a studio version of the live song that people call "Light in me" I absolutely adore that song. Yeah, I'll release 10 more! We keep getting asked to do that song. I'm sure we will one day. No immediate plans though.
What three things are a MUST have to bring with you, when you are on the road. Guitapiano excluded. ;) My computer, pants and a good attitude.
Which would you prefer: heart break and fame or true love forever. I think Good Movie is by far your best CD! TLF!
You are awesome! I love your work and I would love to know what type of dog you own! I own an American Rottweiler named Duke. A border terrier and a schnoodle (2 dogs)
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[Table] IAmA: We are the band Midlake. AUA.

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Date: 2013-12-08
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Questions Answers
Tim recently did an interview where he discussed his divorce and moving in with his parents.. When was the last time any of you talked to him? Is he doing ok? A couple of us talked to him on his birthday.. he's doing ok-- working hard on his own music, and we're really psyched to hear it.
How much has Denton changed since you guys started out? It's changed quite a bit-- since we moved there, the population has doubled-- a lot of new restaurants, some great coffee places, venues, etc.
BONUS QUESTION: What are your favorite flavors of Pringles? SALT AND VINEGAR!!!
Do you see facial hair as a fundamental part of a folk rock band? Also, I am a big fan of yours. Especially Van Occupanther played a big role in developing my taste in music. Thank you! Not being able to showeshave regularly is a fundamental part of a folk rock band!
But I just shaved guys... Does that mean you don't like me anymore !?:) Well, if it were a clean shave we wouldn't ;)
Can you talk about the overarching theme of this album? Were the lyrics and the music written together, and if not, which inspired the other? And how different was the process of writing an album without Tim? If there's a theme to the album, it's a communal response to where we all are in our lives.. the process was a lot more collaborative and a bit like flying by the seats of our pants, at 100 mph! the music is usually written before the lyrics, but there are usually some lyrical ideas from the outset.. but there definitely no "rules" in this band.. thanks for the questions!
How do you titillate an ocelot? Oscillate its tit a lot.
What it is your favorite album of 2013? Jonathan wilson fanfare, john grant pale green ghosts, mbv, dawn of midi dysnomia, daft punk, goldfrapp. and 2012 was a badass year too!
I think that was a brilliant move doing a reprise on an album. It's like, "let's have ALBUMS again." Anyway, did you guys consciously sit down and say, "Let's do a reprise! When's the last time a REPRISE was done - 1967?" Or was that a more circumstantial process? The reprise idea was originally just an alternate version of the song that we were throwing around, and we thought it would make a great ending to the album!
I love your guys music!! The new album is FANTASTIC. So I was wondering what your current relationship with Tim Smith is? Has he been to any of your guys' shows and has he heard Antiphon yet? I know it's a pretty personal question but I'm just curious. Love you guys. Hey casey!! get outta here!! love you! :) love, jesse.
Do you have a Christmas album? If not, what would be your favorite Christmas song to record? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) no Christmas album, we were messing around with "Silver Bells" the other day in soundcheck-- my (Jesse) personal favorites are the Charlie Brown Christmas album and the Phil Spector Christmas album.
What were some of your musical inspirations? I hear a lot of early Floyd and ELP in your newer music... We love Floyd! we all have a ton of music that we are inspired by, it would be almost impossible to make a list right now! sorry!! Everything, from jazz, motown, rock, psych folk, folk, 80s folk, 90s folk..
Hooray! So glad you guys are doing this! Y'all are probably my favorite band, and I'm loving the new album. Parts are reminiscent of the sound of Bamnan and Slivercork which I love! Anyway, for a question, do you guys spend much time in Denton anymore? Also do you plan on playing shows in Denton at any point in the future? I see y'all have one date for Dallas in this tour, but would you consider playing in Denton again or are the venues too small now? Well we just played a couple nights at Dan's Silverleaf- we'll be hanging out in Denton all of January, but no gigs..
Finally, my username is relevant! The Trials of Van Occupanther was a big part of my teen years. Any chance you guys would ever stop in Amarillo for a show? We'll do some more US dates next year, and hopefully we'll play somewhere near you!
I'm struggling with how to phrase this question, so bear with me - do each of your bandmembers represent the music pretty much the same way in your minds when you play and listen to your songs? or does your music mean something very different to each of you? Music means something different to everyone. Everyone's personalities are very different and everybody is drawn to different things. Great question, thanks!
I have always liked to ask famous people what their favorite dinosaurs are. However so far I've only had the opportunity to ask John Butler. What are your guys' favorite dinosaurs? The ones that are still alive.
Funnily enough John Butler said the exact same thing. I guess I need a better question... Although... Stegosaurus is pretty cool. And for that matter, Pterodactyls were pretty rad. But there are other cool dinosaurs, such as Marc Bolan, Brontosaurus, and J Mascis.
What's the process of making a song? Do you write the lyrics and then make a sound to fit it, or is it the other way around, or is it something completely different? Thanks! you guys rock!! Usually lyrics are last, after getting some nice melodies and harmonies.
off, let me just say you guys are one of my all time favorite bands, and I also would like to thank you for making amazing music! Now my question is, what are your favorite bands? Also, how many times have you been told that you sound like a mixture of Beirut and Fleet Foxes? THANK YOU - Clara Thanks a lot! some of our current favorite bands are beach house, st vincent, grizzly bear, tame impala, deerhunter, dungen, john grant, caribou.
Hey Midlake! My wife and I absolutely love you, especially Antiphon -- we listen to it just about every evening. It's amazing music for doing yoga and smoking. Just one question: do you intend upon releasing any B-sides from the sessions? If we get enough time off to go into the studio between tours, we'd love to record some more stuff. There were other song ideas that we haven't gotten to finish yet.
How much do you think your music as a whole has changed since changing your lead singer? Well, we're always changing musically, and the new album is no exception.. we all had a lot more input this time, so we're really excited about that!
What do you recommend I do if I can't grow a beard? Purchase one?
As a huge fan who will probably never get to see you guys live (I live in Israel), do you have any plans for a live DVD or something of the sort? First of all, we'd love to come to Israel one day! Actually we do have plans for a live DVD.. more to come later ;)
Greatest moment of my life right about now! We are pretty stoked over here too!
Vale sounds like it could have easily been a track on The Inner Mounting Flame. Am I correct on the Mahavishnu influence to the vibe of that song? We've definitely heard that record, but it wasn't really an influence on this song in particular.. we do like quite a few 60s/70s-era jazz albums such as Universal Consciousness by Alice Coltrane, ECM stuff, Keith Jarrett, etc
Who is the Keith Jarrett fan? Xo -Jacob. Pretty much all of us! our faves of his are Expectations , Koln Concert, Solo Concerts, My Song, Blue Note live box set, standards in norway, luminescence, with Jan Garbarek.
What was the thought process behind opening Paschall Bar? Is business doing well? There were a lot of reasons, but one was that we just wanted Denton to have a cool place to hang out, to contribute to the town.
I have listened to your Late Nite Tales album more than any other album in the last year. It's one of my all time favorites. Do you recommend any other bands/albums for those of us who loved those songs? There's a blog called "time has told me" that has a lot of great stuff, check it out!
LOVE Antiphon.. I play it all the way through at least once a day...It was great seeing you guys in D.C... question.. Do you ever think you'll record with John Grant again? We definitely hope so! thanks! :)
Bonus question: Are we ever going to hear Midlake attempt a bombastic sidelong 23 minute suite about the apocalypse or Atlantis or something dorky like that? And you never know!
Gents! Saw you in DC at the Rock'n'Roll hotel. Great show!! And thanks for hanging out and chatting with some of us after the show. Question, if one of us devoted fans was to be out in Denton at some point after your touring is over, might we catch a performance there in town? If so, where in Denton do you play? Well we just played denton not too long ago, but our favorite place to play in denton is dans silver leaf.
Excited to see you guys in Oak Cliff next saturday! Question: What's been your favorite show you've played? (I'm sure you'll have different answers!) We do have a few favorites, such as: Antones in Austin, london roundhouse, Vicar St in Dublin, Paradiso Amsterdam, Bowery Ballroom nyc, Great American Music Hall in SF, pretty much every australian show..too many to list!!
I discovered Midlake a few years back (you were the sole Artist Recommendation on Scott Matthews' ReverbNation page -- scottmatthewsuk). I connected to your music instantly and am always trying to turn people on to it. Love the new album and so glad that you released it. Anyway... I find your vocal harmonies mesmerizing. On past releases, Eric's harmonies (in particular) are odd, beautiful, and like nothing I could have expected. I'm wondering... 1) With Eric taking the lead, did responsibilities shift insofar as who wrote or improvised harmonies on the new record? 2) Who is mainly singing Eric's harmony parts live? And did the 3rd and 4th harmonies shift as well? Thank you so much for your music. Yes, responsibilities shifted. We all were able to contribute a lot more in that area.. Live the background vox are split between jesse, paul and joey
Love you guys! Missed you in London the first time around, but will see you the next time for sure in February. Who would you guys say are your influences? We'll see you in london! we're really looking forward to that show.. our influences are pretty much endless!
Is there any significant meaning behind your album artwork on Antiphon, or did you just think it looked groovy ? It's a graph that represents global corporate connectivity, which happens to look beautiful but which is actually quite nauseating!
Enjoy your music very much, saw you live in Portland some years ago and it was a great show! The new album is terrific. Any chance you could swing back through Montana in the future? After the Portland concert you did some what I recall were impromptu shows here while passing through, and I was bummed because I'd just... well... driven to Portland to see you. Anyway if you do, check into the Top Hat in Missoula, they're hosting lots of great bands these days, saw Blitzen Trapper there recently and going to see Patterson Hood there in January, nice place and people. I think you played at the Filler in Bozeman way back, that would be cool too. Edit: downvotes? For this post? I would really like to know why. Hopefully we'll be back in montana soon! we're always trying to get to as many cities as possible!
Thanks so much for coming to Tucson! Will you guys be making an appearance on Later...with Jools Holland in 2014? We sure hope so! we had fun the last time!
Greetings...the question: Maybe at some point, do you have plans or there has been any approach for you to play in South America??...i know it deppends on managers and contacts and business contact people,,,but just to know if there has been any approach on this???... thx for the musik... We would LOVE to play in south america! we're definitely trying to get down there.
of all, I have been a huge fan ever since The Trials of Van Occupanther came out and I fell in love with Antiphon when I first heard it. Were there any really hilarious moments during your shows with Pearl Jam? Yeah, we all had "rock n roll communion" with Eddie Vedder, when he passed his wine bottle around for all of us to take a swig ;)
What is your guarantee to play a show? 10 bucks and a good foot massage.
So, seriously. Does that Brave Combo office next door make for some rowdy neighborliness?? Hehe. We love those guys! however sometimes we have to arrange our schedules so that they're not polka-lizing while we're vocalizing! ;)
Excellent show last night in KC! For original members of the group, how do you view your Milkmaid Grand Army EP? A long time ago I read that the group was not too proud of this release, and if that's so then I'm curious as to why! I have always really enjoyed it. Thanks for coming to see us! we actually are proud of it, maybe tim didn't like it as much.
Love Antiphon, been listening to it non-stop since its release! Your last two albums have been accompanied by an EP release. Any chance we'll see an EP coming up in the near future? :) We're always brewing up ideas, but right now we're focusing on touring. we'll see what the new year brings!
When is the 'Midlake covers THE BAND' album coming out?? Well actually Pulido just sang a couple songs with a Band cover band in Denton last week.. we do like singing some of their songs backstage from time to time.
I work for an company in Austin and we work in Denton a lot. Ps I love midlake and it's my birthday so it's perfect. So when we stay the night in Denton, which bars should we visit??? And what about dins? Paschall Bar, we own it!! for dinner we would suggest Keichii-- just make sure you get a reservation!
I saw in the Rolling Stone video that you own a bar together in Denton. So, what is each of your favorite cocktail and/or beer? Nichels: alamo (paschall only) pulido: old fashioned paul: gin rocks joey:old fashioned mckenzie: martinez jesse: g and t.
, having traveled so much, which cities are your favorites in which to have a day off. Byron bay, australia barcelona DC NYC LA SF Melbourne Reykjavik Denton!
A well made old-fashioned is hard to beat...especially based on Rittenhouse rye. aaand, off to make a cocktail... Cheers!
The video release of The Old And The Young is being released today, what process goes into the choosing of video directors/film makers? People submit treatments and we pick what we like.. actually the release date has been moved to early next year.
Collectively, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? And hi. All of the above! we are unable to collectively agree.. how were we able to make an album!!???
Hey, first of all, my dad loves you guys. Especially 'Roscoe', he says it's so good it feels like magic. And now for the questions: could you doodle your favourite animal for me? And also, what's your best memory from going on tour? There's no way to doodle on reddit that we're aware of...but we would draw a unicorn :) best memory varies for each of us, but the Pearl Jam shows were pretty special for us on many levels.
My first question is, I love you MiddleoftheLake! My second question is more serious and traditionally interrogative. Being a touring and recording musician is one of the most demanding jobs a person can have, and it seems like the time necessary for the job would keep one from pursuing other interests or hobbies. Do you have any desire to follow different dreams other than being a musician that you haven't had time for? What would those be? Mckenzie would be an architect or nfl quarterback paul - motorcycle road racer pulido - pro baseball player jesse - bookstore owner joey - woodworker nichels - pro marathon runner.
Shoutout to Jesse for being a badass piano teacher in his free time ;) How was opening for Pearl Jam / Playing in the big american airlines center? Have you guys ever done anything like that before and was it a weird experience? Love the album and new music, you guys are amazing. Edit: Whoops. First of all, i hope youre practicing! second, it was pearl jam, not pink floyd, it was amazing, thanks for listening.
Hey guys, i just wanted to say i really love 'the courage of others' and have played it a stupid amount of times. Here is something good: pentangle -- wedding dress. Thanks, can't wait to check it out!
off I love your guys' music. I was wondering what are some of your favorite cities to play? Also, what are some of your biggest musical influences? Thanks a lot! we've answered those questions actually, if you just scroll down :)
Ive never listened to your band befoew. What is one song you would recommend to a new listener that represents your band the best? Antiphon.
Follow up: did you hear that Kevin Spacey was at Andy's last night?? Yes, and it was a rumor! nothing to see here!
I love your guys music and have tickets to see you in february! Will you be playing songs from your older albums, or is it all new stuff from now on? I'm happy either way - Antiphon is brilliant! Old and new!
Hi. I love you guys. Can you tell me something about Some of them were Superstitious? That was one of the first songs where we experimented with a wind ensemble (flute, clarinet, bassoon) in this band and mckenzie says it's his favorite song on that album.
I have always wondered this. I was an exchange student to Helsinki Finland in 2010 when you played at Ruisrock. I went to high school in Lewisville but now attend UNT. I bought van occupanther a month after I came home. Didn't know the name till later. I was wearing a UNT shirt walking around the festival and never ran into you. Crazy misconnection, but did any of you happen to see me at any point during the festival? It's a long shot.. We definitely remember that festival- we had a great time, but we didn't see any mean green out there, sorry! ;)
What was it like performing on "Later... with Jools Holland?" That's my favorite version of Acts of Man. So sad I missed you guys when you came to Istanbul in 2010, I only started listening to your music a few months later. I'm digging the new album and hope to see you live! :) Thanks! it was a cool experience playing on jools.. slash was sitting about 8 feet from us!
What's the story behind "Some of Them Were Superstitious" and it's accompanying music video? 7 am papier mache, local greenbelt, vhs camcorder, tuxedo, homemade monocle man vehicle.
How did you get your music out there when you first started? We made an ep and started booking our own shows...
Hey guys! When are you fools coming to dinner? We are at infusion! love working for you stinky dudes! You're fired...ok, you're re-hired.
Can't wait to see you guys on the 16th in SF! Can I expect old songs mixed in with the Anitiphon songs? Yes, definitely.. see you soon!
Can you have myopic open for you if you do a show in Toronto? We miss Jeff! Sure.
Do you guys like listening to Ryan Rooney play the guitar!? Rooney's the best!!
Who the heck is mother? Ask glenn danzig?
No real question, just gotta say I enjoy your music. Thanks a lot! we appreciate it!!
We cant wait to see you next week! We can't wait to see you too!
My wife and I saw you a couple years ago at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO. Your willingness to hang out and talk after the show was awesome. Thanks for your accessibility, your music, and a memorable concert. We love getting to say 'thank you' in person so its our pleasure. hope to come back soon!
Also, the bass tone in Antiphon is glorious. This is what happens when your bassist tracks/engineers your album. P bass direct!
Hey guys ! Lets go get some dinner :) Amen to that!
I can not stop listening to the song 'This Weight'... that is all. Thanks.. we're hoping to get it placed in a weightwatchers commercial
Alright Midlake, hit us with your best joke. Also, someone email Kelly Carr of Pilotdrift and encourage him to get his new record out already. I need all of my 2004-2006 bands to come back. How do you titillate an ocelot?
Caught the show in Dallas where you opened for Pearl Jam. An amazing show all around! You guys sounded great! Smack Joey for me. Thanks a lot! consider him smacked!
See you in Salt Lake City this week! Awesome, see you there!
Hey there, greeting from Germany, just wanted to tell you that I really love your new album, especially the bass line in The Old and the Young. :) Danke schön!
Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle soon! Are you guys sticking to Antiphon or are you going to take requests cough Kingfish Pies cough looove youuu. We cover a lot of ground past and present. you may just get your wish. time will tell...
When's tim coming back. He's coming back with a new record of his own..
Can I get some free tickets to the NYE show with the Flaming Lips? worth a shot. I think they're sold out! i think we might not even be able to get ourselves in! ;)
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