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It was developed during the spring and summer of [1] and went live to the PTR for player testing in late June, [2]. Diablo 1 patch 1 09b peanut. Search the history of over 446 billion web pages on the Internet. The convention and even traditions would not.

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Serial number full text of "The focus" - Internet Archive

Cook 375 degrees for 15 - 18 minutes You can also use the same idea for peanut butter and jelly, pie filling etc. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare v Patch (patch) GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee (Adult) Mod v for PC (mod) Euro Truck Simulator 2 v to v Patch (patch). Date Comment/Download; PreRelease: Aug 16, Diablo PreRelease Demo 1. MB. last update Thursday, June 16, downloads downloads (7 days).

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Synthesis of fatty acids from [1-14C]acetylcoenzyme A in subcellular particles of rat epididymal adipose tissue. DudemanX writes "Blizzard have announced: 'Yes, you're reading correctly, the day has finally come for the Diablo II patch!

Hack seven Days, January 23, 2020 by Seven Days

My Movie Collection as of October 2020 have a peek at this website. Diablo Version History. PC Diablo II Lord of Destruction B Patch Fixed a bug where a connection problem ("Unable to connect to [HOST]")would instead result in a downloading patch dialog that stayed at 0% indefinitely. MD5 and the Diminishing Passwords Rule visit their website.

DJ Krush - Code4109 (CD) (2020) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Download Diablo 2: Lord of. Find a new copy of Simpsons episode season 9, episode 22 Trash of the Titans. Identical fatty acid: Topics by Science.gov https://pro-monolit.ru/crack/?key=429. Patch b. Released 5 September FIXES.

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2020 MSDS master list.pdf - School District No. 38. Please follow these simple steps. I found another way to install and play Diablo (either V or V or whatever) without the actual cd, and, disregarding whether you may or may not have figured it out as well, this is for those who haven't. Play Diablo without the CD. It's faster because the application will access the files it needs from your hard drive, not from the Diablo CD. Kb: Download.

/NGFFORM120209 by Hotdogs .com.au

Driver's License or state ID. Information about any loans or mortgages that you may have to help us confirm your identity. FHB Direct - Online Application. PicClick is an elegant and simple tool that is more enjoyable to use than the built-in search tools on eBay. I have tried several No CD cracks, only one worked and strangely enough it made diablo run very slow and choppy.

Made a list of groups and the streamers associated with them for newer viewers to get started.

NoPixel is a amazing place filled with many stories created by hundreds of unique characters. With a lot of new viewers watching with the addition of Shroud again, I figured Id make a list of some of the larger groups/gangs. This list is by no means complete but will be way more than enough to get new people started. These people do a fantastic job every day trying to provide entertainment for us all to enjoy. So even if you are an older viewer you may be surprised at what you find. For many other characters not associated with groups https://nopixel.hasroot.com Is a good resource.
(Clicking the names on the list below will take you to the NoPixel Wiki entry for the character.)


Koil - www.twitch.tv/koil LaidbackNikez - www.twitch.tv/laidbacknikez Tobiii - www.twitch.tv/tobiii Gh0stalker - www.twitch.tv/gh0stalker TheSin - www.twitch.tv/thesin01_ Slasher2099 - www.twitch.tv/slasher2099 nick781111 - www.twitch.tv/nick781111 GTAWiseGuy - www.twitch.tv/gtawiseguy

Gangs, Groups, and Criminal Organizations:

Tang Gang

Siz Fulker - www.twitch.tv/uberhaxornova


Ramee El-Rahman - www.twitch.tv/Ramee


Siz Fulker - www.twitch.tv/uberhaxornova Kray-tor Skullfondler - www.twitch.tv/spicybackpain Denzel Williams - www.twitch.tv/Jonthebroski Griselda "Zelda" Harth - www.twitch.tv/hirona Victoria "Vivi" Veine - www.twitch.tv/kaoticaxd Al Saab - www.twitch.tv/Ssaab


Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana - www.twitch.tv/sayeedblack Arturo Ortiz - www.twitch.tv/akamonkey Jose Luis "Cousin" Santana - www.twitch.tv/larryx7 Hector Guzman - www.twitch.tv/tehrani Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez - www.twitch.tv/silent Juan "Juanilla" Pablo - www.twitch.tv/thesuperperson Pablo "Diablo" Madrid - www.twitch.tv/bennnistreams Shevy Santanna - www.twitch.tv/biggieferreira Hilda Bulking - www.twitch.tv/pandagirl91 Siz Fulker - www.twitch.tv/uberhaxornova Carlos Guzman - www.twitch.tv/gattistv J.J. - www.twitch.tv/hotted89 Jose "El Prodigio" Gonzalez - www.twitch.tv/williammarsala [Inactive] Lil Loco - www.twitch.tv/jayce [Deceased] Jesus Garcia - www.twitch.tv/silentsentry

Lean Bois

Lang Buddha - www.twitch.tv/buddha Tony Corleone - www.twitch.tv/Anthonyz Al Saab - www.twitch.tv/Ssaab Curtis Swoleroid - www.twitch.tv/curtisryan_ Denzel Williams - www.twitch.tv/Jonthebroski Ellie Dono - www.twitch.tv/SodaKite Ricky Robins - www.twitch.tv/Penta Tori Corleone - www.twitch.tv/msbrit [Inactive] Eddie Delish - www.twitch.tv/shortyyguy [Inactive] Sven Snusberg - www.twitch.tv/forsen [Inactive] Avon Barksdale - www.twitch.tv/Lirik [Inactive] Bob Coolidge - www.twitch.tv/coolidge

The Lost MC

Rudi Rinsen - www.twitch.tv/darthbobo77 Samuel O'Faolain - www.twitch.tv/wolfD20 Raid Dankleaf - www.twitch.tv/0reed Keith "Bulldog" Dooger - www.twitch.tv/denior13 Gary Adams - www.twitch.tv/bronzeplayzlol Darlene Flowers - www.twitch.tv/youknowitsjuno Scooter Henderson - www.twitch.tv/falcetti Daniel O'Sullivan - www.twitch.tv/daleni92 Jason "JP" Paul - www.twitch.tv/pssychotic Gazz Maloo - www.twitch.tv/luka_aus Wyatt Derp - www.twitch.tv/kyle Ryan Parker - www.twitch.tv/curvyelephant Lucy Hellman - www.twitch.tv/luckymisfit Negan Graham - https://twitch.tv/MacL0ven Catherine Scratch - www.twitch.tv/killrbeauty [Deceased] Reginald "Reggie" Campbell - www.twitch.tv/Sock22 [Deceased] Cooch Cassidy - www.twitch.tv/king_1455 [Deceased] Victor Mason - www.twitch.tv/gh0stalker

Chang Gang

Mr. Chang - www.twitch.tv/Lord_Kebun Vinny Pistone - www.twitch.tv/Shotz Garrett Jobless - www.twitch.tv/JoblessGarrett Randy Bullet - www.twitch.tv/ratedepicz Dequarius "Big D" Johnson - www.twitch.tv/coolio Ramee El-Rahman - www.twitch.tv/Ramee Charles Johnson - www.twitch.tv/summit1g Uchiha Jones - www.twitch.tv/cyr [Inactive] Charles "Taco" Prince - www.twitch.tv/officialtaco


Emmanuel "Big E" Biggs - www.twitch.tv/umadbrahlive Peanut - www.twitch.tv/akamonkey Lil'K - www.twitch.tv/cathie [Inactive] Jay - www.twitch.tv/GloryD [Inactive] Kane - www.twitch.tv/djdogshaverx [Inactive] Tyrone Biggums - www.twitch.tv/Zombie_Barricades [Deceased] Arious "Breezy" Campbell - www.twitch.tv/fortyone [Deceased] Curtis Davis III - https://twitch.tv/silentsentry [Deceased] Damian Frost - www.twitch.tv/ironmonkeytv

Prune Gang

Eugene Zuckerberg - www.twitch.tv/vader Mel Rickenbacker - www.twitch.tv/Spaceboy Buck Colton - www.twitch.tv/cinnamontoastken Gladys Berry - www.twitch.tv/mick Ryan Kindle - www.twitch.tv/dasmehdi Clarence Carter - www.twitch.tv/navajotv Mary Livingston - www.twitch.tv/rasta Gordon Parks - www.twitch.tv/afro [Inactive] Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred - www.twitch.tv/moonmoon_ow [Inactive] Dale Morris - www.twitch.tv/timthetatman

The Families

Tayvadius "Chef" Jamarcus Livingston III - www.twitch.tv/smokysloth Ghost - www.twitch.tv/kezieeve Dexx Martin - www.twitch.tv/afro Darnell Jones - www.twitch.tv/Vader Randy "Juicy" Santana - www.twitch.tv/afriicansnowball Marcus Black - www.twitch.tv/twistedbones Tyrese - www.twitch.tv/larryx7 Hitta - www.twitch.tv/skitx0 Devon - www.twitch.tv/deejayknight Lysol Webb III - www.twitch.tv/80bsaget [Deceased] James Carter - www.twitch.tv/orbztv

Bondi Boys MC

Irwin Dundee - www.twitch.tv/whippy Stevo Strawberry - www.twitch.tv/shaggy_steve Maxy Mersion - www.twitch.tv/DigiiTsuna Paddy Patrickson - www.twitch.tv/fairzz91 Michael Simone - www.twitch.tv/tobiii Daphne Tillamuck - www.twitch.tv/stitchybird Jake Clark - www.twitch.tv/itsjustjosh Janine Dundee - www.twitch.tv/bfly Ester - www.twitch.tv/mallorycat Cooper - www.twitch.tv/threestripedguy Benji - www.twitch.tv/lysium Cherry - www.twitch.tv/KiloAU Jeremiah Spudwick - www.twitch.tv/itsstarkey Jim - www.twitch.tv/jimwuurp Brocky Potage - www.twitch.tv/burnenater Willy Baeu - www.twitch.tv/audiokat Kayden Dell'Anno-Pistone-Steele-Dundee - www.twitch.tv/hobbittrash

The Russian Mafia

Boris Ivanov - www.twitch.tv/tehrani Anton Belov - www.twitch.tv/siirtoast Stan Ruthenburg - www.twitch.tv/kimchi Igor Kirilov - www.twitch.tv/v1eshpac Motya - www.twitch.tv/sax850 Joseph Pazkowski - www.twitch.tv/paskA Vladimir - www.twitch.tv/DavidB_NP [Deceased] Pavel Voronin - www.twitch.tv/komakan

Korean Mafia

Sun Moon - www.twitch.tv/kimchi Tim Lee - www.twitch.tv/80bsaget Red - www.twitch.tv/xmothatruckax Leslie Ling - www.twitch.tv/nidas Freya Manning - www.twitch.tv/curvyllama Annabelle Higgins - www.twitch.tv/missdk


Jose Martin Perez - www.twitch.tv/fortyone Chemo - www.twitch.tv/revroach Violet Noreguarde - www.twitch.tv/sareff Antonio - www.twitch.tv/therealgravvy Nico - www.twitch.tv/nicksheperd Fernando - www.twitch.tv/justjamiehdg Ramón - www.twitch.tv/mccarder

Cop Killa Records

Alabaster Slim - www.twitch.tv/kyle Gomer Colton - www.twitch.tv/timmac Outta Tune Tyrone - www.twitch.tv/lagtvmaximusblack [Inactive] Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred - www.twitch.tv/moonmoon_ow

Coke Kingpins

Otto Delmar - http -//www.twitch.tv/koil Joe Caine - www.twitch.tv/cyr Dominique "Dom" Woods - https://twitch.tv/ssaab Jamal Woods - https://twitch.tv/anthonyz Frankie Scaletta - www.twitch.tv/Spaceboy

The Watchers

Griselda "Zelda" Harth - www.twitch.tv/hirona Evita "Mother" Nimm - www.twitch.tv/Kiwo Jacob Harth - www.twitch.tv/afro Jacob "Funny Man" Storm - www.twitch.tv/fortyone Siz Fulker - www.twitch.tv/uberhaxornova Wilson "Citizen" Robins - www.twitch.tv/citizen_cannon Victoria "Vivi" Veine - www.twitch.tv/kaoticaxd


Wyclef - www.twitch.tv/ClasickTV Timoteo - www.twitch.tv/akamonkey Wayne - www.twitch.tv/jimmytulip

The Family

Evita "Mother" Nimm - www.twitch.tv/kiwo Erin Cox - www.twitch.tv/mekabear Victoria "Vivi" Veine - www.twitch.tv/kaoticaxd Maxine Johnson - www.twitch.tv/jpkmoto Siz Fulker - www.twitch.tv/uberhaxornova [Inactive] Steven Mathis - www.twitch.tv/GloryD


Outta Tune Tyrone - www.twitch.tv/lagtvmaximusblack Doug Canada - www.twitch.tv/yoinksog Clarence Carter - https://twitch.tv/navajotv Wally Veloce - www.twitch.tv/tenguop Bobby Schmegal - www.twitch.tv/theghostman Matthew "Monkey" Vegan - www.twitch.tv/monkey03 Tommy Cruizer - www.twitch.tv/justjamiehdg Edward Nygma - www.twitch.tv/frogbound

Knights of The Fedorian Order D&D

Merlin Edmondstoune - https://twitch.tv/MiltonTPike1 Derek - https://twitch.tv/Jaboody Penelope "Penny" Moore - https://twitch.tv/Nakkida


Mr. Chang - www.twitch.tv/Lord_Kebun Ramee El-Rahman - www.twitch.tv/Ramee Bobby Brown - www.twitch.tv/greenishmonkey Uchiha Jones - www.twitch.tv/cyr Charles Johnson - https://twitch.tv/summit1g Randy Bullet - www.twitch.tv/ratedepicz Rusty Johnson - www.twitch.tv/kite61 Garrett Jobless - www.twitch.tv/JoblessGarrett

The Saints

Saint Jospeh - www.twitch.tv/koil Grimoire Carolynn Hauttogs III - www.twitch.tv/crunchyshuffles Saint Marcus - www.twitch.tv/five0antho Father - www.twitch.tv/connorcronus

Businesses and Jobs

Park Ranger

Conan Clarkson - www.twitch.tv/ramee

San Andreas State Police

Jackie Snow - www.twitch.tv/uhsnow Kael Soze - www.twitch.tv/koil Tony Andrews - www.twitch.tv/five0antho Honathan Yolo - www.twitch.tv/honathantv

Blaine County Sheriff's Office

Travis Tribble - www.twitch.tv/confuseddevil John Dorian - https://twitch.tv/elvisrp Rocko Columbo - www.twitch.tv/dogbert Bobby Smith - www.twitch.tv/immortalhd Maggie Dean - www.twitch.tv/rose Lyonel Winchester - www.twitch.tv/ray308win Jason Bidwell - www.twitch.tv/minusfive Jerry Perkins - www.twitch.tv/stanleyrp Mikey Dias - https://twitch.tv/callmegrub Nick Riggs - www.twitch.tv/tezmate Jenny Hall - www.twitch.tv/nikkisariot Ziggy Buggs - www.twitch.tv/ziggy Joey Keys - www.twitch.tv/shindur John Archer - www.twitch.tv/fortyone Colt Shepherd - www.twitch.tv/hiredgunrp Clarence Williams - www.twitch.tv/mexi024 Mike Bayo - www.twitch.tv/xiceman Samuel Holtz - www.twitch.tv/o_oakleyz_o Michael Dunning - www.twitch.tv/tfneraze Michael Rodgers - www.twitch.tv/mikezout14 [Deceased] Tony Tiger - www.twitch.tv/og_tyger [Deceased] Kurt Leonard - www.twitch.tv/miggitymaan

Los Santos Police Department

Vladimir Raven - www.twitch.tv/lt_raven Olivia Copper - www.twitch.tv/hirona Jack Ripley - www.twitch.tv/mattrp Dante Wolf - www.twitch.tv/lewolfy Darrel McCormic - www.twitch.tv/slasher2099 Emily Reinhart - www.twitch.tv/acaibear Kareem Lyon - www.twitch.tv/primal Brittany Angel - www.twitch.tv/kyliebitkin Alex Casterman - www.twitch.tv/officialwhitey Owen Svenson - www.twitch.tv/owenseven Damien Alexander - https://twitch.tv/miggitymaan A.J.Hunter - www.twitch.tv/ratedepicz Sam Baas - www.twitch.tv/ssaab Stephen McClane - https://twitch.tv/curtisryan_ Garry Berry - www.twitch.tv/joblessgarrett Adam Hopping - www.twitch.tv/coolio Emma Dupont - www.twitch.tv/kinamazing Michael Murphy - www.twitch.tv/joesmitty123 Charles Delaney - www.twitch.tv/thedondi Scarlet Winters - www.twitch.tv/spekel Frank Williams - www.twitch.tv/stoner_minded


Lauren Forcer - www.twitch.tv/Kiwo Jordan Steele - www.twitch.tv/penta Richard Dark - www.twitch.tv/sock22 Kyle Pred - www.twitch.tv/kyle Casey Valentine - www.twitch.tv/orbztv Kira Light - www.twitch.tv/pmsproxy Baxer McCree - www.twitch.tv/80bsaget Matt Rhodes - www.twitch.tv/curvyelephant Matthew Espinoz - www.twitch.tv/hotted89 Maverick Shaw - www.twitch.tv/fairlight_excalibur Richard Hard - www.twitch.tv/shroud Lance Malton - www.twitch.tv/generalemu Jimmy Gordon - www.twitch.tv/shaggy_steve Billy Williams - www.twitch.tv/jovian Bodean Tucker - www.twitch.tv/Pons Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramire - www.twitch.tv/buddha

Sahara International

Nino Chavez - www.twitch.tv/dasmehdi Jacob "Funny Man" Storm - www.twitch.tv/fortyone Aurthur Hammond - www.twitch.tv/thedondi Erin Cox - www.twitch.tv/MEKABEAR Bruce Nelvico - www.twitch.tv/bgrafix Javier Fernandez - www.twitch.tv/reno_raines Allen Widemann - www.twitch.tv/hotted89

Clucking Bell

Nino Chavez - www.twitch.tv/dasmehdi Allen Widemann - www.twitch.tv/hotted89 Bobby "Dragon" Goodman - www.twitch.tv/ironmonkeytv Jazz Ryder - www.twitch.tv/lunaomi Vinny Pistone - www.twitch.tv/Shotz


Raja Bahadur - www.twitch.tv/fairlight_excalibur Summer Mersion - www.twitch.tv/cathfawr Sarah Ableton - www.twitch.tv/tara D.C. - www.twitch.tv/itsStarkey Jazz Ryder - www.twitch.tv/lunaomi

Bad Boys Customs

Al Saab - www.twitch.tv/ssaab Eddie Marshall - www.twitch.tv/gtawiseguy Nino Chavez - www.twitch.tv/dasmehdi

Harmony Repair

Mikey Mersion - www.twitch.tv/uhSnow Summer Sundae - www.twitch.tv/jennifett Emily Maw -www.twitch.tv/hirona

6 Star Tuner Shop

Eddie Marshall - www.twitch.tv/gtawiseguy Gomer Colton - www.twitch.tv/timmac Garret Jobless - www.twitch.tv/JoblessGarrett Hilda Bulking - www.twitch.tv/pandagirl91 Buck Colton - www.twitch.tv/cinnamontoastken Jonelle Jones - www.twitch.tv/nefariouscharm Tony Corleone - www.twitch.tv/Anthonyz Al Saab - www.twitch.tv/Ssaab Tommy Cruizer - www.twitch.tv/justjamiehdg Vinny Pistone - www.twitch.tv/Shotz

Fast Lane

Sun Moon - www.twitch.tv/kimchi Red - www.twitch.tv/xmothatruckax Mikey Mersion - www.twitch.tv/uhSnow Kudo Kai - www.twitch.tv/vader

Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Allen Widemann - www.twitch.tv/hotted89 Jazz Ryder - www.twitch.tv/lunaomi Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana - www.twitch.tv/sayeedblack Erin Cox - www.twitch.tv/MEKABEAR Mara - www.twitch.tv/rlly

Payne Real Estate

Mathew Payne - www.twitch.tv/thacoop Buddy Black - www.twitch.tv/nmplol Milton Pointdexter - www.twitch.tv/armeeof1 Madison Pratt - www.twitch.tv/charlieblossom Tessa Lamb - www.twitch.tv/nakkida Evita "Mother" Nimm - www.twitch.tv/kiwo Brenda Pancake - www.twitch.tv/ashlynn Rose Edwards - www.twitch.tv/lovinurstyle

Right of Way Driving School

Tessa Lamb - www.twitch.tv/nakkida Victoria "Vivi" Veine - www.twitch.tv/kaoticaxd Roger Roger - www.twitch.tv/whippy


Sayid Mitra - www.twitch.tv/afro Ramee El-Rahman - www.twitch.tv/Ramee Mr. Chang - www.twitch.tv/Lord_Kebun Tessa Lamb - www.twitch.tv/nakkida Sun Moon - www.twitch.tv/kimchi Abigail Bliss - www.twitch.tv/swebliss Karen Dahmer - www.twitch.tv/avagg Eugene Zuckerberg - www.twitch.tv/vader Olivia Harvey - www.twitch.tv/abbay

Weazel News

Minnie Canoozle - www.twitch.tv/spicybackpain James Tinklebottom - www.twitch.tv/whippy Daquan Johnson - www.twitch.tv/daquanrp Tuong Ru Kim - www.twitch.tv/vader Ron Otterman - www.twitch.tv/silentsentry


Dennis LaBarrio - www.twitch.tv/airborne Coyote Russel - www.twitch.tv/judd Coop Holliday - www.twitch.tv/thacoop Wayne Ardson - www.twitch.tv/wayward Nina Vallieh - www.twitch.tv/momo Gavin Holliday - www.twitch.tv/theoriginalgav Midas Campinetti - www.twitch.tv/king_1455


Nora Dupres - www.twitch.tv/jpkmoto Kermit Delaw - www.twitch.tv/whiteboylemons Sayeed White - www.twitch.tv/sayeedblack Adrienne West - www.twitch.tv/evee2point0 Erin Cox - www.twitch.tv/MEKABEAR Kevin Shaw - www.twitch.tv/curvyelephant Jerry Callow - www.twitch.tv/mantistobagan Don Russo - www.twitch.tv/fortyone Murphy Braun - www.twitch.tv/captainmurphy Norman Bones - www.twitch.tv/ziggy Norman Yoder - www.twitch.tv/burnenater

Pillbox Hill Medical

Kai King - www.twitch.tv/digiitsuna Isaac Smith - www.twitch.tv/connorcronus Agnes Ranbough - www.twitch.tv/crunchyshuffles Serge Cross - www.twitch.tv/ltserge Choi Zhangsun - www.twitch.tv/choi Andrew "Ducky" Ducksworth - www.twitch.tv/t3r0 Torah Andrews - www.twitch.tv/bfly Leon Marks www.twitch.tv/zotbot William Gonzo - www.twitch.tv/mrcommand3r Victoria Viale - www.twitch.tv/shadiko Tracey Martell - www.twitch.tv/hobbittrash Thalia Hayes - www.twitch.tv/jyeahlisa Kizzy Neveah - www.twitch.tv/kaoruhare Pixie Plum - www.twitch.tv/madmoiselle Ethan Maw - www.twitch.tv/classypax Kerric Aldermann - www.twitch.tv/kerric James Marshall - www.twitch.tv/mccarder Jordan Steele - www.twitch.tv/penta Brenda Pancake - www.twitch.tv/ashlynn

Emergency Medical Services

Heidi Saurus - www.twitch.tv/hedisaurus Lucy Hellman - www.twitch.tv/luckymisfit Mari Jones - www.twitch.tv/maggna Jimmy Ford - www.twitch.tv/rockview101 Daniel Rogers - www.twitch.tv/commandoretro Janus Lee - www.twitch.tv/miqqa Khloe Brooks - www.twitch.tv/kari Amara Hart - www.twitch.tv/remithesiren Bree Stone - www.twitch.tv/evee2point0 Mya Jane - www.twitch.tv/nefariouscharm Boba Stone - www.twitch.tv/whiteboylemons Jack Preacher - www.twitch.tv/caussiepreacher William Haze - www.twitch.tv/meeka_a Brian Barnes - www.twitch.tv/greendragon917 Nettie Machete - www.twitch.tv/netsirk Rowen Hunter - www.twitch.tv/matchasmash Bambii Byrd - www.twitch.tv/zombie_licious Audrey Jones - www.twitch.tv/tara Sam McEntyre - www.twitch.tv/jgnawstin Matt Jackson - www.twitch.tv/captainkuddles

Commonly Seen Characters

Kelly Smith - www.twitch.tv/rlly Boe Jangles - www.twitch.tv/blue622 Roman "Mask" Sionis - www.twitch.tv/connorcronus Rusty Johnson - www.twitch.tv/kite61 Kiki Chanel - www.twitch.tv/miltontpike1 Julio Thomas - www.twitch.tv/chalupa_pants Edna Moose - www.twitch.tv/kitboga Bovice Wilkinson - www.twitch.tv/smokysloth Mia Mersion - www.twitch.tv/kiwo Aaron Flocko - www.twitch.tv/flocko1400 Jack "Cookie" Cortair - www.twitch.tv/jack Nate Larson - www.twitch.tv/uff_da Apples - www.twitch.tv/s0upes Dimitri Barkov- www.twitch.tv/sams Abdul AlRahim - www.twitch.tv/abdulhd Oola Kingston - www.twitch.tv/madmoiselle Jim Lee - www.twitch.tv/dasmehdi Davey Doherty - www.twitch.tv/newfacesuper Jean Steele - www.twitch.tv/simplyje2ns Chips Ahoy - www.twitch.tv/notoriousnorman Shady Grady - www.twitch.tv/judd Georgina "Windsong" Williams - www.twitch.tv/charlieblossom Happy D'Klown - www.twitch.tv/revroach Sean Tinker - www.twitch.tv/tinker Sur Lee - www.twitch.tv/sur_lee Olga Sazkaljovich - www.twitch.tv/hirona Bad luck Vasily Sazkaljovich - www.twitch.tv/immortalhd
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I'm Parker "INTERRO" Mackay - Pro League caster, streamer, and content creator. Ask Me Anything! | SUMMARY


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Hey! Asking on behalf of PablosScripts who couldn't make it here: > I can't make it due to time zone. Can someone please ask him what his thoughts are on an in-game eSports viewer? (like other esports games have where games are broadcast in the actual game engine itself, so players have full control over cameras). > Does he think this would help with the esports scene? Cause I think I'd watch a TON more esports if I could manage the camera for myself. Sometimes I want to stick to just 1-2 players to see how a particular strat unfolds but I can't because the caster is zooming all over the place. > I can't help but think this is the missing link between popular Siege esports and explosive Siege esports. How many extra viewers would there be if there was a new icon right there in the game menu that you'd just have to click? LINK Siege is easily one of the most challenging esports to watch at the moment so the ability to control your own spectating experience would be a massive boon for viewers. I'm not quite sure if our engine is capable of handling it, though, so I fear that this excellent idea is currently out of reach. I'm not a dev though so I'm just guessing here. We've made good strides toward making Siege more watchable (the new UI is a huge step in the right direction) but the amount of actions being carried out by all 10 players at any given moment makes for a massive challenge when spectating. I think our esport is definitely trending in the right direction but making Siege easier to watch would unequivocally elevate our esport. Excellent question. LINK
Ubisoft said that if pros are disliking the play tests and potential new ops, it means they're going in the right direction. Could you please explain what they were trying to say cuz I just can't wrap my head around it. LINK Having read the article where this quote was pulled from I think it was taken a touch out of context. I think the point that Leroy was trying to get at was that status-quo, while beneficial for the Pros, doesn't really do much to push the boundaries of the game. Comfort is often the enemy of progress and the Devs are obviously invested in keeping Siege fresh and current. That may mean introducing new mechanics and/or new ideas that require a shake-up in how Pros tackle certain obstacles. Truthfully, I don't know about any upcoming content so I can't speak with any certainty but I can say that I've attended playtests before and the Devs have always been very receptive to our feedback. Given how robust the recent workshops have been I'd guess that they are as concerned as ever with how the Pros feel about the game. I'll also add that while I can see where the Pros are coming from (and are right to be apprehensive about any potential uncertainty concerning their career) that not all Pros have brilliant ideas on how to balance this game. I've heard some ideas put forward by Pros that I've felt would be bad for the enjoyment and balance of Siege. Pros have an extraordinarily strong understanding of Siege and should be consulted in regards to balancing but they should not be the sole perspective that the Devs seek. LINK
As an ANZ PL caster I am interested to hear your thoughts on what the new region format may mean for APAC and if you think it will continue to develop the region and integrate it better in to the rest of the world. :) LINK APAC's greatest struggles have always been geographical. I think combining the best teams from Japan, Korea, and SEA into one region will produce a higher level of competition while allowing for greater growth due to teams facing better opponents week-in, week-out. Out of all the changes happening next season the APAC changes are the ones I'm most looking forward to watching unfold. LINK
Hey Interro, bit of a serious question. What's your thoughts on team houses? Personally I'm not a fan of them. They feel like a way for Orgs to squeeze more work time out of their players that's not necessarily being paid for. They also mean that being dropped by a team or your org imploding means you not only lose your paycheck but also your home. Personally I'd rather see teams have a dedicated office that they go to to scrim/dry run/strat etc like a real job and if orgs want to help with accommodation they can throw the player some more cash. Less serious, why doesn't APAC ever get the respect it deserves. It feels like anytime an APAC team beats someone the general opinion of the team they beat is "well they now suck". Aerowolf beats Giants it's well Giants can't play on lan, not Aerowolf great planning and execution on taking down a top team. Fnatic beats Empire, well Empire's been found out and they're done, not great comeback from Fantic learning from their mistakes and 200IQ hiding a map for when it's needed. What's it going to take for an APAC team to get credit for winning internationally? Finally, Fnatic today showed why having a 6th player is so critical with Acez slotting back in and performing plenty fine. With injuries, sickness (corona/regular sickness) passports/visas and players leaving for greener pastures, why don't more teams run with 6 players? LINK Really great question with a couple angles that this could be attacked from. First and foremost: I think separating work from leisure is absolutely paramount in any industry but especially in something like esports which is already seen as playtime rather than a "real job." Living with your teammates, eating with your teammates, working with your teammates... I think it's just too much. Having space to relax, be on your own, decompress, and mentally escape from work is so crucial in an industry as stressful and demanding as ours can be. I like the idea of having a team or office facility where the players all meet once a day. Imagine it like commuting into work. The players can live where they'd like, on their own dime and in their own preferred units, but they still have to be at work in a shared space that is designated purely for work. For APAC: they are both broadcasted at tough hours for most of NA/Europe but also struggle with being so isolated. Plus they're the newest region so they don't have anywhere near the same experience as EU/LATAM/NA. APAC still has growing to do. Some teams put on good performances but the region, overall, trails behind the other 3. When it comes to a 6th player there's just simply no need. Roles aren't as rigid or inflexible as a game like OW where certain players specialize with their hero pools. LINK
I Interro, love your casting and I'm watching your stream right now! ​ I only have one question: What would you recommend to be changed about Clash to make her still fun to play and viable, but not frustrating to play against? ​ I know I have some thoughts on the topic, but I would love to hear your input. LINK Clash is an operator that is inherently frustrating to play against if you lack suitable counters or simply fail to plan ahead when dealing with her. The biggest issue with Clash is that you often require solid coordination to take her down -- coordination being something lacking in lower ranks and in higher ranks where people are solo-queuing. Frankly, if you expend all of your utility ahead of time without taking into account the enemy running a Clash then that's a problem with your team and not with her as an operator. I know that may be a bit simplistic because while she has no shortage of counters (Zofia, Capitao, Buck, Thatcher, etc) enemy teams can bleed you dry with Jager, Wamai, Castle... but then we go deep into the rabbit hole that is Siege counters/utility usage and could discuss this all day. My main point is that while Clash is an annoying operator, even two people can effectively take her out if you pinch her or bring the right utility. It may be an unpopular opinion but I don't think Clash is in that frustrating of a place right now. LINK
Crunchy or Smooth peanut butter? LINK Smooth peanut is for smooth brains. LINK
Do you think the new g2 superteam had potential? LINK They absolutely have potential but being good on paper means nothing if you can't be good on game day. I'll be intently watching how they slot in their roles and if there'll be any movement between players as they don't really have a dedicated, experienced hard-support like many other top teams. Pengu is probably the closest but he's a supremely talented flex player so it'd be a shame to see him move off that role. Regardless, G2 has experienced a fairly solid fall from grace but are still a talented team through-and-through. Don't count them out. LINK
Hi Interro, Q1: Why did you decide to move and live in Poland? What are the pros/cons of living in Poland from a perspective of someone who isn't a native Pole? Q2: I believe you studied some Politically related subject before becoming a full-time StreameCaster. Why did you decide to choose to study that path? Q3: What was your favourite event in Rainbow 6 Siege both In-game and Offline? Q4: What future do you predict for the game? Keep on being yourself! Thank you for the AMA LINK Q1: Our Pro League studio is based out of Katowice, Poland, and we're required to film on-site during the season. ESL has a regional office in Poland and Katowice is often cheaper in comparison to other Polish (and European) cities. Q2: I've been fascinated with politics since I was a kid. I feel we have a huge capacity to affect change in the world and that ideas are worth discussing and debating over. I was drawn to the exchange of ideas and very much enjoy being able to dive into political theory. Q3: Favourite event will probably always be my first Six Invitational. It was smaller than events that followed but it felt both intimate and epic. In-game would be Rainbow is Magic -- ludicrously fun. Q4: I suspect the sky is the limit for R6. I'd still love to see some changes implemented, in terms of operator balancing and in the game format (like solo and team queue playlists), but this game has come a long way from where we were at the end of 2018. LINK
Hey Parker, My girlfriend is a type 1 diabetic and has been since she was 9 years old. Obviously she has had a long time to get to grips with it, so she can manage it better than most. Nevertheless, she fairly regularly has moments of going too high or too low. Besides making her generally feel like shit, this also effects her ability to work, finding it harder to think clearly and interact with people. + I was wondering if, since your diagnosis, you have found that unexpected diabetic complications have affected your ability to work? Obviously, a lot of your job is heavily linked to the chemistry you have with Kixstar (etc) and your ability to think quickly. Is this ever effected by your highs and lows? + If so, do you have your own ways of mitigating such problems? Especially since when you work you have to continue for long periods of time + Does ESL help in any way with you coping with diabetes? + Does diabetes bring any challenges to casting, or your work otherwise, that we might not notice as viewers? Love watching you cast and stream, keep it up! :D LINK Outstanding questions and I'm happy to answer them all. I'm still somewhat new to being a diabetic as I was diagnosed as type 1 back in late September 2019. I'm very fortunate to be Canadian so my diet, medication, and clinic visits are all well managed. 1) The catering at most events is very carb heavy since carbs are cheap and inexpensive. I'm not currently on meal-time insulin as my diet is regulated enough to not need it yet. The problem with that, though, is that when confronted with a buffet of solely carbs I have to eat them and then suffer the consequences mid-cast. Mud brain, as it's called, is very real and I often find myself grabbing for words, phrases, or stats that are out of reach. Sometimes I find my thoughts jumbled. I also have to monitor my energy levels since avoiding carbs can lead to a crash and lack of energy mid-game. Not ideal when part of my job is maintaining a certain pace. 2) Whenever we work events I'm very upfront with our talent manager about my dietary needs. They've all been very accommodating and have brought me food to eat between matches or during breaks should I need. 3) When I was first diagnosed and told not to travel by my doctor, ESL went out of their way to give me all the time off I needed while I dealt with my health. They were extremely compassionate and understanding which was a relief as I feared they may have a meltdown after telling them I couldn't work for two months. Outside of that ESL isn't really hands-on with our health. They provide us with healthcare in Poland and bend over backwards at events to provide Mzo and I with meals we can eat. 4) Diabetics tend to pee more often than your average person. When I'm casting I tend to drink an inhuman amount of water. You do the math. LINK
why is FABIAN so fucking HOT, that man is almost irresistible. Every time i see that man i instantly nut in my pants. Can someone tell me why this happens? LINK No. LINK
Hey Parker! Huge fan of you for a while, you’re easily the best caster in ESL imo, and I love your banter with KG and Fabian on Twitter! What would you say was the funniest thing or weirdest (in a good way) thing that happened to you in a live LAN event like the invitational for example? Edit: also it’s my birthday today so if you were to wish me I’d be the happiest man alive :D LINK Funniest would probably be the gigantic cutout of my bald head that someone brought to SI2020. That or the "Parker's Sexy" chant. Weirdest would be someone trying to chat with me while I was just finishing up at a urinal during SI2019. LINK
How have your friendships and partnerships in the siege community affected your personal life, and relations with others? Do you think your "people oriented" job has changed your outlook on others? LINK I've met people in this community that I expect to be friends with for many, many more years outside of R6. Casting is, in many ways, like any ordinary job: you have colleagues you like, colleagues you tolerate, and colleagues you won't miss when you move on... except these colleagues are pros, content creators, streamers, devs, casters, etc. LINK
Long time fan and fellow Canadian! You and Big-Bad-Nadian (Troy) are the main reasons I've stuck with this game and follow Pro League so closely. 2 questions for you: 1) Leroy, the new Game Director after Remy got shuffled eslewhere, recently had an interview where he said when Pros are angry at proposed changes to Siege, it means the devs are doing something right. Source to not twist what he said. From the way Leroy describes the upcoming Y5 and Y6 content, and with what we've seen at SI 2020, is his "hammer" approach to future content the right direction for Siege in your opinion, compared to the way the old development did things (seemingly cautious, careful and scalpel-like)? 2) I'm a 4th year Journalism student and I've had several discussions with my professors and a few people from CBC about the lack of Canadian media that covers Siege content. We have The Score Esports based in Toronto, who do a great job covering the stories in PL. As you're one the premiere casters on the core casting team (shoutouts to KiX, Emzo and Milosh) who are also Canadian, and with Troy now getting his 2nd World Championship, on top of the game being developed by a Canadian brand; do you see this lack of coverage changing? Is it important to the competitive scene's growth to get that coverage? Thanks again for being you! Keep up the great work you and all the casters do! LINK Always a pleasure to meet a fellow countryman! 1) I go back-and-forth when it comes to fine tuning Siege. Part of me feels small adjustments are preferable but then I also see operators that are very strong and in need of being hit with a nerf hammer ASAP. Overall I'd usually rather err on the side of caution since there's a lower likelihood of throwing something completely out of whack. 2) Media coverage of esports is very peculiar since gamers tend to differ from traditional sports fans. Most sports fans can throw on ESPN or SportsNet and absentmindedly watch highlights from hockey, golf, and basketball whereas gamers don't have the same interest in other esports. Someone who loves CSGO won't necessarily care about LoL, or OW, or SC2, so media often ends up splintered, catering specifically to one game rather than a broad cross section. Hell, even theScore gets flak in the comments of their videos from people complaining that they're covering the FGC or not reporting on DotA enough. I think we'll definitely see greater interest in esports as the industry continues to grow but I'm not sure if we'll break from the specialized coverage that exists esport to esport right now. LINK
Do you think we need a newcomer guidance ingame? Like when you play the game, the game gives you tips and highlight the walls need to be reinforced, rotation holes need to open and where to put gadgets? (Be sure to wear medical masks!) LINK Siege desperately needs a proper, fully fleshed out in-game tutorial. The situations no longer cut it for new players. There are simply too many things that new players need to be made aware of that aren't taught to them. Having players hope for the best in the Newcomer playlist isn't ideal. I'd happily help record a tutorial for basic things like reinforcing, droning, gadget usage, etc, if Ubisoft were interested. As it stands right now, our game is tremendously complex and that can be very daunting for new players to grasp. LINK
hi interro! I'm a 13 year old high gold/low plat player and later in life i want to play siege professionaly, do you know any tourtments I could partcipate or any tips you could give me? LINK I wish I had more info for you but sadly I'm not as in-touch with the T3/T4 scene as I once was. I'd strongly recommend looking up CCS Esports and [joining their Discord](discord.gg/ccs) asking around. Many of the people will likely be far more knowledgeable about the amateur scene. The sky's the limit and you've got plenty of time to master this game -- good luck!! LINK
Hey Parker! You and KiX are hands down my favorite casting duo and I'm constantly amazed at how you manage to succinctly describe complex R6 topics mid-round in a way that even a silver player like myself can understand. My question is: what has the experience of using your platform as a prominent esports caster to weigh in on political issues been like? I've really appreciated hearing your voice in this way but I've seen that others have not, and I'd love to hear more about this part of your life. Thank you for doing this AMA and I hope you stay safe and healthy in these trying times! LINK I'd originally promised myself that I would keep politics off of twitter as my platform was for (and from) video games/esports. But having spent most of my adult life working or volunteering in politics I just couldn't abide by my own rules and ended up slowly speaking out on issues that are important to me. It's definitely a gamble. I never want someone to dislike my casting due to my personal or political views but I also feel that anyone with a platform has a sort of responsibility to stand up and speak out for people that aren't fortunate enough to have an audience. Lately I've been trying to keep politics confined to Twitch since it allows for much greater expression than twitter. I enjoy it a lot more as I can engage with people in real time. LINK
I'm still pretty new to siege but I will say that I only bought the game because I saw the amazing commentary between you and kix and it made me fascinated with the game. My question however is what advice do you have for someone who is attempting to become a caster for esports game in general, not just siege LINK That's a huge honour to know that our casting compelled someone to get into Siege. Thank you so much for the compliment - it means a lot. As for getting into casting: I wrote a post a while back with some pretty good basics. They're mostly Siege specific but they should give a thorough and helpful starting place -- link here LINK
Hi Parker, Do you prefer the old BO1 map ban system or the new ban system?The new ban system allows the teams too much to have limited mappools in my opinion, such as Team Empire, which can now perma ban Theme Park and Villa along with a targeted ban every playday. Or is this more a problem with the maps themselves and not with the ban system? LINK I much prefer teams having full control of which maps they ban rather than have maps auto-banned based on whether they were previously played. I like the change. As for teams having auto bans: in a BO5 the team with the bigger map pool will have a significant advantage. LINK
Hey Parker, how are you? Hope you are safe and sound. Coming to my question, what are some changes you would like in Pro League that would help make it more accessible and known to Casual community of players? I feel like Pro League doesn't get the recognition and views it should be getting because of our large community. Something is holding it back and I don't know what. LINK I'd love to see deeper spectating tools where a person could control the camera themselves. Or a proper theatre/replay system where you could go back and watch the match yourself. Also, I'd love to see a beginnenewb-friendly companion stream for big events. There's a lot going on in-game so having a stream that was being casted in a casual yet informative manner, explaining why and when certain operators were using their gadgets, would really help people figure out the ebb and flow of Siege. LINK
What's up Interro? You're one of my favourite casters just because of how off the cuff you are sometimes, yet still managing to follow the big plays and being the voice over of some of the most iconic clips. Really good work and I hope you the best. A couple questions: Firstly, what is your opinion of the change in narrative of the actual game itself. I don't know how into the lore you are, but do you think this shift from the White Mask story to more of a character driven (or rather operator driven) storyline will help to improve the game itself? (in terms of the events and character balancing. For example, if Vigil got nerfed there would be a cinematic of him complaining to Blackbeard, with him going "First time?" I know weird example and weird idea but IDK you probably have a better idea about this, you've been involved in the scene longer than I have) Secondly, are we experiencing an old guard/fresh face era as we move into Y5 on Pro League? We saw the new blood of Beaulo, Pino and Muzi showing up in SI whilst the venerable G2 roster failed to show up. Do you think we are approaching a time where the big names from Season 1 are getting washed up or are they still here to stay and take names (as seen by Canadian's performance) Finally, what do you think the map pools should be? Should they increase or decrease the number of Pro League maps? Should ranked have the same map pool as PL? Should any map be given the Bartlett University treatment? (saved on a hard drive, smashed to pieces with a sledgehammer and having the remaining shards ADS'd out of existence) Hope you have the time to answer my questions. If you don't, I don't really mind, just answer everyone else's. LINK To be honest I'm not much of a lore guy. I've really cared about the backstory about any characters in any game I've played. Lore doesn't really register to me and isn't something I really pay attention to. I think it's great that people can invest in the story and it makes for better art (comics, paintings, cosplay, so on) but it's just not my scene. So long as it doesn't influence balancing then I'm all for people fleshing out the history of characters in-game! I made a bold proclamation on Velly's On The Flank podcast a few months ago saying that by the end of 2020 that about half of the people who had played in 2018/2019 would have been cycled out. I'm not sure if it'll be quite that stark but we're definitely approaching a period on Siege's lifespan where talented players are very much replacing "the old guard" as you put it. We've been way overdue for fresh faces so it's nice seeing more come in. Personally I'd add Bank and Oregon to the 7 maps, bringing us to a 9 map pool. That'd be my dream. Ranked should mirror the PL map pool as I believe familiarity is key at the top level of play in-game. LINK
How does one become so incredibly handsome as you? LINK A strict diet of black coffee and avocado toast. LINK
Hey Interro! I love your casting and had a blast watching the past season of pro league, Six Invitational, and the Raleigh Major. Anyways, here are the questions. Q1: Once SSG won the Six Invitational and after Empire beat G2 at Raleigh, you delivered some truly great lines, such as "The Empire Strikes Back" and "The hammer head back to orbit, but it's home." Do you come up with these on the fly or do you save them up from the previous day or even before the tournament? Q2: What is your favorite esport to watch other than R6? LINK Q1: Depending on my schedule I usually try to work on them before the match. "The Empire Strikes Back" was one I had in my head right after Empire lost SI2019 and was fairly low-hanging fruit. The SSG line is one I'm not particularly fond of. I overthought it and ended up hastily putting it together during the match. I think in the future I'll try to be less rehearsed while still having something in mind for the final call. Q2: CSGO is by far and away my favourite non-R6 esport to watch. Smash is second. LINK
Hey Interro! You have got to be one of my favorite casters along with KiXSTAr. Both of you work extremely well. ​ Anyway, my question is what are your thoughts on the future of Siege and where Ubisoft plans to take it during the next 2 years, and possibly even further? Do you like what they're doing with the game or no, and if you want to change anything what would it be? LINK I'd like to see some minor balancing tweaks to a variety of operators while making some changes to the format of the game (plus more promotion for esports, please!) but overall I'm decently happy with how far Siege has come. I will agree that the defence has an over abundance of utility at the moment and would prefer to see some of it scaled back but I have no clue if that's likely to happen. LINK
How did this chance with KiX change your life? What would have you done if all of this didn't happen and you'd graduated at the university you were attending? Love to hear your voice almost every time I analyze a game to instruct my team on what we could understand and get better at by looking at Higher level matches, even tho we are in the little tournaments for now. Cheers! LINK Were it not for KiX I'd have graduated with a degree in Urban Planning and would either be pursuing a Masters or working away in some municipal planning office. One thing's for sure: I'd probably use Twitter way less than I do now. LINK
What are your plans with POWERHAUS Gaming? Are you thinking about making a Siege team for CL/PL? Edit: If you have one, who is your favourite operator? LINK POWERHAUS was founded to be a community hub, of sorts, similar to the old school Battle.Net clans from the StarCraft, Diablo 2, WarCraft 3 days. At one point we had aspirations of maybe seeing if we could turn it into a proper org, competing across multiple titles, but I feel more comfortable with our place as a T3/T4 community than trying to be world beaters. Every org wants to be the best so why compete with them? I feel there's far more value in giving people an opportunity to grow, gain responsibility, get recognition, and build their brand within our community as they move onto bigger and better things. All of the people running POWERHAUS have a deep love of helping others so our mission is simple: boost those around us so that they can be the best version of themselves. It sounds like a cliche (because it definitely is) but there's a lot of truth to it. It's our way of giving back and saying "thanks" for all the opportunities we were given as we grew up online. LINK
What do you think is the hardest part about siege to learn? LINK The flow of a map/map control. Learning the map is one thing. Learning how operators work is another. Learning how to drone, push together, refrag, use utility, execute or deny a plant -- these are all tough to learn but doable. Now put all of that together while managing the 3 minute clock effectively. That understanding of a round is far and away the most crucial aspect of Siege to learn. LINK
What was your least favorite meta in Siege? Personally, mine was when Glaz got thermal, Ash and him had 3 smokes nades a piece, and you were able to kill everyone without being seen in 1-2 shots. LINK The Ying/Glaz meta was far and away the worst meta we've casted. The Lion meta is a close second but it was at least unpredictable and exciting to inexperienced viewers due to the fast action. Ying/Glaz was literally the same multi-smoke execute where Glaz just slaughtered people from afar. LINK
Do you ever find yourself to be biased towards a team when casting a match? I imagine you'd be neutral towards most teams ( correct me if I'm wrong) but has to be hard to not cheer for a team during an amazing upset or underdog story. LINK I always cheer for the story and sometimes that may seem like I'm cheering for a team but I feel there's enough of a difference. Sometimes the narrative will change mid-match (see: NiP vs SSG at the most recent Six Invitational) and that can alter how you pace the match. Bias is something I try to consciously avoid as I think it can lead to lacklustre casting. Our job is to cast the match for everyone, not just one fanbase, so we have to make sure we're being fair with how we tell the match's story. Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are there will always be people accusing us of bias so we need to try our best to be balanced. LINK
Hey there Parker, I absolutely love your casting, I have a question for you, Did you choose kix as your co caster or were you guys just kind of assigned to one another? LINK I reached out to KiXSTAr upon recommendation from Talon (former Pro player from oS and Ronin) as I wanted to put together a 10-man tourney and knew KiX had ran a few somewhat recently. KiX and I became fast friends and after hearing my casting asked if I was interested in uprooting my life to cast Pro League in Poland. I was in a very unique spot where I was largely free of commitments so I said yes. LINK
Hey Interro, I love your casting, your voice and delivery is fantastic and the insight your provide along with Kix is usually super beneficial when translating it over to my own playing. Do you believe any operators should receive a buff to make them more viable, not just for PL, but for casual play as well, and if so, who? (Also out of basic curiosity, we just received a Tomb Raider crossover Elite skin. Any other operators you’d personally like to receive a crossover Elite?) LINK Honestly I don't see any operators that are in desperate need of a buff at the moment. I think Glaz could be in a better spot as he's still largely ineffective but he's awfully hard to balance. Finka being reworked would be ideal, too, maybe to more of an attacking Doc? I'm not too sure. As for crossover content: I've always wanted Sam Fisher in-game and Jackal seems like he'd be a great operator to have it. LINK
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