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Allan O’Brian

Age: 22
Homeworld: Malastare
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Rank: Jedi Knight
Appearance: Allan has reddish brown hair, fair skin, bluish-green eyes, and a roguish grin. He is 6 feet tall, and has a thin yet toned build. Unless traditional settings require them, he chooses not to wear typical Jedi robes, instead choosing more casual clothing. An obvious scar is prevalent through his left eyebrow, a gift bestowed by a dark jedi. The only thing that saved his life was the fact he had been wearing a helmet, which took the brunt of the blow. He also has several other small scars on his face and body due to other encounters.
Character Traits: Thanks to his rather humbled beginnings, Allan sees the galaxy and it's inhabitants as victims of their surroundings. Thanks in part to his position and power granted by the force and Jedi council, Allan views his purpose in the galaxy as safekeeping all who fall victim to the selfish wills of others. He thinks highly of himself, although his self image has been knocked a few times whenever he has tried to pursue romantic interests. He is quick to action whenever evil sparks against him, however his morality weighs heavy on him, and he wishes to never strike lethally if at all avoidable.
Strengths: Allan is an ace pilot, one of the best in the Jedi order. His spirit yearns to be among the stars, aboard some freighter, fighter, or any other starcruiser with a need to be flown. He chooses to be a negotiator, when possible, but if peace isn’t an option he’s more than willing and able to brandish either his lightsaber or blaster pistol. Years of training have left him a respectable duelist among his peers, and the admiration of his former Jedi Master. He is always trying to learn more about the force, but his busy activities as an active Jedi restrict the time he has to study.
Flaws: His passion for peace has the chance to get him in trouble, as he may seek to disarm opponents even as they are actively seeking to end his existence. Furthermore, his remarkable skill as a pilot has left him with an inflated ego on the subject, which not only can rub people the wrong way, but it could also leave him incredibly vulnerable if ever pitted against a better pilot. While an excellent pilot and dualist, he isn’t as well versed in the force as many other individuals. Tragic events during the Second Battle of Ossus have also left their toll on him, and with that comes a subtle want of revenge and occasional hesitations in the face of a crisis.
Lightsaber skills: Allan is versed in most of the traditional forms of lightsaber combat, however as he continues his training he has chosen to focus in form II, Makashi. The elegance and simplicity of the form always intrigued Allan, and after his shortcomings during the Second Battle of Ossus, he decided to specialize in this form while brandishing a shoto bladed saber, thanks to a modification installed on his preexisting emitter. With a shorter blade, Allan is able to draw his opponent in closer to him- right where he wants them for a one on one duel. So far, this form has proven effective for his needs.
Force Powers: Allan has trained and learned most basic force powers Jedi utilize. He however hasn’t shown proneness in any one area, much to his personal disappointment. His Master, a Togruta named Ada Varik, insisted he pursue an ability called psychometry, a unique ability which most Jedi are born without the ability to ever harness. He has shown some promise in the ability, sensing scars and memories left at locations through the force. However, even by this powers standards, he has fallen short. Still, he is very capable at most regular powers, including telekinesis, stasis, mind influencing, and to a very limited degree, force healing, taught to him by former fellow padawan and friend Volene.
Character items/ attire: Around the age of 10, Allan constructed his first lightsaber. The kyber crystal that called to him shone blue, as is common among young Jedi exploring the mountainous region near the Ossus temple. With it in mind he constructed a smooth silver metal hilt, simple in design. For years he trained with that blade, and eventually wielded it, until a violent encounter with a Dark Jedi during the second Battle of Ossus left the weapon scarred and damaged. After the battle he rebuilt the hilt, keeping most of the lightsaber the same, only updating the emitter so that it was able to seamlessly change from a standard hilt length down to the length of a shoto saber. Additionally, Allan always keeps a RSKF-44 heavy blaster strapped to his upper thigh. Despite how carrying a blaster seems sac religious for most Jedi, his constant work away from Ossus and occasional undercover work deem it necessary. He commonly wears outfits that make him feel comfortable, meaning anything that isn’t a tight Jedi flight suit or cumbersome Jedi robes. These long sleeved shirt, jacket, and regular looking pants outfits additionally help him blend in a crowd, hiding his presence as a Jedi while he’s out in the galaxy. He also has a set of armor from his days away from the Order, including a helmet, which helped him control his psychometric abilities. The helmet notably also could act as a breathing device in a vacuum and could filter out harmful toxins.
Drawings of Allan’s lightsaber hilt.
Ship: The Firefox is a heavily modified light attack freighter (OC) manufactured by a private investor within the PEC somewhere around 250 ABY. From bow to stern, it measures around 30 meters and hosts several levels. Near the front center sits the cockpit, with a viewport that showcases a large view in front and above the pilot. Aft sits a powerful (and illegal) quad gun turret, installed by Allan and his crew during a period of time away from the Jedi order. The ship hosts several other canon placements, as well as two large engines on the back placement of the ship. The ship is decorated with a red accent paintjob and many welded over carbon scoring marks.
And here is an internal view and accompanying descriptions of the ship.
Backstory: Allan was born on Malastare, a unforgiving mountainous world. His parents were young and devoted to their work, or at least that's what Allan remembers being told as a young boy in the orphanage. As a very young child he stayed in prestigious orphanages. With time however, he slipped out of the nicer units and into orphanages deeper in the dark shadows of Malastare's cities. It was here that he first worked for a dug crime lord named Recken. As a very young child, he managed to stay alive by pickpocketing and doing other petty crimes in order to get fed, and any leftovers he discovered he gave to the other children. His eyes were always kept high, watching starships fly up and away from the dusty, desolate city he was entrapped on.
By the age of seven however, he was stumbled upon by a Jedi knight travelling through the city and found to be force sensitive. He spend the rest of his childhood training on Ossus in order to become a revered Jedi Knight. He studied hard, and by the age of eleven he was chosen to become the Padawan of Jedi Knight Ada Varik. He had been older than most kids were in his Initiate class, and therefore it was harder for him to learn and trust from Master Varik. Additionally, Ada had been abandoned by her own Master years before, a Miraluka Jedi named Ciara. Allan and Varik would constantly clash, more so than the other Jedi who constantly made their acquaintances. It was during this period of time that Allan had his first real chances of piloting, under the guiding of Jedi Aces Oliver Redd and Anyyk Hodden. Allan’s struggles with fitting in with his fellow Padawans were ever present, as they had been since he was a late-found Initiate. Still, he tried his best, however cracks continued to form between him and the master who had chosen him.
Ada Varik and Allan O'Brian both tried their best, but due to their own shortcomings and experience at working as a fluid Master and Apprentice duo, they had a falling out on the distant Ring of Kafrene. Allan blamed Varik for his personal flaws and inability to further understand the force, and Ada was poorly suited to help the young Padawan through his frustration, instead turning her back on him and leaving the argument altogether. During the night, Allan took some of the relief credits bestowed by the Alliance for the mission and slipped away aboard a freighter. He was fifteen. Varik reported her failure to the council, whom officially put out a missing persons file out with the Galactic Alliance in Allan's name. Varik remained at the Ossus temple, of her own choice, meditating on her own personal failures and on how she could reunite herself with her estranged Padawan, as her own Master had failed to do years prior.
During Allan's travels, he fell back in the employment of the crime boss Recken, now an established leader of the Red Wasp gang. He began saving his money to purchase a starship of his own. One day, he and a group of fellow scavengers working under Recken discovered an old skirmish site in Mamendim system. Within the hanger of a decrepit cruiser was the most beautiful ship he had ever seen. Allan was afraid that Recken would claim it for his own, so Allan fudged the report to announce the cruiser empty. As soon as humanly possible, he hired a small scavenging pilot by the name of Crendiph Su to bring him back to the site to claim the ship for himself. The two got along phenomenally on the voyage, and after securing the ship into their possession they agreed to work together. Allan freed himself of any debts he had with Recken via the money he had been saving, and then he and Crendiph "Dip" Su began smuggling for any group that would let them. During this time, he kept his lightsaber and former identity hidden from all except his new friend Dip. It was during these years that he learned how to fire a blaster, and perfected his piloting aboard the *Firefox*. Recken remained their main employer, and they served him and others well until Allan was 18.
Allan quickly figured out that most of the work they were getting was to smuggle contraband in and out of the core worlds, which were heavily policed by various Warlords. Often the supplies would be relief and aid based merchandise, but occasionally weapons and illegal substances to support revolutions and rival power figures would also prove to be lucrative to Allan and Dip. After one such run, Allan accidently ran into a former associate of his from the Jedi order, the Twilek Padawan Volene. She and her master were undercover on the planet Coruscant, trying to scope out the situation as tensions rose in the system. Several Dark Jedi fled to the core following the First Battle of Ossus and the start of the Schism, although their numbers were still few compared to what was to come. Before Allan and Volene could interact much, they were jumped by a duo of power hungry dark Jedi, who had been tracking Volene after intercepting a transmission between her and her master. For the first time publicly in almost three years, Allan had to activate his lightsaber to defend himself. Together, Allan and Volene fought well, pushing the poorly trained human male back away from them and forcing him to retreat into the city. His Zabrak friend, amused by his accomplices shortcomings, gifted Allan with a hefty scar up his back in response. Still, before the hate filled Zabrak could finish either of the younger opponents off, Allan managed to gather his strength and fire a shot from his DL-18 right into the side of the Dark Jedi, whom also quickly limped away from the fight, before the Twi’lek girl he had been dueling could do any more damage to his injured self. Nearby civilian bystanders who witnessed the exchange helped Allan and Volene on their way. For several days, Allan and Volene fled across the massive metropolis and then through the core, pursued by the Dark Jedi they had battled and other minions of the local Warlord. During this eventful escape, interactions with Volene subtlily persuaded Allan that he could do much more help with the order than on his own. So, he returned to Ossus with the girl, and with romantic intentions.
Allan quickly found his former Master and the two reconciled, and together they went and faced the Jedi council. While the council wasn't impressed with either of the Jedi, they agreed it was the will of the force that brought the pair back together to complete Allan's training, especially since Ada Varik had proved righteous and valient during the First Battle of Ossus. Following this, Allan stayed on Ossus with Ada to continue his training out in the nearby countryside. Unlike the start of their training, Master and Apprentice now worked together in order to better understand each other and the will of the force. Master Varik helped Allan in his lightsaber combat, and taught him all that she had learned during her solace on Ossus awaiting his return. When he wasn't with Ada Varik, he was either spending time with Volene or training above Ossus once again with the Aces. Jedi Master Anyyk Hodden especially took a liking to young O'Brian, and the two trained together frequently. For what seemed like the first time in his entire life, everything seemed to be going good for Allan. Until the Dark Jedi returned to Ossus in an attempt to finish the Temple off once and for all.
As dropships filled with malicious former Jedi made their way towards the temple, 19 year old Allan O’Brian flew a T-10 Alliance Defender starfighter alongside other Jedi Aces in the skies above the planet, fighting back against fallen Jedi pilots. Sometime during the battle, Master Hodden and Allan's starships were both hit by the overwhelming numbers of Dark Jedi, sending both pilots down to the violent, battle torn hills below. Allan managed to set his ship down on a fairly flat strip, but it wasn't long before he was overrun by the invading forces. He fought as best he could, but his older and duel ready opponent easily outmatched him. Thankfully Allan's skills in Makashi managed to keep his assailant from removing any of his limbs, he was still knocked down and his saber was damaged in the duel. It was then that Anyyk Hodden made his sudden reappearance, striking the Dark Jedi down and buying Allan time to escape, at the cost of his own life.
Following the battle, Allan made ajustments to his saber, vowing to never let anything like that happen again. He built a new emitter, one that could easily slide between a full activated saber and a shoto blade. Fortunately, Volene and Ada both survived the battle unscathed, however the ordeal left Volene emotionally scarred enough that she no longer had time to spend her free time with Allan. Allan took her response as a de facto breakup of anything they had been building, whether that had been the Twilek girls intention or not. In a stroke of good fortune, Ada and the council were both impressed with Allan's bravery, and following the Second Battle of Ossus the Master and Apprentice began working away from the temple as they once had years prior. They joined forces with Allan's old friend Dip, who still ran the *Firefox*. After proving themselves time and time again as an effective team, the council began entrusting more and more dangerous intelligence missions into systems possessing known Dark Jedi or Warlords in an effort to learn what the Jedi and Alliance is Free Worlds were truly up against. At the Age of 22, Allan was finally promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight by the council, and his heroic actions both during the Second Battle of Ossus and the years following set him on a course to further the lightside of the Order as it pushed back against the corruption in the Core.
submitted by skylok007 to SWRPmeta

Government Surveillance: A Modern Day Writ of Assistance - Research Paper

Hello all,
As a freshman in high school I wrote a research paper on the subject of privacy intrusion by the United States government by means of the Patriot Act and programs like the PRISM program. I was initially hesitant to upload the paper as my teacher required the use of a plagiarism checker, however now that may freshman year ended a month ago, I am now sharing my paper for those interested to read it. It's about eleven typed pages, but worth the read, I promise.
For those who heard about the paper in the very beginning and wished me luck on the grade: thank you very much, and as for the grade--I got a 97.5, the highest in my class.
Here are 15 links to the paper as an odt file using Firefox Send. They each allow 100 downloads and expire after seven days. If more links are necessary, I will post them tonight or tomorrow, but to me 1500 copies seems like more than enough in the unlikely event this becomes popular.
Links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
I hope you're enlightened and enjoy!
submitted by MGFusion to privacy

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