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Top Secret: A Season 2 Fan Story

This is a fan story I made in honor of one of my favorite seasons, basically putting my own spin on the storyline, and I decided to share it here. Depending on the feedback, I may continue it. I’m flaring it as “Random” because honestly idk what else too put a story under
A man walked into a large room. He had gone through hell to get there. Countless traps and betrayals had finally led him to the heart of the tomb. The floors and walls were made of gold, and there were mountains of treasure all around. There was a path leading to the back of the hall. He walked down and arrived at the back, where a large throne sat in the darkness. Suddenly, the torches lining the walls lit up, filling the room with golden light. He could see that on the throne was a skeleton. The skeleton was made of pure gold, with a crown on its head and had a scar down its eye. He took a step forward and then its head moved. The skeleton’s fingers twitched and it slowly lifted itself to its feet. The skeleton looked down at him. It spoke not in English, but Spanish, however the man knew what it was saying.
Oro: Welcome, my champion. I am King Gold.
The man took a step back as the skeleton’s empty eyes bore into him.
Oro: Do not be afraid, I am here to reward you. No one else has survived my tomb, no one but you. You should be honored, and for your achievement I will give you a gift.
???: A...a gift?
Oro: Yes, a choice of one of my many treasures.
The man looked around at the treasure and back at Oro.
???: Is this a test?
The undead king laughed.
Oro: I suppose all choices in life are.
The man’s eyes fell on Oro’s throne, where a gold scepter rested against the seat. He took off his glasses and continued to stare at it. Oro turned and saw what he was looking at.
Oro: And consider your test fulfilled. Excellent choice my champion.
Oro walked back to his throne and brought the scepter over to the man.
Oro: This scepter bears upon it what some would call a curse. But in the right hands, my power can be used as much more than that. With this, you can build an empire, and empire where all that glitters will be yours. But first....
He swung the scepter, the blade on it sliced down the man’s face, leaving a deep cut down his eye.
Oro: There must always be a price for breaching my resting place, but consider it a small price compared to what you shall accomplish.
He held the scepter forwards and the man instinctively reached out and grabbed it. The pain in his eye started to fade immediately and he could swear his hands started to change color.
Oro: Henceforth, you shall be known as.....Midas, champion of the Golden King. Now go Midas, forge an empire worthy of my favor.
Brutus, Maya, Peely, Meowscles, and TNTina all stood together in a group facing Skye, who was holding a camera.
Skye: Alright, hold that pose and…..wait, where’s the boss?
She looked across the room and saw Midas slowly inching away from the group to the elevator.
Skye: Boss! Come on!
Reluctantly, Midas walked back to the group and stood next to Meowscles.
Midas: Agent Skye, is this really necessary?
Skye: Yeah! Today’s our last day together before we head out to our new bases! We might not see each other for a while and I want something to remember you all!
She set her camera down on a table facing them and ran to the group and posed as the camera’s timer went off. She looked at the photo and smiled.
Skye: Perfect!
The agents stood around the table in the center of the room and Midas turned on the map.
Midas: Right, time to assign bases. Agent Brutus, you will go to the Grotto, Agent TNTina, the Rig, Agent Skye you have the Shark. These three locations are currently neutral. Agent Meowscles, you will take command of my Yacht, and I will remain here in the Agency overseeing Ghost. Agent Peely, you will continue your solo spy missions and Agent Maya, you will remain here and await further instructions. You know your roles Agents, best of luck to you all.
The Agents left the base one by one and boarded boats and helicopters to travel to their new homes. Midas watched them leave and smiled to himself.
Midas: So far so good...everything is proceeding as planned.
Chaos Agent looked down at the men in suits standing in the parking lot of Steamy Stacks. Toxin stood to his right and Riptide to his left.
Chaos Agent: Greetings my new employees! I’m sure the trip here was disorienting, but rest assured you will find yourselves right at home here. My agents have already taken the liberty of assembling safe houses for you all to stay at while we prepare to make moves against Ghost and claim some real bases. Now go, for the glory of Shadow!
The henchmen walked towards helicopters and flew off, leaving one man standing there. He wore a long black coat and had a black mask and goggles over his face. Chaos Agent turned to Toxin and whispered to her.
Chaos Agent: Who’s this guy?
She shrugged and Chaos Agent looked down at him.
Chaos Agent: And you, Agent…..well, actually what even is your name?
Renegade Shadow: My name is-
Chaos Agent: Yeah no I don’t really care. What are you still doing here?
Renegade Shadow: You didn’t give me an assignment sir.
Chaos Agent: Oh...well as it happens there is one more Shadow Safehouse left! It’s this lovely little blue house in Salty Springs.
Renegade Shadow: Great! What kind of tech does the base have? And how many Henchmen?
Chaos Agent: Oh no, there’s none of that stuff. This base is too…..secret! We wouldn’t want any unneeded attention, would we?
Renegade Shadow: I suppose that makes sense…
Chaos Agent: It does! Now get going!
Renegade Shadow: Uh, are there any more helicopters or boats for me?
Chaos Agent: Nope.
Renegade Shadow: Do you have the keys to any of these cars?
Chaos Agent: No.
Renegade Shadow: I guess I’ll...just walk then.
Chaos Agent: That you will!
Renegade Shadow walked away down the street.
Chaos Agent: God what a loser. Riptide, I thought I asked for Henchmen, not some idiot in a ski mask.
Riptide: Sorry sir, I don’t know how he got sent in.
Chaos Agent: Oh well, at least now we have something to do with that house we got by mistake.
Midas walked down the hallway of the Agency to his office but stopped when he saw the door next to it open.
Midas: That’s odd….Henchmen aren’t allowed down this hallway, they use the back entrance.
He slowly crept to the door, reaching for his pistols. He looked through the door and saw a strange armored figure in front of one of the computers. His armor was black and detailed with glitching red lines. Midas raised his hand to his mouth and coughed, causing the man to turn around. On his leg was a red Shadow logo.
Midas: Ah...you must be Agent Scratch, another one of Chaos Agent’s failures. You’re supposed to be dead.
Scratch: S-s-soorryy to dis-ap-point.
Midas: Oh no, I’m glad. People like you, who manage to survive despite all odds, fascinate me. In fact, I want to offer you a job. Chaos Agent clearly doesn’t care enough about you to look for you so why not work for us?
Scratch: N-no th-th-thankz….I’m a-after something you ha-ave.
Midas: I can give him to you if you want.
Scratch: W-what?
Midas: 8Ball? I know you’re after him. It’s because of him you were damaged, right? I can give you his location and he wouldn’t even see it coming.
Scratch: Y-you’d s-sell out your o-own ag-ents?
Midas: If it means gaining a more powerful ally, then yes. If you join us I could even see if we can fix that glitching in you, doesn’t that sound appealing?
Scratch stared at Midas for a long moment.
Scratch: T-tempt-ing offer b-but I think I’ll have to p-pass…A-all of EGO...or G-Ghost is my e-enemy…
Midas: Very well.
He raised his pistols and Scratch slammed his fist into the floor. The ground beneath Midas’ feet glitched red and vanished, causing him to fall to the large table below. Scratch jumped down on top of him as the hole closed and kicked Midas’ guns away.
Scratch: N-n-nothing per-sonal….
He pulled his gun out and aimed it at Midas’ face but before he could fire, Midas pulled his gold knife out and thrusted it into Scratch’s stomach. The cyborg froze and his body flicked from black to white. Midas pulled the knife out and Scratch fell off the table on his side. His suit changed from black to white and the glitching stopped.
Scratch: At...last….an end to that pain.
Midas looked down at Scratch and lifted him up.
Midas: You were a loyal agent to your cause to the very end. I like that. You will be forever remembered in my...treasures.
As he carried the cyborg’s body away, he didn’t notice that his golden chair, which normally sat at the head of the table, was gone, along with a folder of documents. Outside, Renegade Shadow rowed a canoe away from the Agency, with the chair in tow.
Renegade Shadow: That’ll show you, golden boy. Look at that, I broke in and out of the heart of Ghost and took their boss’ chair without being noticed. And yet that fool Chaos Agent still thinks of me as nothing but some idiot he can just dispose of...oh no, I’ll show him, and when I’m done the Founders will realize who is more worthy to wear that mask and command Shadow’s forces.
He laughed out loud to the night sky as he neared shore.
A few weeks had passed, and both Brutus and TNTina had joined Shadow, however the Rig had blown up. Midas had received reports of large amounts of Shadow Henchmen moving to the Grotto, and knew that an attack was inevitable. He sat in his room, looking out the window at the glass sphere inside. He finished polishing his newly crafted ax, which he had named Golden King. He put his hand to his ear and radioed Meowscles.
Midas: Agent Meowscles, prepare your henchmen to move to the Agency, Shadow is preparing an attack.
Meowscles: You got it meowster!
Midas got up from his chair and walked towards the elevator. He stopped at the table next to the window and looked at the picture on it.
Midas: Don’t worry...your creation will not go unused forever.
Renegade Shadow walked into the cave entrance of the Grotto and scanned himself in. He walked to the meeting room and noticed that there weren’t any Henchmen around.
Renegade Shadow: That’s odd...where are all the people? Chaos Agent told me there was an important Shadow meeting here…
He opened the door to the meeting room and found it completely empty. He saw one of the Shadow supply chests was open and emptied. He approached the window and looked out of it. There were no Henchmen outside either, and the boats and helicopter were gone. He ran down to the vault and saw it was open and emptied.
Renegade Shadow: Damn you Chaos Agent….
Midas stood on the roof of the Agency, with three helicopters flying towards him. On the center one he could see Chaos Agent standing on one with his hands behind his back. From down the river, boats carrying Henchmen were speeding towards the Agency. Midas loaded his Drum Gun and opened fire on Chaos Agent’s helicopter, hitting the pilot and sending it spinning. Below him, chaos broke out as Henchmen clashed. Meowscles gunned down a Shadow Henchmen and saw Brutus approaching him.
Meowscles: I like the new suit, but isn’t the all black a bit hot?
Brutus: It can be, mainly why I stay in the Grotto caves where there’s AC.
Meowscles put his rifle down and Brutus folded his minigun up before putting his fist in his hand and cracking his knuckles.
Brutus: For old time’s sake?
Meowscles: You never could beat me, but it’s always fun to see you try.
The two ran at each other and broke into a fist fight. Agent Peely fired his pistol at a group of Henchmen but as he ran into the open he heard a loud gunshot and narrowly avoided a sniper shot. He turned to Maya and pointed up at the hill where it came from.
Maya: On it!
She reloaded her SMG and ran to one of the boats. She drove it towards the hill and ducked to avoid fire from the Heavy Snipers. When she got to land she ran into the bushes and threw out three Decoy Grenades. Once the Henchmen were distracted she snuck up behind them and took them out with her ax. She grabbed one of the snipers and looked down at the river. She saw a boat passing Weeping Woods and saw a group of Henchmen on it carrying RPGs with TNTina leading them. She aimed the sniper and fired a round at the driver, causing the boat to veer off course and crash into land. She turned her attention back to the Agency. The helicopter Midas shot down landed on the other end of the roof and a few Henchmen ran out. He aimed his gun at them and began to shoot through them. Once he was done he turned around and came face to face with Chaos Agent. He instinctively unloaded his clip into the thin creature’s chest, causing spurts of black liquid to fly from the holes. Chaos Agent staggered back and fell over.
Midas: Some powerful leader he turned out to be.
Chaos Agent then stood back up, coughing.
Chaos Agent: Got you for a minute, didn’t I? It’s gonna take more than that to take me down...but I’m not here to fight you.
Midas: All the Henchmen gave me a different view on your purpose here.
Chaos Agent: Oh don’t mind them, I just needed you and your men distracted long enough to talk.
Midas: And what could we possibly have to talk about? Chaos Agent: Partnership, of course! Look, I’ll get to the point here: I want to propose a merger. Ghost and Shadow need not be enemies, together we could accomplish so much!
Chaos Agent turned and looked down at the fighting below.
Chaos Agent: All this bloodshed is unneeded, we can put aside our differences and become something greater than we ever were separate! What do you say Mida-
He turned around and saw Midas swinging his ax at him. Midas severed Chaos Agent’s head and black ooze sprayed from his neck. Chaos Agent’s body fell off the Agency to the ground below.
Midas: Forgive me, Chaos Agent, you seem like a respectable man but I will let nothing deviate the course of this Agency, my plans are just too important for that.
He picked up Chaos Agent’s mask.
Midas: But I’ll keep something to remember you by.
He put his right hand on the mask and gold spread across it. He looked down and saw the Shadow Henchmen were starting to retreat at the sight of the leader fall. Brutus looked down at the body for a moment and was struck across the face by Meowscles. Brutus got to his feet and adjusted his mask.
Brutus: We’ll continue another time then.
Meowscles: I’ll be waiting.
Brutus ran to one of the helicopters and took off.
Midas placed Chaos Agent’s mask on his trophy wall alongside other masks and helmets.
Midas: Another fine addition indeed.
He walked to a long box and opened it up and placed his ax inside. He then heard a voice behind him.
???: I like what you’ve done with the place….though I feel it could use a bit more gold.
He turned around and saw Oro sitting on his desk, looking at him with his empty eyes.
Oro: It’s been some time, my champion.
submitted by stickninja1015 to SimplyFortnite

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  • Until Dawn PS4 £7.99
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  • What Remains Of Edith Finch PS4 £6.39
  • Wipeout Omega Collection PS4 £8.69
  • Xcom 2 Collection PS4 £18.74
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead War PS4 £19.99
  • Zombie Army Trilogy PS4 £4.04
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