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質問総合雑談スレ★6 @アニメ板

アニメサブレにようこそ!ここは雑談スレです 何がわからないことがあれば自由に質問してください。誰かが応えてくれるかもしれません また、アニメサブレにきてみてとりあえず書き込んでみたい・挨拶してみたい、などの雑談もどうぞ
★アニメサブレにようこそ。運用方針初めて方へを最初に見てね。 アカウント登録にメールアドレスは不要です。アカウント名とパスワードだけでOKです
★サブミ投稿(スレ立て)方法はサブミ投稿ガイドを参考に 「ニュース・画像・動画などを投稿する」(リンク投稿) 「感想や話したいことを投稿する」(テキスト投稿) アニメサブレではだれでもスレッドを立てることができます



→画像一覧 (Imgur)


ニュース 過去作品 感想 映画
新作情報 画像・gif 雑談 動画
インタビュー イベント 実況 ニコ生
国際交流 キャラ その他 運営









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だれでもスレを立てられます。スレ立てしてみよう! 失敗してもスレを削除できるので気軽にどうぞ
サブミ投稿ガイド https://www.reddit.com/japan_anime/wiki/guide_about_submit
アニメ関連の(1)ニュース、新情報(2)作品の感想(3)雑談、考察、質問 (4)実況(5)画像・gif(6)動画(7)アニメキャラネタなどどんな話題でもOK! 面白いネタなどを見つけたら、気軽に新しく投稿してください。 投稿大歓迎です!




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★japan_animeのルール等、自治関連の議論は自治スレッドでどうぞ MOD募集中です
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  • 注意事項 reddit利用時のルールやマナーについて。
submitted by crowea to japan_anime

AC:CHINA (based on own comment from diff. post)

This was a comment of mine from another post about one's ideal AC Game

Location/Era: Late Qing Dynasty China, around the same period when the black cross Albert Bolden was operating in Shanghai, there could be a mix of "new" western architecture and "old" traditional Chinese buildings. Cities leased to western powers or modern areas would have distinct features, whereas when you move to traditional Chinese areas, there would be tiled pagoda roofs and central courtyards. The naval aspect would be pretty much the same as Odyssey, with only small boats for traveling along rivers. Context could vary, you could be undermining foreign influences in China alongside revolutionary figures or you could be a medjay-esque figure, but now more of a wandering xia, now the last of the line in your martial arts school coming to terms with changing times and the fall of a Manchu dynasty.

Funny thing about China is, before the French had parcours des combatants, the Chinese had already developed a system of movement known as light arts (qinggong), which emphasized on several aspects of qi-gong (Breath-based cultivation of the body, think haki from Naruto or Hamon from Jojo), allowing the body to be light and nimble and perform urban acrobatics. It is still practiced today and many Chinese martial arts styles incorporate aspects of such acrobatics in their forms. The thing with Qing Gong however, is that the movements were not very developed, nor were they necessarily geared towards methods of escape or traveling from point A to point B as is the case in parkour. This allows the developers certain creative liberties in presenting qing gong.

I really loved the parkour up and down mechanic from Unity, and I am hoping something similar could be achieved here. However, for more dynamic movement, using the Bagua sequence to guide player movement around an obstacle could show even more dynamic directional changes that listen to player controls. Furthermore, this could also introduce some new animations for parkour movements, kind of like steep but dumbed down and for urban environments. A particular concept I had involves the chain assassination mechanic introduced in Odyssey, whenever a player throws a projectile weapon at an enemy, instead of immediately teleporting to the target location, protag will have slowed time and reach the target with parkour to pluck out their weapon, incorporating parkour into combat, not reaching the target in time would kill the player's chain kill streak.

The parkour mechanic could also be better integrated with assassinations, so that when you vault out of an window with an enemy immediately below it, or when you are coming off a ledge with an atwist, you can press F or left click to intercept and assassinate with some flair, with animations differing depending on your distance from the target.

Combat in odyssey was easy to cheese, stealth is no longer central to progression nor the most effective or fun way to play. Instead of adding new mechanics to the game, it is good to revisit old mechanics. For example the smoke bomb, arguably one of the most important tools in Unity. The hidden blade and the shoe blade (briefly featured in Chronicles China), would allow for the introduction of not only old ac combat, but also kick based combat, imagine alternating from kicks to punches like in Absolver for example. I propose that instead of the strong focus on weapon stats, it should structure the game with combat styles based on martial arts. Like in Chinese wushu with hard or soft styles, close quarters with minimal stance or large sweeping strikes with deep stances, (if you're not that familiar with how it may look). Guns would have to be featured due to the time period however, but perhaps the player character could have either isu-based POE protection or qigong.

Like in Odyssey, but maybe social stealth is encouraged , so that wearing civilian clothing makes you less susceptible or even impervious to detection in hostile areas, leaving the hood on could also do the same thing.

  • Political intrigue
  • Courtroom and legal shenanigans
  • More moral ambiguity from AC1, 3 and 4
  • Coherent story with minimal choices for dialogue (no different endings, justify minor differences as the ancestor forgetting things [they did this in the comics once])
  • Where the hell is Miles Jr.
  • Modern era map to explore, Hong Kong or Singapore?
tldr: AC China 3d late 1800s- early 1900s, you fight foreign imperialists, Absolver- esque open combat, Unity - esque stealth, hidden shoe blades, coherent story and traditional Chinese "parkour" (qing gong) and martial arts

feel free to plagiarise @ubi
submitted by matthaios_c to assassinscreed

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