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Fall of Cleveland 85 - The Forever Sleep by Lord Anubis

You feel yourself waking up.
Where are you?
Who are you?
You slowly open your eyes.
You can feel memories coming back to you.
A journey, a family, a...herd?
Now you remember.
You are, or were, Bowser, and you were a fluffy pony.
Not just any fluffy pony. The smarty friend of your herd.
You had lived your entire life in the forest. Your daddy, and his daddy, and so on, had all lived in the forest with the herd. The herd you had to take out of the forest when the Uncountable Herd came.
You remember running. There were so many fluffies. More than you could have ever counted. That's why you called it the Uncountable Herd.
They ate everything in their path. Even if your herd could have hid in the forest and let the Uncountable fluffies run past, there would have been no more nummies for you or your herd.
Then there would have been tummy owwies, then forever sleeps as babies and momma and mares and friends all could no longer endure the bad feels in their tummies.
Every fluffy was trying to find a place called Spaghetti Land.
You had never had spaghetti before, but some part of you knew it was tastier than all the nummies you had ever had.
But you never got to taste the fabled spaghetti.
Big white fluffies came out of nowhere, and began attacking all the fluffies.
They called themselves fuzzies. They were big and strong and fast and very quiet.
But they weren't as big or as strong as you.
You led your herd through the city, fighting anything that tried to stop you.
Your herd was so strong, few dared to challenge you.
But all your strength wasn't enough to save your Peach.
Peach, your one and only special friend...
You close your eyes again as the Sad Wa-Was crawl down your cheeks.
The last thing you remember is fighting so many fuzzies as your herd ran away.
Your son, Koopa, was now the new Bowser.
He was strong, and smart, and most importantly, caring.
He would be a better Bowser than you.
You fought and fought until finally, you fell.
So much pain, so much sadness, so much death.
You felt your eyes closing on their own.
This must be what the Longest Sleep feels like.
Like going to sleep after a long and tiring day.
But this time, Peach wasn't there to snuggle with.
To hold closely and hug, whispering to her how much you love her.
No herd to lay down around you, keeping everyone warm when the cold dark time winds would make everyone have the cold shakes.
They were safe, and that made you happy.
But you were still sad, because you had always wanted to take the longest sleep with Peach.
Hugging each other, feeling happy.
There is no happiness now.
Peach took your happiness with her to the Longest Sleep.
You just lie there for...you don't know how long.
Fluffies never have a good conception of the passage of time, you usually rely on the Big Sky Ball to tell you what time of day it is.
But here, there is no Sky Ball.
Not even Moon Mumma.
All around you are wisps of Sky Fluff that have fallen to the ground. It would happen sometimes in the forest.
The white Fluffies that floated in the sky would sometimes shed their fluff and it would float around through the trees, making everything hard to see.
You once tried shouting at the Sky Fluffies to not shed so much fluff, but the Old-Bowser laughed and said you were being silly.
”Sky Fwuffies too faw away, no can heaw us.”
The Sky Fluffies must have been gathering around here, because there's so much stray fluff, you can barely see your own hoof!
Everything's dark and gray, too, like it would sometimes get before the Sky made Wa-was.
You instinctively look for a place to take shelter in, but you don't see anything.
You scrape at the ground. It doesn't budge.
You just keep getting more and more confused. You could feel the Longest Sleep coming. You had so much booboo juice coming out of your fluff. The fuzzies were all over you.
So why aren't you still sleeping?
You look at the spot where the fuzzy had given you big owwies with a sharp clear thing, and you don't see an owwie anymore.
Not even any booboo juice.
You look all over yourself, and you can't find any owwies, even in places you had hurt a long time ago.
Wait, if you took the Longest Sleep, then that means this is the Longest Dream.
Of course! That's why your owwies are gone, and you're in a different place than where you died.
You feel excited at figuring it out, but your enthusiasm quickly dies out.
There's nothing here.
Nothing but Sky Fluff and hard ground.
You lay back down again.
This dream is poopies.
And you still miss Peach.
Can you sleep in a dream?
Come to think of it, you never actually tried it before.
You feel like you've been sleeping. For a very long time.
But you can't tell how long. Might have only been a little while for all you know.
You did just learn that you don't dream when you sleep in a dream.
So there's that.
You roll onto your back, your hooves dangling in the air.
You haven't done this since you were a foal.
At least by yourself.
Peach liked it when she got to sleep on your tummy.
She said your tummy made noises.
Thumpa thumpa thumpa thumpa thumpa and so on.
She would lay there, her head nuzzled in your tummy fluff, and let your tummy thumps lull her to sleep.
Such happy memories.
Thinking about them makes you sad again.
And aggravated.
”Wraaaaaugh! Bowsew bowed!”
There's nothing to do.
Nothing but sleeping and thinking about happy times that just give you sad feels.
You roll back over so you're standing up again.
Enough of just waiting here and lazing about.
Time to go find someone or something.
All directions look the same to you.
A dull gray fog of Sky Fluff.
No noises, except the noises you're making.
No movement, except for when you move.
No smells in the air, except for....
You sniff your hoof.
Then another.
Well that's just odd.
You don't smell like you used to.
Granted, you were kinda stinky.
It's what happens when you've lived in the forest your whole life and only bathed when you were too stinky for fluffies to want you to join the fluffpile at night.
But now you don't smell stinky at all. In fact, you smell kinda...nice.
You'll wonder about that later.
Since it all looks the same, you just head off in whatever direction you were facing.
Gotta be something somewhere, right?
Holy Moon Mumma, there is nothing here!
Yet again, you have no clue how long you've been walking.
You get the feeling like you should have gotten tired a long time ago.
And yet, you feel fine.
You don't feel even a little tired.
You could do this all day long.
And for all you can tell, you have.
”Hewooooooooooooooooooooooow?! Anyfwuffy dewe?”
No response.
Okay, that is it.
With an aggravated roar, you lower your head and charge forward.
You're going to find SOMETHING even if you end up running into it.
But only a little while into your charge, you see a bright light in the distance.
You divert course and continue your run, keeping your head up.
Just when you think you're about to run into the light, it bursts into an even brighter light!
You screech to a stop and shut your eyes away from the blinding light.
Using your front hoof as a shield, you try to look into the light.
You see a figure standing there.
It looks fluffy, but it's...different.
Not big enough to be a fuzzy, that's for sure.
But its wings are way too big to be a pegasus fluffy.
And they don't look like regular wingies, either.
They're like the wings of the Black Screechy Monsters that would fly around at night in the forest.
Wingy fluffies don't have very big wings, and they can't fly, though they would want to.
Whatever this thing is, its wings are very big.
The light finally fades away, and you can see at last.
It's definitely a fluffy. It has a pale orange mane and tail, and mostly blue fluff.
But on its right side, and down his front right leg, the fluff is entirely black.
It's as black as the dark times when the Big Sky Ball would go away.
It has huge black wings that make it look like a Black Screechy Monster.
Even with his wings sticking up, they still don't go higher than your eyes.
That reassures you a little bit. If this thing isn't a friend, you can probably fight it.
”Who yuu?”
The big wingie fluffy approaches you.
”Fwuffy name Mewcuwy. Am hewe to take you to fwuffy pwace.”
You take a step back.
”Mewcuwy? Fwuffy dat teww fwuffies of Sketti Wand? Make Uncountabwe Hewd come and dwive Bowsew hewd into meanie city? Make so many fwuffies haf owwies fwom hoomans and fuzzies and otha fwuffies?”
Mercury nods his head and stares at the ground.
”Mewcuwy sowwy, neva wanted fwuffies haf so many owwies, so much foweva sweep. Jus' wanted fwuffies haf safe pwace. Haf pwace wif' nummies, and pway, and no mo' be afwaid of munstas and tummy owwies. Nu mo' fwends taking foweva sweep, nu mo' babehs having sad feews.”
You stomp your hoof.
”Den Mewcuwy was dummy fwuffy! No pwace wike dat! Fwuffies neva haf pwace dat safe foweva! Awways haf wowwy about tummy owwies and sad feews!”
Mercury picks up his head.
”Dat not twue! Mewcuwy haf pwace whewe aww fwuffies be safe and happy! Nu munstas, nu tummy owwies, nu booboo juice, and no meanie hoomans!”
You can feel the rage welling up inside you.
If it weren't for Mercury, your herd would still be safe and secure in the forest.
Sure it was dangerous, and your life was hard. But you had your herd. And Koopa, and Peach...
Peach is gone forever.
And it's Mercury's fault.
Mercury widens his stance and flaps his giant wings.
”Den come afta me, Bowsew. Yuu neva catch Mewcuwy, Mewcuwy am fastest fwuffy eva!”
You charge at him with all your speed.
Mercury turns around and runs.
Holy Moon Mumma, he's fast.
You try to keep pace with him, but he's slowly widening the distance between you.
Another bright light up ahead flashes, and Mercury runs through it.
You duck your head down and shut your eyes so the light doesn't blind you as you charge through...
...and suddenly, you feel yourself running on....grass?
The ground, which had been perfectly level before, suddenly dropped down.
Unable to halt your momentum, you trip and tumble down the hill.
You roll to a halt at the bottom, and spin over so you're on your hooves again.
You see Mercury, but now he's too high in the air to reach.
Hold on, in the air?
Indeed, he's flapping his big wingies as he floats there in the clear blue sky.
Blue sky? It was gray and foggy just a moment ago.
You look down.
Yep, that's grass, alright.
Very soft grass, too. Not the thick tough grass that foals would sometimes complain about being too rough and not yummy.
”Wha you do to Bowsew?!”
Mercury waves his hoof.
”Wook awound, Bowsew! You hewe! Da pwomised wand!”
You take a gander at your surroundings.
It's rolling hills and meadows as far as the eye can see.
There are patches of forest scattered around. You can see a big lake, clear and clean.
And fluffies everywhere.
No matter which way you look, so many fluffies.
But something seems strange.
They're not fighting. None of them look hurt, or hungry, or in pain.
In fact, they all look....
Up in the sky, wingie fluffies are flying!
They're laughing and shouting excitedly at one another.
You never knew pegasus fluffies could fly.
Sometimes you'd see Peach look up in the sky, flap her wingies as hard as she could, then stop, a sad look on her face.
You watch, transfixed, as these fluffies fly through the air, barely having to even flap their wings as they glide, dive, and soar.
Two fluffies don't watch where they're going and collide in midair.
They fall very far to the ground, and hit with a thump.
No fluffy could ever survive a fall that high.
You've seen fluffies snatched by bird monsters that managed to escape their grip, only to fall to their death.
But to your surprise, the fluffies hop back up!
They tell each other they're sorry, give hugs, then flap their wings again until they're back up in the sky.
Looking down at the lake, you can see fluffies splashing around happily.
In the forest, you had to warn the foals that wa-was were not a place to play in, that fluffies who went too far into wa-was would never come back up.
But you see fluffies dive under the water, then come back up.
One gray stallion takes a big drink of wa-wa, then spits it playfully in the face of a mare with brown fluff.
She tackles him, and they both roll in the shallow wa-was, laughing and hugging.
”Wuv Bwandy!”
”Wuv Diwt!”
Throughout the patches of forest, you can see fluffies running and playing.
”Puffy gon' catch JayBee!”
”Nu uh! JayBee wun away!”
They keep running through the trees, giggling and playing tag.
Everyone looks so happy and carefree.
”See, Bowsew? Mewcuwy find twue Sketti Wand! Aww fwuffies safe and happy, neva' be afwaid of munstas ow owwies nu mo'!”
A fluffy runs up to you and gives you a hug.
”New fwend so big! Wan pway wif Bewwy?”
You shake her off, and she looks a little dejected. But that quickly passes as she runs off to play with somefluffy else.
Mercury lands on the ground softly and folds his wings to his body. “Hewe, aww fwuffies be happy. You happy now, Bowsew?”
You take a deep breath, then prepare to do something you don't do too often.
You look past him as something catches your eye, though.
Not too far away, you can see a giant patch of strawberry plants, all of them laden with plump, juicy strawberries.
Near the edge, her back to you, you can see a small pegasus mare picking a fat, ripe strawberry off the patch.
Her fluff is yellow...
You charge down the hill, hardly able to contain your excitement.
You manage to regain your composure before you bowl her over, though.
Peach was very frail, and you don't want to break her.
You slide to a halt right behind her and grab her in a big hug.
You sit on your backside and hold her close.
Peach is wiggling frantically under your massive hooves holding her tight to your chest.
You loosen your grip a bit and she slips out from under your hooves.
”Who Peach? Am Cweamsicwe! You new big fwend?”
Confused, you approach her and sniff her mane.
It doesn't smell like Peach.
And now that you're up close, you can see that this is obviously not Peach.
Her mane is orange, and the fluff is a little too dark yellow.
Creamsicle picks up the strawberry she dropped when you bearhugged her and offers it to you.
”Wan numimes? Stawbewwy is yummy an' sweet!”
You just sit there, tears welling up in your eyes.
”Nuu fank you....Bowsew no wan' nummies.”
Creamsicle just takes the strawberry and waddles off to eat it.
You walk away from the strawberry patch.
Just the smell of the strawberries is enough to make you feel so much sadness.
Peach loved strawberries, always wanted to eat them when your herd managed to find them.
You wish she could be here to share them with you.
The big patch of strawberries would have made her so happy.
You walk back up the hill, where Mercury is still standing there, watching you.
”Why Bowsew no happy? In Happy Pwace!”
You flop down on the soft grass, tears falling from your face.
”Nu wan'. Nu wan' soft gwasses, an' yummy nummies, an' wawm Sky Baww, an' awways be safe. Jus' wan' mah Peach....Neva be happy wifout Peach....”
As the fluffies all around you play and hug and nap in the gentle warmth of the Big Sky Ball, you just lie there, crying.
Mercury never leaves, just standing there, watching all the other fluffies play and you cry.
Some fluffies see you, and ask you what's wrong.
They give you hugs, they bring you some nummies, they try to get you to play.
A unicorn fluffy even tried to show all the pretty colors he could make come out of his horn.
But none of it makes you feel any better.
Without Peach, this is a Sad Place.
As you lie there, softly sobbing, you feel a sudden weight plop on your back.
You hear the soft sounds of flapping wings.
Too soft to be Mercury, whose wings are loud when they flap.
Must be one of the flying pegasus fluffies.
”Why you so sad?”
You sniffle. “Speshaw fwend not hewe. Bowsew wan' mah Peach. Onwy wan' Peach.”
You feel the pegasus fluffy hug you while still lying on your back.
”Why onwy wan' Peach?”
You sigh. How could you possibly explain how Peach made you feel?
”Peach was....diffwent. So wittwe, but so nice. She neva be meanie fwuffy, awways hewp hewd fwuffies, watch babehs when mummas need nappies ow nummies. When Bowsew wif Peach, Bowsew feew wike....wike....wike aww da owwies and saddies no can huwt Bowsew. Wike Peach da onwy fing Bowsah eba need to feew happy. But Peach not hewe in Happy Pwace. Is Sad Pwace wifout Peach. Wuv Peach.”
The fluffy on your back giggles, then rolls off and stands beside you, licking your tears away.
”An' Peach wuv Bowsew!”
You look down at her hoof, you only thing you can see without turning your head.
It's yellow.
A very bright shade of yellow.
You slowly turn your head.
Right in front of you is the smiling face of Peach.
Your special friend.
You feel more tears coming as your pounce on her, both of you rolling down the hill, hugging each other tightly and laughing.
For the longest time, you just lie there, joined by your hugs.
You smell her mane, and she smells just like you remember her.
Peach smiles and licks your face.
”Peach miss Bowsew, wait hewe fo when you come. So many fwuffies, so hawd to fin' yoo!”
”Is okay, Peach, Bowsew hewe now. Dis Happy Pwace now.”
Mercury, who has been watching the entire time, steps forward.
”You have happy feews, Bowsew?”
For the first time in you can't even remember, you have a smile on your face that won't go away.
”Haf Peach. Awways have happy feews when Peach hewe.”
Peach laughs and leaps onto your back.
”Dis safe pwace, Bowsew. No munstas, no scawwy fings. Nummies and wand fo' aww fwuffies! You no haf be smawty fwend nu mo! Jus' be Bowsew, be speshaw fwend. Wuv Bowsew.”
Mercury nods.
”Fowwow Mewcuwy. Show you Sketti Pwace. Big wed pwace haf so much sketti!”
You are Mercury, and you're standing on the edge of a cliff, watching all the fluffies below laughing and playing.
None of them are in pain, none of them are hungry or afraid.
Even the foals who can't find their mommies don't get too upset.
After all, there's nothing to be afraid of here.
And you've been guiding them here.
As many as you can find. In the Gray Quiet Place, there are so many fluffies that are waiting to be taken here.
You hear a noise behind you, and you can sense that he's here.
The one who originally showed you the way to this place.
He looks like a human, but he's made of white sticks, and he wears a big black thing that covers most of his body.
He told you his name was Haros.
At first, you thought he was very scary.
But he was a nice human....thing....
He took you from the Gray Quiet Place, that he called Styx, and brought you to this place.
He calls it Elysium. You call it the Happy Place.
When fluffies take the forever sleep, they wait in the Gray Quiet Place.
Haros finds them and guides them to this place, where fluffies can be happy forever.
The land magically grows enough food for all fluffies to enjoy.
There's even one place that has spaghetti!
It's just like the Spaghetti Land you dreamed of ever since you first heard the Magic Picture Box talk about it.
There aren't any rides, but that's OK.
A big, safe field like this is all a fluffy needs to be happy.
”Look at them. All playing, hugging, loving. Not a care in the world. It warms an old man's heart.”
Haros leans on the stick he uses to walk with.
It has a big sharp metal thing on the top.
He usually puts it away in the Gray Quiet Place. Fluffies tend to run away from the 'big sowwy stick.'
You can see Bowser and Peach lying on the grass, full and sleepy after a big meal of spaghetti.
Bowser is lying on his back, and Peach is lying on his tummy.
She has the biggest, sweetest smile on her face as she softly snoozes.
Even Bowser, who was always so big and scary and serious when he was alive, is smiling as he naps, his mind free of worry.
You smile. After all they've been through, they can finally be at peace.
You stop smiling and turn around.
A bright light opens before you.
The way back into the Styx.
”Haff go, fin' mo' fwuffies. Bwing dem to Happy Pwace.”
”You know, you don't have to help me. I managed just fine before, and a little bump in business isn't going to kill me. Heh heh. You could stay here with the rest of them. Eat good food, play, sleep, maybe find a nice mare or two, make some children you can help raise and be proud of. I think you've earned it by now.”
You shake your head.
”Mewcuwy teww so many fwuffies about Sketti Wand. Teww dem it pwace whewe fwuffies can be safe, be happy, neva haf owwies again. Haf to hewp dose fwuffies find dis pwace. It my fauwt dey in Gway Quiet Pwace. No can weave dem dewe when Happy Pwace so cwose.”
Haros smiles. You think. Hard to tell when he has no skin.
He kneels down and pets the black fluff on your right side.
The fluff that had been burned away in Cleveland, when it had all drowned in the earths and fires and waters.
The fluff that Haros turned black, along with your restored front leg and new wings, when you had asked him to let you help find fluffies in the Styx.
”You're a good fluffy, you know that? I've delivered more of you guys to this place than I could ever hope to count, but I don't think I've met one quite like you.”
You say nothing. You just open your wings and dash through the portal.
You sprint through the Styx, your wings flapping as your run, letting you run three times faster than you ever could without them.
You never feel tired anymore.
You could do this forever.
And you will, if that's what it takes.
You are Mercury, fastest fluffy who ever did live.
And now, in death, you'll run as fast and as far as you have to in order to find every fluffy here.
And when every fluffy has been brought to the Happy Place, and there are no more, only then will you stop running.
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