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JP media interviews with Yoshida (summary translation for all 4) Warning: Includes MSQ spoilers

Do not read this summary if you have not finished the MSQ for patch 4.4. *For those annoyed with the "spoiler" mouse over, all of them are hiding the same info :"what happened to them in 4.4" and the name/location of the 4.5 dungeon.
Main scenario quests
  • Spoiler. Mouse over to read will be spoken about during part 2 of patch 4.5.
  • The warrior of light will be at a turning point in patch 4.5.
  • Like the other .5 patches, the story will end with a cliff hanger where players will shout "You had to end it here!!" and all the answers will be in part 2.
  • The new instanced dungeon Warning - spoiler.
  • Characters from various nations will be involved in the battle.
  • Q. "Out of the whole FFXIV story, where is the climax of the patch 4.x story located at?" A. Let's say we called the story arc that started in 1.0 and the current flow in the MSQ the "Hydaelyn and Zodiark arc". We are about 60% of the way through that entire arc.
    Interesting conversations from the MSQ interview: Famitsu writer: I think we've come to a point where we can enjoy theorizing where the "pitch black traitors" (=shadowbringers) scenario is heading towards. This is just my assumption, but the keyword:Spoiler. Mouse over to read has enough energy by itself to hint at all these theories. Am i right about the future of the scenario revolving around this concept?
Yoshida: During part 1 of patch 4.5, you will see people trying to figure out why they are unconscious. On the other hand, the 2nd focus is the Eastern alliance with Doma in the center and how they are going to counter the empire's movements. Krille will join up to help the scions and there will be a huge focus on "what is happening here?". However, the answers won't be given until part 2, so you'll still need to guess.
Famitsu writer: So, the answer to the Warning - spoiler will be given to us in 4.5 part 2, instead of in 5.0?
Yoshida: It will be half and half. There might be questions such as "why is the warrior of light turning to the WoD?", "why are they unconscious?", and "Whose voice was calling us/them?", but finding these answers depends on how you interpret all the hints and keywords. Part 1 will add important scenes, but the answers to these sort of questions are basically more likely to be in part 2.
Famitsu writer: It's a nice place to be for a scenario lover.
Yoshida: The current schedule is, part 1 will be released on January 8th, then we have the fanfest in Paris, which is where we are going to show the latest teaser trailer. This trailer will have many scenes that weren't in the previous trailer and for me personally, that trailer is like another part of the story. The problem is, after you watch that trailer, you might be even more confused (laughs).
Famitsu writer: Is that so (laughs)
Yoshida: Then we have the fanfest in Tokyo, Japan. Just like Paris, we'll show the rest of the trailer that players haven't seen, and then release patch 4.5 part 2 right after. The marathon starts with patch 4.5 part 1, Fanfest in Paris, Fanfest in Tokyo, patch 4.5 part 2, and players should expect these 4 "bridges" to lead up to 5.0.
Famitsu writer: You're telling me, part 2 will answer most of our questions, but we'll get more mysteries that make us ask more questions?
Yoshida: Yes. I'd like you to wait for the 5.0 release in that state (bitter smile)
Job adjustments
  • They understand machinists and monks are sending feedback regarding the job's system itself, but a lot of those huge changes usually need to wait until the expansion and they are sorry to keep them waiting. They want players to understand with that in mind, that the final job adjustments for the 3 jobs in patch 4.5 will be about increasing their numbers (potencies) as much as they can. (Note: During the live letter, they said the devs were split into 2 factions when they decided this. One saying that "we should buff them even if it means nerfing them soon after in 5.0" and the other saying "We are going to rebalance them all in 5.0 anyway, so we should wait until then, because people will be mad that we nerfed them right away". This implies that machinists, monks and white mages will get buffs for 4.5 as a band aid, but they will be nerfed in 5.0 when they balance everything around the level 80 abilities)
  • However, patch 5.0 might change the jobs' mechanics and there is a possibility we will have to adjust those "increased numbers", depending on the entire balance of patch 5.0.
Blue mage
  • BLU is planned to be released 1 week after patch 4.5.
  • The BLU weapon's official name is "青魔器=aomaki" (which roughly translates to blue magic weapon, but we need to wait for the official translation, since they always give these fancy names). Don't worry about updating your weapon and just prepare armor and accessories. They share the same gear as other casters.
  • Their artifact gear (level 50 gear) will be a set of the level 50 weapon and a full set of level 50 armor.
  • There will be 49 blue magic spells in total at level 50, but they already have around about 128 spells developed and they are planning to add them in order in the future.
  • There are no set bonuses for blue magic, but there are combo-ish elements such as "use a certain debuff on the enemy" and "another certain ability that deals them a huge amount of damage".
  • There are cases where instant death debuffs work on some bosses (he said it in a way that implies the 1st or 2nd boss of that content).
  • The stronger the blue magic, the more MP it costs.
  • There are blue magic spells that can be easy to learn and difficult to learn. Some spells specify the location to learn it, such as "something in the sunken temple of Qarn".
  • Each blue magic has a different probability to learn. Every blue mage in the party can learn it at the same timing.
  • There are ways around, like learning higher level blue magic spells from a way stronger opponent by getting someone with a high level to carry you.
  • FATEs and treasure hunts can give you exp, but the exp you gain by beating normal trash mobs in the open world is WAY higher for BLU, compared to other jobs. Which allows you to reach level 20 pretty comfortably.
  • Apparently, it's really fun going to a dungeon with 4 BLUs. There are blue magic buffs that allow you to play like a tank.
  • The masked carnival has basic rewards like Gil, allagan tomestones and allied seals, and special bonuses for meeting certain conditions such as "receive 0 damage to beat it" and "beat it as fast as possible".
  • The rewards for the masked carnival this time isn't something that all players want, and instead rewards that blue mages (specifically) want.
  • There are no plans to have "beating the masked carnival" as a condition to enter specific content. Since this will lead up to BLU being involved in balance with the other jobs.
  • When the level cap for BLU is raised, higher tiers of "the masked carnival" will also be added.
  • The schedule for BLU's level cap increase: The next timing will probably be the patch AFTER 5.0 (implying 5.05 or 5.1). It might be difficult to expect the level cap to reach level 80 during 5.0.
Interesting conversations from the BLU portion of the interview:
Game watch interview:
Game watch: I was there when you announced BLU at NA fanfest, but after everyone was hyped, i started to hear confusion in their voices.
Yoshida: I always had a safety net when i talked about BLU and everytime someone asked about BLU, i said "Well, we can't implement it in the normal fashion. BLU is about learning", but of course, everyone doesn't read interviews.
I got the community teams around the world to investigate players' reactions to BLU and over 70% of them were positive. Louder voices tend to stand out, but when you check all sorts of social media, the investigations have shown that most people are looking foward to it. Whichever way, players will get to find out for themselves and as someone who test played it over and over again, i can guarantee it's a fun job.
Game watch: If you form a premade party, can you participate in all level 50 content?
Yoshida: There's some content you can't join.
Game watch: How about Coils of Bahamut and Crsytal tower?
Yoshida: If you have a premade party, you can enter coil. You can also enter the crystal tower if you have 24 people in your premade party (alliance).
Famitsu interview:
Famitsu writer: What made you decide to add Blue mage?
Yoshida: When we release an expansion, we have discussions about what jobs to add and in the end, we are left with a bunch of plans and after the Battle system team gives their opinions, I have the final decision. Even though BLU came up as a candidate multiple times, it became one of those jobs we can never add to "FFXIV".
Famitsu writer: Why?
Yoshida: Because the charm of enjoying the process of learning, is stronger than just using everything you already have as your job. In previous FF titles, there were a lot of players who cleared the game, then went back to learn all those moves from monsters and ignoring the scenario (laughs). On top of that, those moves they learned were really out of balance and deliberately so.
Famitsu writer: True that.
Yoshida: After debating over BLU as a candidate until the end of time, with the special trait where BLU's game play differs so much from the other jobs, we all came to a conclusion that BLU should be about "learning". In that case, other jobs are all the same and just learn everything by just leveling, but BLU won't fit into that pattern. If this was any other job, we could make up excuses and ideas to "force it to feel like BLU" by making it run like the usual FFXIV job, but the fun "learning" process which is like solo play in a way, was just difficult to bring to life without having "solo content".
Famitsu writer: So that's the reason behind it.
Yoshida: If we made BLU a normal job with party play in mind, there was a high risk of other players forcing you to bring certain actions, but a BLU who doesn't have the learning process isn't something we can call a "blue mage". These are the reasons we scrapped the BLU idea in the previous expansions. But after Stormblood was released, the number of players didn't staggedrop, and instead increased. This was when we started thinking "We shouldn't stay in our cage and be bound by the word MMORPG. Instead, we should treat it like an Online game that has all sorts of content". By positively and flexibly creating content to make it more "fun", all types of people with different interests can enjoy it. Rather than never implementing it because of stubborn reasons, we decided to base our challenge around "how fun the game play" is. In order to prevent the need to "worry about all these problems and obstacles (note: Like how will it work in a party? Will this be too strong? We can't have over 25 actions because of hotbars, which means less variety)", we narrowed down our concept to "it's fun to play".
Famitsu writer: How did the staff react?
Yoshida: The dev team responded with "In that case, i can go all out" and "Okay then, let's do it!!!!!!!" It reminded me of how i ignored the story and how i was obsessed with learning abilities. I think that's where the fun in blue mage was. With that being said, i was satisfied with learning all the abilities and didn't use it anywhere (laughs).
Famitsu writer: The process is what's fun (laughs)
Yoshida: If we were to implement BLU as a normal job, there would be restrictions like "I can't raid until i learn all my new moves" or "I can't go to dungeons because i haven't learned those AoEs". You might think "I'm fine with that" at first, but you have to do that for every expansion. Everyone else is farming while you are learning to get to the startline, and it ends up being just annoying. Then what happens? The world fist teams won't use BLU. That doesn't mean we can just let BLUs have magic with extremely tilted synergies, because then BLU just becomes mandatory. If we are put in that situation where BLU has to be treated as a normal job, you won't be able to play BLU the way it's supposed to be fun.
Famitsu writer: I think so too.
Yoshida: For example, BLMs learn fire II at level 18, but BLUs end up not having an AoE action and have to go to learn it. Let's say you do go and learn it after farming the mobs, but if it deals the same damage as BLM, that's just extra work for nothing and troublesome.
Famitsu writer: Why not just have a BLM use fire II (laughs)
Yoshida: Yes. When we create content, us devs think 2 to 3 steps ahead of what players end up reaching in the end. The obvious "Just learn them during job quests and make it look like you learned it" was expected, but then the question "Why does it even need to be a blue mage then...." arises.
Famitsu writer: That's not learning at all (laughs).
Yoshida: It all comes down to, If you try to please everyone, somebody is going to say "This aint no blue mage".
Famitsu writer:I can already smell a "don't interpret learning like that".
Yoshida: That's also one of the reasons why we couldn't implement blue mage. Our conclusion was, we may as well make it into solo content that you can enjoy on your own, and that way, FFXIV can have jobs that leap over bounderies and have a wider range of game play and we should run through with it.
Famitsu writer: Does that mean "limited jobs" came after blue mage?
Yoshida: Near the end of development, we thought "what should we call these?" and the lore team gave us a simple and easy to understand name, which was the "limited job" and we went with that one.
Famitsu writer: I should have asked this earlier, but what is blue mage's main weapon?
Yoshida: The cane. You can auto attack with it, but blue magic is its primary damage source.
Famitsu writer: Do we need to participate in content to collect weapons?
Yoshida: We designed it so you aren't forced to do so. Unlike other jobs, the BLU weapon doesn't have any stats on it. If it did have stats, you would end up going to dungeons over and over again. BLUs have restrictions to "queue with randoms", so it will just be stressful. We made BLU share gear with other casters and BLU's strength comes from INT on armor and accessories, so BLU has higher stat weights compared to other jobs. By using the same gear as other casters, you can focus more on the learning process and we designed it in that way. Of course, we have job specific gear and you can obtain those from job quests.
Famitsu writer: In a previous live letter, you mentioned how "BLUs aren't good at party content" or something along the lines, but you can team up to learn blu magic right?
Yoshida: There's some content that will display "BLUs cannot join this content", but you can form a party to go learn magic from dungeons and primals.
Famitsu writer: What about normal dungeons?
Yoshida: If it's a fixed party before you queue, you can participate. We've tested dungeon content with 4 BLUs and we had more fun than we anticipated.
Famitsu writer: Is there any content where BLUs run ouf of breath or especially have trouble?
Yoshida: It depends on the magic you have learned, but you should be able to fight very well. I'm not sure what you meant by running out of breath, so it's hard to answer, but there are buffs that allow you to fight like a tank. I think you'll understand it much better when you actually play it.
Famitsu writer: I meant running out of MP when i said "run out of breath". Will BLUs be MP inefficient to the point where they run out of MP if you spam blue magic?
Yoshida: If you just set random blue magic, you will end up like that because the stronger the magic, the more mp it costs. There is however, the fun of finding out combinations between different magic. Like applying a certain debuff and another certain attack to deal huge damage. BLUs are magical ranged DPS, so they can use role actions like lucid dreaming. I'd like players to enjoy playing around with their kits, rather than playing to gain rewards. You can do some insane stuff like killing a dungeon boss with "Doom" (note:the enemy dies after a countdown).
Famitsu writer: What's the masked carnival like?
Yoshida: It's like a puzzle game with monsters. It's an arena where you fight through phases 1~3 with different types of monsters. Some only have 1 phase and others have 3 in a row. The key is what combination of blue magic allows you to wipe out the monsters in the most efficient way.
Famitsu writer: Can you be a little more specific?
Yoshida: Masked carnival will be released with 25 stages to start with. Each of them are independant battles with monsters. Sometimes you fight multiple monsters at once and some are 1 on 1s. Like i said, there's a max total of 3 phases per battle and you can find out the data on each fight from the UI menu. It has the monsters that show up in each phase and it's resistances and weaknesses. The masked carnival is all about using a maximum of 25 spells to win through the fights.
For example, Phase 1 from a certain stage has fire resistance and weak to water. You watch out for their "fire elemented attacks" and fight by using water elemented magic, but then the 2nd phase is weak against fire and has total resistance to water. If you only have water elemented spells, you can't through the 2nd phase. So, you check the UI for the masked carnival beforehand to see what spells you need to set to win through all the phases. Obviously, if you don't have enough spells needed for the fights, you need to go and learn them. You win through by coming up with your own set of skills for each fight. (note: you have people saying "people are just going to watch guides and it'll be over", but that can be said about raids too and that's your own choice, especially in solo content)
Famitsu writer: So the game play changes depending on the fight.
Yoshida: Yes. it's not just a simple battle against monsters. There are cases where you use objects in the arena to fight. Our aim is to provide game play that we haven't had in this game before with a job we haven't had before.
Famitsu writer: Will the masked carnibal UI show us all the neccessary elements to beat the fight?
Yoshida: Like i mentioned, all the neccessary information is given to you prior to the fight. BLUs also have a "Blue grimoire" where you can check all your blue magic. It starts off empty, but each magic lists the region you can learn them from, so you guess "this should be learned from this enemy" and go to learn it, or of course, sharing/finding the information on the internet is important too.
Famitsu writer: Are we getting the next BLU update any time soon?
Yoshida: BLU was actually planned to be released during patch 4.4. If we released it then, we would have raised the level cap to 60 when patch 4.5 drops, but instead, we thought it was better for players to use all the time between 4.5 and the expansion to enjoy BLU. That's why the BLU system itself is ahead in schedule and we have already have more magic ready.
If we raised the level cap when 5.0 comes out, people would have too much to do from the MSQ, leveling their main job, and leveling BLU on top of that, so we are currently thinking the patch after 5.0 would be a better timing for the level cap increase.
Famitsu writer: That's what to be expected from Aizawa (lead battle designer).
Yoshida: Yes. When he designs a system, he always plans ahead and paces the schedule with the future in mind. If he didn't organize and plan blue magic in advance, there might be magic they won't be able to implement because of that. So, even if we aren't releasing them right away, to finalize the base/core system, he has plans for the far future. It sounds easy on paper, but it's actually extremely difficult and i'm proud of him being able to do that.
Famitsu writer: Are you going to update the masked carnival as well?__
Yoshida: He'll probably add new tiers alongside with the new level cap for BLU. The vague picture is "new challanges that you can't clear without the new high level blue magic", but it'll be boring if it turns into a pattern, so he might create a different type of content. That's all i will say now.
Famitsu writer: Let me PvP with BLU in the future.
Yoshida: Some people in the dev team also said that (laughs). I understand you are concerned with the BLU system, but you can do all that after actually playing it. "Fun to play" and "Play to have fun" are concepts that makes this job seem like a console game, but it's brushed up to make you feel "I'm using a proper new FFXIV job". Jumping into content with friends who are all BLUs is damn fun, so when you're not doing the masked carnival, please go enjoy this and that content as BLU.
Game watch: Will BLUs catch up to level 80 during 5.x?
Yoshida: If we keep raising the level cap with that pace, us developers and players will all faint (bitter smile).
Four lords: Seiryu
  • With regards to what's going to happen to "Koryu", it will be revealed, and of course, they do have the ending to the story ready.
  • Those who played FFXI will probably be satisfied with how Tenzen lived in the FFXIV world.
  • Seiryu is an ikemen (good looking guy).
  • This will be the last trial (note: He said "last 蛮神 = last primal", but the 4 lords aren't primals so he probably meant trial) for the patch 4.x series.
  • To answer the question "Why aren't we getting Amaterasu? (note: the only primal out of the 3 we haven't seen in 4.x. The other 2 are Susano and Tsukuyomi) ", he said Amaterasu's art direction was too similar to Lakshmi, so that idea was gone in the early stages of development.
  • Yoshida personally felt like the ultimate move phases for Byakko and Suzaku were too long, so he told the young devs in charge of the primals (who like challenging new things) to keep that in mind and Seiryu was created after he told them that.
  • Seiryu's rewards will be the weapon, a rare crafting item like other primals for the chocobo armor and a tabletop housing item (note: and the dog).
Eureka: Hydatos
  • The "high-end public dungeon" in Hydatos has a limit to how many players can join "during one attempt" (He said that the limit isn't 144 players), and first you need to "set it up so you can enter the dungeon", and each player who wants to enter also needs "the right" (some sort of condition) to enter the dungeon after it's up. Having a limit to the number of players who can join during one attempt, means that it will take a long time to win the fight, and he wants players to understand that "this portion of the content" isn't mandatory to enjoy Hydatos. It's literally the final end content for those who are up for it.
(Note: To avoid confusion and to add context, here's the translation for the whole Hydatos conversation)
Yoshida: Once you start upgrading your weapon in hydatos, it's temporarily, but you won't be able to reroll stats until you finish the hydatos upgrade. Once you finish upgrading the hydatos weapon, you'll be able to reroll stats again so please don't worry. What impressed me the most was, players were really quick at noticing that "a certain amount of stats is guaranteed" after continuing to reroll. Aiming even higher is upt to your luck, but we made it so you don't get stats that are too terrible (note:like 0~1000 everytime, instead of the guaranteed 400 after getting 5 stats for the first time)
4gamer: I'm curious to find out what the lowest stat can be, after reaching 5 stats. I also have trouble deciding when to stop rerolling.
Yoshida: I know (laughs). Anyway, the concept of Eureka is to "break the balance", so you will be able to carry over substats from pyros to hydatos. You'll be able to enjoy Hydatos, including the end of the Eureka story, just like the previous zones. So, we expect most Eureka players to enjoy it up to that point.
4gamer: The problem is after that point...
Yoshida: Yes, we organized "the public dungeon" as end content for those who finished the whole story and this will be really hard, so i don't want players to force themselves to do it...although i know players will end up trying to reach for it.
4gamer: Nah, everyone'll go. I'm interested in that, but i'm also curious if there will be upgrades to our armor, or if we can get new ones.
Yoshida: No updates are involved, but there will be Eureka armor with original graphics. The IL/stats will be usable (note:the context here is, it might not be the best but enough to use in other content) and each role will have its own armor. We designed the armor and weapon as a set, so it will shine really brightly...Like a walking fluorescent lamp. Even if you're far in the distance, you'll be able to notice it at night and feel safe (laughs).
4gamer: The pyros weapon is already pretty shiny.
Yoshida: The glow will be different from the previous equipment in the game. Imagine an Illumination. I'm curious to see the players' reaction, so please give us feedback (laughs).
4gamer: Illumination...sounds like it'll stand out too much (laughs). Back to the topic, I'd like to hear about the public dungeon. Is it something where all 144 players join and fight?
Yoshida: No, the maximum number of players that can enter won't be 144. You also need the right (note: like a ticket) to enter. Other players who want to join after you "create this entrance", also need to have the right to enter.
4gamer: That situation and right....sounds rather difficult.
Yoshida: Yes, it's "end content" after all and we designed the conditions to enter, a little "peaky". With the "exploratory mission" type of content, we are fine with it being "time to win". The more you play and the more you retry, the more chances you get to fight and win. We designed it that way and the "public dungeon" is an extreme example of pushing that concept all the way to its limits.
4gamer: If the amount of players who can enter is limited, it seems like Logos actions will become important.
Yoshida: You'll probably need to hold onto/carry a ton of logos actions to clear the dungeon. The type of logos actions you have will change the difficulty of the fight. If you're serious about beating the dungeon, you might need to choose the right ones.
4gamer: Sounds tough. Are we continuing to have 50 logos actions total?
Yoshida: We'll be adding a little, but not too many.
4gamer: Is there a limit to how many people can enter?
Yoshida: Yes. There is a max to the amount of players who can enter per challenge. The fight will most likely take a long time to clear and if you really want to win, please make sure to be prepared with an open mind. We have a lot of time between 4.5 and shadowbringers too, so.....
4gamer: You're looking that far into the future and expecting it to he a long run (laughs).
Yoshida: I'm expecting players to take a long time to come up with a proper strategy and to go through with it. This is because 1, you're first bound by the "conditions" to enter and you need the right to enter and 2, because during the early stages of progression, one mistake will lead to a fast wipe.
4gamer: Wipe...Of course, there are death penalties right?
Yoshida: Well, you get kicked out if you wipe and yes, the death penalty too.....................
4gamer: Why did you suddenly become silent there? (laughs) I hope someone can raise me when i'm kicked out. So it comes down to, a wipe = gameover?
Yoshida: Yes, you will need to gain the "right" again before you try again. It's clearly not somewhere casual players would want to go. I'm sure there are players who are fine with taking time to take it down and slowly progressing, but __it's a raid and you have a high chance of receiving a death penalty. Which makes players really anxious, so i really advise players not to force themselves to do it.
4gamer: It sounds harder than i imagined, but Hydatos as a whole is balanced around the same as Pyros and Anemos, rather than Pagos isn't it?
Yoshida: Hai. The public dungeon i spoke about isn't really a part of Hydatos if you ask me. Hydatos concludes just like Pyros and Anemos. The "public dungeon" is for those who have done everything else in Eureka and have nothing else to do. The weapon upgrades and the story can be done without touching the public dungeon, so please don't worry. You can casually enjoy Hydatos like the other Eureka areas.
4gamer: Understood. By the way, can you nerf Pagos? That's the biggest hurdle right now.
Yoshida: The nerfs to pagos will be in patch 4.5. We are gradually going to nerf it after that too, so please wait.

End of the Hydatos portion of the interview. The Hydatos summary below will have overlapping info, so skip to the Orbonne part if you have read this part.

  • In order to beat the public dungeon, you will need a ton of logos actions. They will be adding a few new ones, but not many.
  • They assume it will take some time until someone beats it for the first time.
  • If you totally fail, you might get kicked out.
  • There will be Eureka armor with original graphics, but you cannot upgrade it like the weapon. The stats are pretty okay and each role will have different armor (like Pyros). They designed the armor to go with the final step of the eureka weapon, so it WILL glow and be really shiny (note:he said it's not like the glow that other gear in this game has). They will glow like the lights on a christmas tree and he's curious to hear feedback on the glow.
  • Pagos will be nerfed in 4.5 and they will continue to gradually nerf it further.
Orbonne Monastery (24 man raid: Return to Ivalice).
  • The story quest that leads up to accessing Orbonne has a lot of volume.
  • He warns players that If you skip this part of the quest, you will end up losing 1/3 of the surprises included in patch 4.5, because there's a "super impactful" scene
  • To make sure you don't skip that scene, he advises players to remove their ESC from their keyboards and the cancel button from controllers.
  • "There's some important dialogue that you cannot rewatch in the inn, so if you have the slightest interest, read each letter".
  • Yoshida cried during 2 scenes when he was doing the scenario checks for the 24 man raid.
  • After each cutscene, the dialogue between each of the NPCs in the airship changes, so he advises players to check that out too.
  • If they include the epilogue, the scenario for the 24 man raid might be even longer than part 1 of the MSQ and the cutscenes are also well-made.
  • The "Ivalice fans" might be pleased with the amount of references to those series, when they talk to the NPCs after they clear the content.
  • The "Nu mou" race they announced for 5.0 will not show up in the Return to Ivalice scenario.
  • The soundtrack will be from the "Ivalice Alliance" series (FFT, FFXII, etc)
Famitsu writer: You added proto ultima to Dun scaith in patch 3.55a, but will we be able to obtain accessories in the same way in 4.55?
Yoshida: Not this time. The reason why we added those accessories back in 3.55a was for players to get their gear ready for the expansion, but that whole process is unnecessary this time. If we added a proto ultima type of element, players will feel the need and be forced to do it, so i told them they don't have to add it.
Rival wings 2: Hidden Gorge
  • Rival wings 2 will be implemented in patch 4.55.
  • There will be a new mechanic "Goblin Yojimbo (=bodyguard)". The tides will change depending on who the goblin bodyguard sides with. He mentioned that "Lamebrix Strikebocks" (from A10, Pyros and now RW2) will show up in the area and he will side with the team that dealt him the most damage. This bodyguard is extremely strong, so you'll need a group to bring him to your side. This goblin will show up and throw all these mechanics at the enemy.
  • Just like Rival wings 1, the robots you can summon will have limits to how many you can summon during one game.
  • The fight near the end of the battle will basically be true chaos and players should enjoy it way more than Rival wings 1.
  • They asked him what the mount reward would be, but Yoshida just answered with a "lol".
  • They will temporarily close "Astragalos" (Rival wings 1) when they implement Rival wings 2:hidden gorge. This is so everyone flows into the new map and improve the queue times. After players become familiar with both modes, they are considering bringing RW1 back and put them in a roulette.
Merging TP and MP in 5.0
  • It's more about "removing TP", rather than merging TP with MP.
  • Invigorate and tactician will be removed.
  • They are going to have a huge revamp for role actions as well, so there might be parts that feel totally different.
  • They don't want to add more actions (note: The context here is, they don't want to fill up the hotbars), so there will move actions that are removed or merged with other actions.
  • They've also already decided the direction they are going with "resistance down" type of actions.
TP and MP conversation from the interview:
Famitsu writer: You said you're merging MP and TP, but it feels like quite a drastic decision. Can you please tell us why?
Yoshida: To simply put it, melee jobs aren't fighting caring about their TP anymore. The only time they do care is, after they are revived and the dev team is balancing the game around that, meaning that TP is no longer a part of the strategy. However with MP, if a healer continues to randomly cast spells, they will run out of MP. If you add raise to the menu, it makes it worse. Players manage their MP with lucid dreaming and actions like mana shift to support them. TP and MP have gone down 2 different paths.
MP has a reason to exist because managing your MP is a part of skill, but TP has totally lost that purpose. Now that sprint doesn't use TP, the TP bar is just floating there because it feels like it. You rarely run out and new players won't understand why it even exists.
Famitsu writer: Maybe.
Yoshida: Even though it has lost most of its purpose, it's still in your face and it just adds something that new players wonder what it's for and also makes the UI complicated. If that's the case, we simply thought it was better to merge it with MP.
We wanted to make resource management as simple as possible. Because you need to keep track of DoTs, GCDs and timers on abilities while fighting, we thought it was necessary to make the base system simple and instead, have each of the jobs be more different from each other. This direction was important when we were making new actions and we thought "we don't need tp anymore".
Doman Mahjong
  • The mahjong rule they're using is what you commonly see in Japan (Riichi mahjong).
  • They added all kinds of tutorials for beginners, because they knew a lot of players would be new to mahjong.
  • They designed the mahjong UI window to be independent, so it's easier for you to see your own character.
  • You can chat during mahjong.
  • With full cooperation from a certain company, they used the mahjong engine that has shown good results in the past.
  • You basically don't need MGP to play, but you will be rewarded with MGP when you beat an NPC.
  • RL mahjong items might be considered if people request it.
World visit system
  • The world visit system is planned for patch 4.57 ~ 4.58, which is several weeks before shadowbringers is out.
  • Some players are worried about not being able to return to their home world if they visit some other server, but there's a "border" for how many "visitors" can enter a world (note: during the live letter, he explained how, even the max number of visitors doesn't interfere with people from the home world, because it's a completely different bracket), so you don't need to worry.
  • They will prioritize players from the home world when you return, so unless the server is totally full, you will be able to play comfortably.
  • You don't need gil to visit another world.
  • Additional features they want to upgrade: They are fighting hard to somehow do "something" with the delivery moogle, but they are struggling.
  • You wil not be able to use Free company actions while you are visiting a different world and you won't be able to activate them either.
  • They are totally expecting the economy to change after the world visit system is implemented and there will probably a few waves to change it.
Other info
  • They will be adding rewards to all kinds of content in 4.5, but the Gold saucer will especially be where you can get a lot of them.
  • Just like in patch 4.3, you will be able to upgrade your crafted battle gear (ilv380) in 4.5. Some players cried about accidentally obtaining the Normal quality item back in 4.3, so there won't be any NQ upgrade items this time.
  • The majority of housing items will be those designed by the contest winners, including the home gardening set and the fat cat sofa.
  • The extra beast tribe story will be implemented in patch 4.56.
  • The probability of getting sent to the lost canals of uznair won't be touched in 4.5 (note: you currently have a higher chance of opening the new portal and they said they might revert it to 50:50 in the future)
  • It's not much, but they will be adding some new rewards to the lost canals of uznair.
  • Rewards will be added to the submarine voyages.
  • Adkiragh will provide the highest rewards out of the 4 custom delivery NPCs and the other 3 will provide the same amount. You will also be able to change his outfit, so you'll finally get to see what's under that pig/swine head.
  • There will be small additions to rewards for red/yellow scrips, but it's nothing major and it won't include gear.
  • They are trying to allow players to hold about 8 cross-world linkshells, but they are still not sure if it will be implemented in patch 4.58 or 5.0. They are intending to make players switch from linkshells to CWLSs in the future.
Source: JP summary + links to the interviews: http://blog.livedoor.jp/umadori0726/archives/54645648.html
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Simple Radar 5.0 is out - updated with cleaner look & callouts

Hello there fellow CS-players and redditors.
Today I'm here with an update on the future of SimpleRadar, the much beloved radar replacement, that gets rid of... well, the original CS:GO radar. Some of you might know me already from previous SimpleRadar posts here on the Subreddit, but for those that don't, here's a quick introduction:
My name is Miroslav (or AREDONE online), and I joined SR almost 4 years ago as a project developer. Since then I have learned a lot, especially about what CS:GO players really want (which is... well a lot more than I thought to begin with).
So when I was asked by one of the Discord users in our SimpleRadar server, if I wanted to do a collab with some other people, I said "yeah why not". That's how I got in touch with the guys over from TL;DR (those guys that run a CS:GO newsletter)
Together with @itscrash_ (one of the founders of TL;DR), I decided to revamp the project and together we came up with lots of automizations to make the production and future updates of the radars much faster.
What's new?
Besides a faster process, every single radar was re-drawn from Photoshop to Illustrator as vector artwork. Not only has this improved quality and clarity but we can also scale each image indefinitely without loosing quality - potentially making posters, stickers, Displates or billboards (lol) from them in the future.
At this point, after going through a complete revamp, I have decided to make SimpleRadar a part of the TL;DR team. It doesn't change the fact that Simple Radar is FREE and always WILL BE.
Most notable changes are that the logo changes, and the website had a refresh since it's hosted with by TL;DR now, but other than that not a lot is different. If you download from the landing page, you'll be signed up to their twice-a-week CS:GO newsletter, but if you don't like it you can just unsubscribe. If you stay subscribed, I am also going to email you any updates to the radars.
I'm honestly very proud to present you with this update because unlike others.. the possibilities that lie ahead are just so interesting.
Look forward for more!

Download Simple Radar 5.0

Download here using password: gooseman


This update - version 5.0 - we are releasing today features:
  • Callouts have been re-designed with new font, sizing and placement for improved legibility
All maps
  • Fixed disappearing lines and most flickering walls and patterns
  • All objects re-drawn for clarity
  • All outer and inner walls have been re-drawn for clarity
  • Thickness and spacing increased on all elevation patterns to remove flickering
  • Fixed lower vent offset
  • Fixed orange pattern in connector


Will I get VAC-banned for using Simple Radar?
No. Simple Radar is NOT a third party program or considered a cheat. It's simply a modification to your game files similar to updating your config.cfg for game settings or styling your HUD.
Will this get me banned on FACEIT or other sites?
NO, it will not but if you are participating in professional tournaments, please be sure to check the rules for entries about "Custom Data". In IEM tournaments for example, you are not allowed to change the HUD.
Only FaceIT has officially approved it in their rules.
Will you publish other languages?
With our new setup, we're really considering it. Let us know in comments what you'd like to see!
submitted by aReDoNeHD to GlobalOffensive

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