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Standardized Uptake Value - an overview. Redeem code Reclaim your game. Total Annihilation Commander Pack. Serial 111-111-1111 Auth key 4eb1-2301 -corel draw 10 D10NR-3284253T76 Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 6.0 - CDKey: 400-06660777 AuthKey: VAUTWE or s/n: 400-12345678 CDKey: T4ED6P. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2020 320 kbps File release of Total Annihilation on Discogs. I havent crashed yet after a few games so looking good.

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PSA: A2C Class of ‘21 Essays Presently Suck. Here is what all of you need to do differently and you don’t need a coach to improve

This might belong on one of the off my chest subreddits and is long but if you don't get it after reading this tome of a post, then no one can help you and you might as well burn the application fees on steam games and sweets.
I thought I was fed up before so I wrote the previous post. Little did I know y'all would do it to me again but 10x worse. Now, I'm mad as hell. TLDR at the bottom.
You people do not get how admissions officers do their jobs. I think if you could truly empathize with this, you'd be better off. All of you. I've given you all the information you need for this but now it's on you to apply it to your situation. Time to listen, kids. For real and for your sake. Accept the truth. I think of the hundreds of essay ideas I've reviewed here, maybe 2 have been good. That's right. 2. The rest are basically garbage.
So don't think you're the exception. You're not. For kids that are so smart on paper, I'm just so disappointed by the lack of initiative to grow and learn something for once. Do better guys.Throw your pride out the window if you want to get in this cycle, especially if you're asking for aid. I can take a horse to water but it's on you people to drink it.
I'm disturbed that you guys are not receiving and internalizing the good advice here and you want the quick fix. In your minds the quick fix is an example essay from someone else. Not relevant and not a good approach. Be rational and think about this logically? Was a masterpiece painted in a day and a carbon copy of something else? No. No. No. Stop taking shortcuts. Stop looking for instant gratification.
You all think your ideas are still good. They’re not. The pride kicks in. I spoonfed you a curated list of steps on what to do and read and then you guys say you need sample essays in order to understand, ignoring all the previous wisdom that is out there. I would have died and gone to heaven to have this back in my day and you guys just toss this away.
For the love of god people, you do not need examples. This is not a math problem. There is no right answer but there are good approaches and bad ones that don't help your case in admissions.
Read the post thoroughly and read the brainstorming post I've written and others here on the sub or on the web more broadly (yes, I said web) Brainstorming for Dummies is what I should repost it as.
Rant over. Moving on to new content. Listen and learn. None of it is truly new, I just copied it from the links in my other post. Everything you could ever dream of is already on this sub, guys. This is the only part of your application that you have total control over at this point. Can't change your circumstances, race, or years of ECs, the school you go to, or how you couldn't take the SAT / ACT this year. This is on you.
Since many of you struggle with clicking on links, here are some tips from parents of CC. These are legit insights. I did not edit these so it’s quoted essentially. It’s in your interest to follow this advice if you’re not working with a pro and DIY’ing this. Do not debate this especially on the mental health part. It is debated on cc if you click the link in my other post so go view the drama over there. Take it as a nugget because I keep getting the same damn question over and over. Read this before you read the previous post.
Bottom Line: don't have more than 2 adults review your essays, ideally those that are aware of the college process and what good writing looks like.
“· The admissions officer reading your essay did not write the prompts. Their goal really isn't to know the answer to the prompt. It is to know you.
· The question they are trying to answer is what else is there to you that doesn't show up in the rest of the app that should make them want you on campus? The essay is what makes you 3D to them. It is a chance to show them what makes you tick and what could make you a positive addition to their campus.
· Sure, you need to loosely answer one of the prompts. But figure out what you want to tell, then fit it to a prompt.
· Those poor admissions officers read hundreds of essays on the same prompts every year. Unless you have a whale of a sob story (immigrant boat people or homelessness type big), my advice is to look for something positive to write about. Things that seem huge to a teen (secrets about sexuality, overly religious parents, abusive parents, etc) are not uncommon themes, but also don't really make you stand out in a positive way.
· The admissions officer has to meet with the team and make a case for you. They'll shorthand you as they debate it -- it is probably better to be the "kid who loves reciting Chaucer " than the "depressed kid from Connecticut".
· Teens are notoriously terrible at judging the quality of their essays and how they will come across. They are also awful judges of whether any humor they've included is funny to an adult. Get an adult editor who has some understanding of the admissions process.
· Here's another tip: be likable in your essay. Colleges want to admit people they like.
· A Columbia admissions officer once said that your essay should be so about you, that if it fell on the floor without a name, a classmate could pick it up and identify the author. If you are all about your mental illness, then write about that. But if you prefer to be identified by some other attribute of your personality, that is probably a better topic.
· The point behind an admissions essay is to "sell" your application-- to give the adcom a chance to see you as more than just your statistics, to separate you from others with identical qualifications.
· I'm not convinced that it's the best time to point out anything which doesn't "sell" your application.
· No one is suggesting hiding mental health issues. But the suggestion is simply that this particular time and place may not be the right one to highlight it.
· Attention to all teens: The person reading your essay and deciding if YOU will get into their college is an adult. No generational difference can erase the fact that, unless you are a great writer (bearing in mind that the vast majority of teens are not great writers), the college admissions officer is primarily interested determining if you can succeed at that college, and if you fit in. The adult reading your app is protecting the bottom line of the college: keeping students in school, who help fill their coffers. If that adult feels you don't measure up, especially because of red flags in your essay, he/she isn't going to admit you. You are selling yourself, so give them a reason to say yes.
· This is a time when you should consider your audience carefully. They ARE judging you. Even a millennial admissions officer is tasked with something of a gatekeeper role to identify students most likely to succeed in their environment. Pointing out the reasons you might not succeed, might add drama to campus (they do NOT want drama on campus), or cost the college more in services, is not helpful.”
WilliamTheReader case study example from the AO's perspective.
I have realized something. Many of you have been really overrating the quality of your essays, or you just have no idea what top colleges are looking for. This is concerning to say the least. So, as the deadlines are approaching, I want to give some insight on how essays are actually evaluated. This is critical advice that I'm not seeing anywhere else on the internet, and it comes mostly from my experiences on the other side of the table as an AO. The main takeaway is that essays are the single most important factor on your application, excluding outside factors you can't control (race, HS, hooks etc.)
The first thing you have to understand is that there is only one universal goal that a top admissions essay has to accomplish: to make the AO like and root for you on a personal level. No other universal rules exist. That is the only guiding principle, everything else is dependent on the AO
If I reject the 36 ACT 4.0 superstar, I lose nothing. If I accept him/her, I gain nothing. This is dangerous, because now we have a wealth of kids to pick from whose fate affects us in no way. It's January 2nd, 2019 and I'm starting to read applications. I'm going through the applications for my region and read Applicant A. He's a USAMO qualifier, he tutors at-risk kids, he is captain of his state championship debate team. But he writes a really sort of average common app essay. Well my enthusiasm for him is only going to be so-so not because I choose not to be, but because I genuinely don't remember anything about him ten applications later. But, he still gets to make it through to the next round because his accomplishments are really strong and he scored a 35 / 3.95 UW.
So his application comes up in committee. I, as his regional counselor, am responsible for pitching him. I stand up and tell my colleagues about this academic superstar, accomplished leader in his community, family oriented role model. I then explain his common app essay. I say all of this in sort of a matter-of-fact prose style. I try to be enthusiastic but faking it is hard. I get no reaction from the rest of my colleagues because 1) I personally am not enthused by the essay, and my lack of enthusiasm is very apparent and 2) his common app objectively sounds generic. Well, none of my colleagues are going to throw their weight for a kid who I myself am not crazy about. Also, nobody gets fired if we reject this superstar. We vote. He gets half yes's and half no's and he ends up in the deferred/waitlist/rejected pile. I don't personally care about this applicant, so I don't vote to appeal his case in the next round (which is something AOs do if they really love a kid that gets voted down).
Then, I pull up the next applicant file. Applicant B, a girl with lower scores and worse ECs than Applicant A. I visibly get excited, as I had been anticipating this profile all day. This excitement translates immediately to my colleagues indirectly (as any room of people would) and the intrigue starts to build. They're wondering, what's got WilliamTheReader so excited? I tell this story about this sort of average, haven't done anything noteworthy applicant. I have an outline for what I'll say because I've been thinking about this particular case for a while. I describe the common app essay and how it made me personally feel, and even quote one of the more profound lines in her conclusion. Her supplements are well crafted, vibrant, and create a full picture of her. Everyone in the room can tell how passionate I am about this girl, and since I work with them everyday and there's some level of respect/office politics going on nobody thinks it's worth it to fight against me. We're all veterans, and the first rule you learn about committee is to pick your battles. We vote and she thus gets 0 no's (and therefore all yes's), and she gets the acceptance. This sequence of events has happened multiple times every single day of committee, for every admissions office at every elite school in the country, for the past 20-30 years. As you can see, a bad pitch can ruin a good application, but a good pitch can really make the difference for a so-so application. Average essays ruin top applications, strong essays boost average applications.
u/minigolflyf said it well: Don’t be afraid to annihilate your baby (essay). #5 https://www.reddit.com/ApplyingToCollege/comments/fxxlv2/essay_advice_from_a_stanford_2024_admit/
Congrats on making it til the end. Do better. Everyone that has PM’d me. Read this because I’m not going to repeat myself. We need to have more meaningful conversations going forward if you want my help.
TLDR: I'm disturbed that you guys are not receiving and internalizing the good advice here and you want the quick fix. In your minds the quick fix is an example essay from someone else. For the love of god people, you do not need examples. This is not a math problem. There is no right answer but there are good approaches and bad ones that don't help your case in admissions. Was a masterpiece painted in a day and a carbon copy of something else? No. No. No. Stop taking shortcuts. Stop looking for instant gratification. Essays matter a lot. As u/williamthereader said, “Average essays ruin top applications, strong essays boost average applications.”
Edit 1: wow! I’m so glad this rant is getting read. Hopefully the angry approach gets the message out. You guys really don’t need any editors unless you feel it’s what you want. People keep asking about where to find the two adults to edit but that’s if you really need one and most don’t. People whose native language isn’t English would probably be the case where I’d have a native speaker review it for grammar but they probably don’t need to be adults for that purpose. Hope that helps
Edit 2: thoughtful DM questions are encouraged and all of those that did not get a favorable message last time, should say hello and share what you’ve got more recently
Edit 3: whenever a post gets traction, the haters come out. I definitely don’t care but let’s clarify some things. If you feel bad after reading real advice from parents and William referred to here, you need to reassess yourself and why a forum post can make you feel this way. None of this should demoralize you. It should inspire action. “My essays probably suck, however, this is 100% in my control. therefore, I can do something about it by starting with knowing my audience.”
Edit 4: although there is a small contingency of haters that have totally taken the conversation away from the point, I’m encouraged by the response of the intended audience for this post... that is, the ones that can handle tough love. Don’t get distracted by worthless discussions on whether I’m qualified ... to copy and paste advice from pros already on here for your convenience ... and my ethnic background. None of that noise changes the fact that you all should keep working on your essays keeping the adult reader in mind. It never ceases to amaze me how productive conversations on here inevitably veer off topic with a small contingency. No win situation so it doesn’t bother me but I’d hate that someone unfamiliar with this sub gets caught up in the drama and misses the message. If you have a problem with me, PM me rather than clogging up the comments with garbage the keeps repeating itself. You’d be better off making a meme for Wednesday honestly. You won’t hurt my feelings but I will only respond if you make a truly intriguing point. Thank you.
Edit 5: It might be helpful for some of you to know what the goal of this post is. This is not a standalone post. It is part 2 of this one with the two articles I liked the most copied and pasted into this on rather than accessing via link https://www.reddit.com/ApplyingToCollege/comments/i3z50e/guys_tbh_your_essays_suck_redeem_yourself_by/ These are also a collection of links from the wiki so if you didn't read that, then you don't have the context. I don't see the point in trying to come up with my own ideas because the ones I am showcasing are the best of the best out there and they're all underpinned by the fact that you need to consider your audience. Your perspective MAY NOT be interesting to an adult so make sure it actually is before you click submit.
It also references the brainstorming post, which encourages specific exercises and having you dig up others from the sub, Mattie's techniques and Scholargrade https://www.reddit.com/ApplyingToCollege/comments/hfzhy7/specific_fun_prelim_summertime_college_essay/
Most ideas that I've seen don't warrant a thorough response. My time is limited and this is free. You get what you pay for. My assessment is whether I think you're on the right track, whether you need a coach, and whether you have something that will stand out to your intended audience IMO. I would never share an essay with anyone for free if they're not someone you know like a teacher.
Please stop sending me essays. I don't evaluated them. I'd charge for that but I have no interest in making money from A2C so I can remain independent. Some of you that don't need college counseling services can go with my "poor sister" however your draft needs to be far along by the time you work with an editor. I've been having her take on pro bono clients too so I can make sure she is good enough. I've chosen 2 students already but there are 3 more that I will choose too.
Do not expect something super detailed for free. Be grateful that someone knowledgeable about the process is giving you a greed or red light on your idea in their opinion. I have hundreds of kids and I noticed a trend that most did not take their audience into account. I wrote a post that I hoped would address the issues I kept seeing because my time was wasted and all of you were making the same errors. That post didn't get enough traction so I had to step up the snarkiness to get the message out. I have no regrets and haters inevitably show up when something gets read.
There are also a lot of kids that are trying to monopolize my time. I can't give you much given the queue. Take the opinion or not. I'm not the be all and end all and I'm a good sounding board. It's on you and you really shouldn't care what anyone thinks besides you for your final draft. It's about finding the right idea that you guys need to work on now.
It is insane that people (aka special snowflakes armed with a closet full of participation trophies) are so sensitive. Toughen up. If that post makes you feel stressed, then there are bigger issues that you need to deal with. The intent is that it's free advice that was collated from our very own sub and a competitor forum that did indeed have a good thread for once because I am noticing that things get missed if you have links only. This is out of the goodness of my heart, I'm not making money from you like others on here so be grateful or downvote it, and move on with your life. It's your prerogative.
Edit 6: Thanks for the massive bump in followers. All the controversy seems to help in that department oddly enough.
Edit 7: All previous submitters of their ideas need to resubmit their newest to me OR talk about your understanding of audience and what you intend to do going forward. I said this before but the conversations I'm having are not very meaningful for me to participate in and I'm tired of repeating myself, so please make it worth my time or you will get a minimal response with a yawn emoji for instance. Respect my time please because you get what you pay for and no one here is paying. I'm saving you time and money should you choose to work with a coach or editor when you come to them with a good idea already in your pocket.
submitted by icebergchick to ApplyingToCollege

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Golf With Your Friends 2.8 TF2 $5.32 PayPal -
Graveyard Keeper 0.5 TF2 $0.96 PayPal -
Grim Dawn 2.3 TF2 $4.39 PayPal -
Hand of Fate 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PayPal -
Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.03 PayPal -
Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition 5.3 TF2 $10.06 PayPal -
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 1.7 TF2 $3.18 PayPal -
Hitman Absolution 1.5 TF2 $2.89 PayPal -
Hitman™: The Complete First Season 1.8 TF2 $3.42 PayPal -
Hollow Knight 3.6 TF2 $6.87 PayPal -
Homefront: The Revolution 2.1 TF2 $3.88 PayPal -
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Digital Special Edition 1.5 TF2 $2.78 PayPal -
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 0.9 TF2 $1.68 PayPal -
Hotline Miami 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PayPal -
How to Survive 2 0.6 TF2 $1.09 PayPal -
Human: Fall Flat 1.0 TF2 $1.92 PayPal -
HuniePop 1.3 TF2 $2.38 PayPal -
Hurtworld 3.4 TF2 $6.48 PayPal -
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 0.7 TF2 $1.32 PayPal -
Hypnospace Outlaw 1.6 TF2 $2.99 PayPal -
I Expect You To Die 0.5 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $0.97 PayPal Refer To My Other Thread Humble Fall VR Bundle
INSIDE 2.0 TF2 $3.81 PayPal -
INSURGENCY 1.6 TF2 $3.07 PayPal -
Imperator: Rome Deluxe Edition 0.4 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $0.82 PayPal Refer To My Other Thread Humble Choice (November 2020)
Imperator: Rome 0.4 TF2 $0.84 PayPal -
Injustice 2 1.0 TF2 $1.89 PayPal -
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PayPal -
Into the Breach 0.6 TF2 $1.17 PayPal -
Iratus: Lord of the Dead 1.9 TF2 $3.51 PayPal -
Jurassic Park: The Game 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PayPal -
Jurassic World Evolution 2.2 TF2 $4.08 PayPal -
Just Cause 3 XXL Edition 1.6 TF2 $3.09 PayPal -
Katamari Damacy REROLL 1.1 TF2 $2.06 PayPal -
Kentucky Route Zero 2.4 TF2 $4.52 PayPal -
Kerbal Space Program 1.1 TF2 $2.12 PayPal -
Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.44 PayPal -
Killing Floor 2 0.8 TF2 $1.47 PayPal -
Killing Floor 0.4 TF2 $0.74 PayPal -
Kingdom Come: Deliverance 4.2 TF2 $7.91 PayPal -
Kingdom Rush 0.5 TF2 $0.99 PayPal -
Kingdom: New Lands 0.7 TF2 $1.33 PayPal -
Kingdom: Two Crowns 3.8 TF2 $7.13 PayPal -
LA Noire 2.8 TF2 $5.35 PayPal -
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes 1.0 TF2 $1.82 PayPal -
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Premium Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.74 PayPal -
LEGO Batman Trilogy 2.5 TF2 $4.77 PayPal -
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 0.5 TF2 $1.03 PayPal -
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 0.6 TF2 $1.04 PayPal -
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 0.5 TF2 $0.98 PayPal -
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga 1.3 TF2 $2.42 PayPal -
LEGO® City Undercover 1.0 TF2 $1.82 PayPal -
LEGO® DC Super-Villains Deluxe Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.48 PayPal -
LEGO® DC Super-Villains 1.3 TF2 $2.51 PayPal -
LEGO® Jurassic World™ 0.7 TF2 $1.29 PayPal -
LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers 1.0 TF2 $1.82 PayPal -
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 1.0 TF2 $1.82 PayPal -
LEGO® Ninjago® Movie Video Game 2.0 TF2 $3.73 PayPal -
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens 0.8 TF2 $1.5 PayPal -
LEGO® Worlds 2.0 TF2 $3.82 PayPal -
LIMBO 1.5 TF2 $2.77 PayPal -
Layers of Fear 2 1.9 TF2 $3.67 PayPal -
Lethal League Blaze 1.0 TF2 $1.93 PayPal -
Lethal League 1.0 TF2 $1.81 PayPal -
Life is Feudal: Your Own 0.6 TF2 $1.08 PayPal -
Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) 1.7 TF2 $3.27 PayPal -
Little Nightmares 1.1 TF2 $2.05 PayPal -
Lords of the Fallen Game of the Year Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.33 PayPal -
MAFIA III 3.1 TF2 $5.77 PayPal -
METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience 2.5 TF2 $4.77 PayPal -
METAL SLUG X 0.7 TF2 $1.41 PayPal -
METAL SLUG 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PayPal -
MX vs ATV Reflex 0.4 TF2 $0.81 PayPal -
Mad Max 1.0 TF2 $1.87 PayPal -
Magicka 2 - Deluxe Edition 1.0 TF2 $1.83 PayPal -
Magicka 2 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PayPal -
Manhunt 0.8 TF2 $1.53 PayPal -
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne 0.7 TF2 $1.29 PayPal -
Max Payne 3 2.9 TF2 $5.55 PayPal -
Max Payne 1.4 TF2 $2.69 PayPal -
Medal of Honor 1.8 TF2 $3.49 PayPal -
Medieval: Total War™ - Collection 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PayPal -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 War Chest Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.3 PayPal -
Metal Slug 3 0.6 TF2 $1.22 PayPal -
Metro 2033 Redux 0.9 TF2 $1.72 PayPal -
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.31 PayPal -
Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ 1.6 TF2 $3.07 PayPal -
Mini Ninjas 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PayPal -
Mirror's Edge 2.4 TF2 $4.46 PayPal -
Miscreated 2.6 TF2 $4.92 PayPal -
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine 1.3 TF2 $2.37 PayPal -
Monster Prom 0.9 TF2 $1.69 PayPal -
Moonlighter 0.6 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $1.15 PayPal Refer To My Other Thread Humble Sweet Farm Fall Bundle
Mordheim: City of the Damned 0.9 TF2 $1.73 PayPal -
Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection 1.2 TF2 $2.23 PayPal -
Motorsport Manager 1.9 TF2 $3.57 PayPal -
Move or Die 0.9 TF2 $1.61 PayPal -
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden 1.6 TF2 $3.0 PayPal -
My Friend Pedro 1.2 TF2 $2.28 PayPal -
My Time At Portia 2.2 TF2 $4.21 PayPal -
Mysterium: a Psychic Clue Game 0.6 TF2 $1.08 PayPal -
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2 1.7 TF2 $3.19 PayPal -
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Road to Boruto 5.0 TF2 $9.52 PayPal -
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution 1.2 TF2 $2.32 PayPal -
NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2.3 TF2 $4.44 PayPal -
NASCAR Heat 4 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PayPal -
NBA 2K20 2.5 TF2 $4.77 PayPal -
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 1.7 TF2 $3.26 PayPal -
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker - Deluxe Edition 3.5 TF2 $6.62 PayPal -
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker 2.2 TF2 $4.09 PayPal -
Necronator: Dead Wrong 2.5 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $4.77 PayPal Refer To My Other Thread Humble Sweet Farm Fall Bundle
Necropolis: Brutal Edition 0.6 TF2 $1.11 PayPal -
Neighbours from Hell Compilation 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PayPal -
New Gundam Breaker 4.0 TF2 $7.47 PayPal -
Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom - The Prince's Edition 3.6 TF2 $6.79 PayPal -
Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom 2.6 TF2 $4.87 PayPal -
Northgard 3.3 TF2 $6.17 PayPal -
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty 3.1 TF2 $5.84 PayPal -
Operation Flashpoint Red River 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PayPal -
Outlast 2 1.0 TF2 $1.95 PayPal -
Overcooked 1.3 TF2 $2.37 PayPal -
Owlboy 1.2 TF2 $2.36 PayPal -
PAYDAY 2 0.5 TF2 $0.88 PayPal -
PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition 3.7 TF2 $7.01 PayPal -
PC Building Simulator 2.0 TF2 $3.73 PayPal -
Phantom Doctrine 0.6 TF2 $1.12 PayPal -
Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition 2.0 TF2 $3.86 PayPal -
Pillars of Eternity Hero Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.65 PayPal -
Plague Inc: Evolved 2.1 TF2 $3.92 PayPal -
Planet Coaster 3.4 TF2 $6.52 PayPal -
Planetary Annihilation: TITANS 3.3 TF2 $6.18 PayPal -
Portal Knights 1.5 TF2 $2.91 PayPal -
Primal Carnage: Extinction 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PayPal -
Pro Cycling Manager 2019 2.7 TF2 $5.08 PayPal -
Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition 4.0 TF2 $7.53 PayPal -
Project CARS 2 1.7 TF2 $3.3 PayPal -
Project CARS 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PayPal -
Project CARS – Game of the Year Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PayPal -
Prototype® 2 3.8 TF2 $7.17 PayPal -
Quantum Break 3.0 TF2 $5.75 PayPal -
Quiplash 1.5 TF2 $2.86 PayPal -
RUINER 1.6 TF2 $2.99 PayPal -
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse 0.7 TF2 $1.4 PayPal -
Railway Empire 0.8 TF2 $1.48 PayPal -
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PayPal -
Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER 1.9 TF2 $3.66 PayPal -
Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD Remaster 1.0 TF2 $1.8 PayPal -
Resident Evil 5 GOLD Edition 1.9 TF2 $3.6 PayPal -
Resident Evil: Revelations 0.8 TF2 $1.5 PayPal -
RiME 0.6 TF2 $1.12 PayPal -
RiME 0.6 TF2 $1.12 PayPal -
Rise of Industry 0.4 TF2 $0.73 PayPal -
Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition 0.5 TF2 $0.97 PayPal -
Risen 3 - Titan Lords 1.1 TF2 $2.0 PayPal -
Risen 0.8 TF2 $1.48 PayPal -
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 0.9 TF2 $1.66 PayPal -
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack 0.4 TF2 $0.82 PayPal -
Rover Mechanic Simulator 0.4 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $0.78 PayPal Refer To My Other Thread Humble Choice (November 2020)
Running with Rifles 1.2 TF2 $2.35 PayPal -
SOMA 5.0 TF2 $9.44 PayPal -
SUPERHOT VR 4.7 TF2 $8.83 PayPal -
SUPERHOT 1.1 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $2.08 PayPal Refer To My Other Thread Humble Sweet Farm Fall Bundle
Saints Row 2 0.8 TF2 $1.5 PayPal -
Saints Row IV Game of the Century Edition 1.9 TF2 $3.5 PayPal -
Saints Row IV 1.2 TF2 $2.18 PayPal -
Saints Row the Third - The Full Package 1.4 TF2 $2.7 PayPal -
Saints Row: The Third 1.1 TF2 $2.17 PayPal -
Screencheat 1.2 TF2 $2.34 PayPal -
Scribblenauts Unlimited 0.6 TF2 $1.06 PayPal -
Serious Sam 2 0.7 TF2 $1.25 PayPal -
Serious Sam 3: BFE 1.4 TF2 $2.56 PayPal -
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter 1.9 TF2 $3.64 PayPal -
Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope 2.8 TF2 $5.33 PayPal -
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun 0.9 TF2 $1.68 PayPal -
Shadow Warrior: Special Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.31 PayPal -
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 4.2 TF2 $7.97 PayPal -
Shenmue I & II 0.4 TF2 $0.81 PayPal -
Ship Simulator Extremes 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PayPal -
Ship Simulator Extremes 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PayPal -
Sid Meier's Civilization V 1.5 TF2 $2.91 PayPal -
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 3.3 TF2 $6.17 PayPal -
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth 1.3 TF2 $2.39 PayPal -
Sid Meiers Civilization IV: The Complete Edition 2.1 TF2 $3.96 PayPal -
Silver Chains 0.6 TF2 $1.04 PayPal -
SimplePlanes 0.6 TF2 $1.11 PayPal -
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion 1.2 TF2 $2.31 PayPal -
Slay the Spire 3.1 TF2 $5.83 PayPal -
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 1.5 TF2 $2.81 PayPal -
Slime Rancher 2.7 TF2 $5.17 PayPal -
Sniper Elite 3 1.3 TF2 $2.51 PayPal -
Sniper Elite 4 4.2 TF2 $7.9 PayPal -
Sniper Elite V2 0.9 TF2 $1.62 PayPal -
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 0.9 TF2 $1.74 PayPal -
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 3.3 TF2 $6.23 PayPal -
Sonic Adventure DX 0.4 TF2 $0.71 PayPal -
Sonic Adventure™ 2 0.9 TF2 $1.74 PayPal -
Sonic Forces 3.1 TF2 $5.83 PayPal -
Sonic Mania 1.2 TF2 $2.2 PayPal -
Soul Calibur VI 2.2 TF2 $4.18 PayPal -
South Park: The Stick of Truth 2.4 TF2 $4.54 PayPal -
Space Engineers 2.8 TF2 $5.35 PayPal -
SpellForce 3 5.5 TF2 $10.33 PayPal -
Spelunky 0.7 TF2 $1.29 PayPal -
Spintires 0.5 TF2 $0.86 PayPal -
Splendor 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PayPal -
Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy 8.5 TF2 $16.08 PayPal -
Squad 11.5 TF2 $21.66 PayPal -
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 0.4 TF2 $0.77 PayPal -
Star Wars Republic Commando™ 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PayPal -
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005) 0.9 TF2 $1.63 PayPal -
Star Wars® Empire at War™: Gold Pack 0.8 TF2 $1.53 PayPal -
Star Wars®: Jedi Knight®: Jedi Academy™ 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PayPal -
Starbound 2.8 TF2 $5.28 PayPal -
Staxel 1.2 TF2 $2.24 PayPal -
Steel Division: Normandy 44 1.7 TF2 $3.14 PayPal -
Stellaris Galaxy Edition 1.8 TF2 $3.33 PayPal -
Stellaris 1.3 TF2 $2.51 PayPal -
Strange Brigade 1.1 TF2 $2.16 PayPal -
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection 2.0 TF2 $3.7 PayPal -
Street Fighter V 1.9 TF2 $3.58 PayPal -
Streets of Rogue 0.9 TF2 $1.74 PayPal -
Stronghold 2: Steam Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.42 PayPal -
Stronghold Crusader 2 1.0 TF2 $1.82 PayPal -
Stronghold Crusader HD 0.7 TF2 $1.41 PayPal -
Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition 0.6 TF2 $1.06 PayPal -
Styx: Shards Of Darkness 1.4 TF2 $2.72 PayPal -
Sudden Strike 4 0.6 TF2 $1.06 PayPal -
Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.33 PayPal -
Surviving Mars - First Colony Edition 8.5 TF2 $16.13 PayPal -
Surviving Mars 0.4 TF2 $0.71 PayPal -
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.24 PayPal -
Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment 0.9 TF2 $1.78 PayPal -
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 2.8 TF2 $5.31 PayPal -
TEKKEN 7 2.4 TF2 $4.51 PayPal -
THIEF 1.4 TF2 $2.64 PayPal -
Tales of Berseria 1.8 TF2 $3.41 PayPal -
Tales of Symphonia 0.9 TF2 $1.68 PayPal -
Tales of Zestiria 1.4 TF2 $2.65 PayPal -
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.5 TF2 $0.88 PayPal -
Tannenberg 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PayPal -
Tennis World Tour 1.6 TF2 $2.96 PayPal -
Terraforming Mars 1.6 TF2 $3.02 PayPal -
The Banner Saga 0.8 TF2 $1.52 PayPal -
The Blackout Club 3.6 TF2 $6.83 PayPal -
The Escapists 2 1.8 TF2 $3.43 PayPal -
The Escapists 0.5 TF2 $0.88 PayPal -
The Golf Club™ 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR 0.9 TF2 $1.69 PayPal -
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut 1.2 TF2 $2.35 PayPal -
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 2.0 TF2 $3.72 PayPal -
The Jackbox Party Pack 3 4.9 TF2 $9.28 PayPal -
The Jackbox Party Pack 4 2.8 TF2 $5.27 PayPal -
The Jackbox Party Pack 2.7 TF2 $5.14 PayPal -
The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame 0.6 TF2 $1.16 PayPal -
The LEGO Movie: Videogame 0.5 TF2 $0.87 PayPal -
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 3.2 TF2 $6.09 PayPal -
The Long Dark 2.9 TF2 $5.55 PayPal -
The Political Machine 2016 1.0 TF2 $1.81 PayPal -
The Talos Principle VR 2.4 TF2 $4.51 PayPal -
The Talos Principle 1.2 TF2 $2.31 PayPal -
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 0.8 TF2 $1.42 PayPal -
The Walking Dead 0.5 TF2 $0.99 PayPal -
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 1.6 TF2 $2.98 PayPal -
The Walking Dead: Season Two 0.6 TF2 $1.11 PayPal -
The Walking Dead: The Final Season 1.3 TF2 $2.4 PayPal -
The Witness 1.2 TF2 $2.3 PayPal -
Ticket to Ride 1.9 TF2 $3.57 PayPal -
Tomb Raider 1.1 TF2 $2.1 PayPal -
Tomb Raider: Anniversary 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PayPal -
Tomb Raider: Underworld 0.6 TF2 $1.04 PayPal -
Tooth and Tail 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PayPal -
Torchlight II 0.8 TF2 $1.53 PayPal -
Total War Shogun 2 Collection 2.4 TF2 $4.52 PayPal -
Total War: ATTILA 2.8 TF2 $5.34 PayPal -
Total War: Empire - Definitive Edition 3.2 TF2 $6.05 PayPal -
Total War: Napoleon - Definitive Edition 3.2 TF2 $6.02 PayPal -
Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition 3.2 TF2 $5.96 PayPal -
Total War™: WARHAMMER® 5.0 TF2 $9.43 PayPal -
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 3.4 TF2 $6.52 PayPal -
Tower Unite 2.0 TF2 $3.77 PayPal -
Trailmakers 0.8 TF2 $1.53 PayPal -
Tricky Towers 1.3 TF2 $2.55 PayPal -
Tropico 5 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PayPal -
Tropico 6 El-Prez Edition 4.6 TF2 $8.6 PayPal -
Turmoil 1.5 TF2 $2.79 PayPal -
Two Point Hospital 3.1 TF2 $5.89 PayPal -
Tyranny - Gold Edition 3.7 TF2 $6.94 PayPal -
Tyranny 1.4 TF2 $2.56 PayPal -
Ultimate Chicken Horse 3.4 TF2 $6.45 PayPal -
Ultra Street Fighter IV 2.0 TF2 $3.74 PayPal -
Undertale 1.8 TF2 $3.45 PayPal -
Unrailed! 3.3 TF2 $6.17 PayPal -
Valkyria Chronicles™ 2.0 TF2 $3.77 PayPal -
Vampyr 1.8 TF2 $3.42 PayPal -
Vanquish 1.0 TF2 $1.98 PayPal -
Verdun 1.3 TF2 $2.53 PayPal -
Victoria Collection 1.6 TF2 $3.05 PayPal -
Victoria II 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PayPal -
Void Bastards 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PayPal -
WWE 2K16 4.1 TF2 $7.72 PayPal -
WWE 2K20 2.4 TF2 $4.55 PayPal -
Wargame: Red Dragon 4.3 TF2 $8.04 PayPal -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Master Collection 2.1 TF2 $3.94 PayPal -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Grand Master Collection 5.9 TF2 $11.21 PayPal -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution 2.0 TF2 $3.73 PayPal -
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War 1.6 TF2 $3.04 PayPal -
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus 1.9 TF2 $3.65 PayPal -
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Collection 1.6 TF2 $3.03 PayPal -
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Collector's Edition 1.5 TF2 $2.91 PayPal -
Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® II 0.6 TF2 $1.12 PayPal -
Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® III 1.9 TF2 $3.65 PayPal -
We. The Revolution 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PayPal -
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PayPal -
White Noise 2 0.8 TF2 $1.43 PayPal -
Who's Your Daddy 0.8 TF2 $1.57 PayPal -
Witch It 3.4 TF2 $6.45 PayPal -
Worms Armageddon 1.0 TF2 $1.89 PayPal -
Worms Revolution Gold Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PayPal -
Worms Revolution 0.4 TF2 $0.77 PayPal -
Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Deluxe Edition 0.5 TF2 $0.91 PayPal -
Worms Ultimate Mayhem 0.7 TF2 $1.29 PayPal -
Worms W.M.D 2.1 TF2 $3.91 PayPal -
Worms World Party Remastered 0.4 TF2 $0.81 PayPal -
X3: Terran Conflict 1.2 TF2 $2.31 PayPal -
XCOM 2 1.9 TF2 $3.66 PayPal -
Yakuza 0 2.4 TF2 $4.59 PayPal -
Yakuza Kiwami 2 2.5 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $4.8 PayPal Refer To My Other Thread Humble Choice (November 2020)
Yakuza Kiwami 2.0 TF2 $3.7 PayPal -
YouTubers Life 1.5 TF2 $2.84 PayPal -
Zero Caliber VR 2.5 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $4.72 PayPal Refer To My Other Thread Humble Fall VR Bundle
Ziggurat 0.5 TF2 $0.98 PayPal -
Zombie Army Trilogy 2.2 TF2 $4.07 PayPal -
desolate 1.5 TF2 $2.83 PayPal -
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