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The program lies within Security Tools, more precisely Antivirus. The government has many issues in regards to tracking users' data and spying on citizens, so you should take this into consideration and learn more about shady information gathering practices. The application secretly records all PC and Internet activity and provides a client with a detailed report on all launched/closed programs, typed keystrokes, visited websites, chat/ICQ conversations supported with. It includes a text editor with syntax highlighting, string numeration, collapsing and element autocompletion options.

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Does anyone know the official reason why ranged weapons were nerfed in Neverwinter Nights 1, and only un-nerfed in Storm of Zehir?

Edit 2:
Dear_Occupant/'s reply:
What everyone in this thread seems to be forgetting is that NWN1 was originally designed to be a multiplayer PvP video game. If bows weren't nerfed somewhat, a trio of rogue archers could take down pretty much any other player group. If archers were 1:1 with fighters, there would be no reason to play a fighter, since being out of range is always going to beat every AC.
I don't have the stats handy because GameSpy hasn't existed in over a decade, but by the time Storm of Zehir came out, the overwhelming amount of multiplayer servers were still on NWN1. As it stood at the time, a rogue-based Arcane Archer that can cast PfE and Grease (both level 1 spells) could do a ton of damage before ever taking a hit.
This actually makes so much sense now that I've had a lot more time to think about this.
Neverwinter Nights was intended to be played with a party of multiple human players and a human dungeon master controlling the monsters. Imagine intelligently-controlled elven archers raining death upon the enemy. I think that during internal playtesting, Bioware realized how broken ranged weapons would be in the engine and decided to nerf them by requiring archers to purchase expensive ammunition as a drawback.
However, most players did not actually play it like they did. Most players played it as a singleplayer game, where the enemy AI doesn't run away or use sophisticated tactics, which means that they had to buff enemy stats to make them a challenge to smart players.
A side effect of this is that melee is overpowered compared to ranged in singleplayer.
Edit: I'm surprised a lot of you remember D&D 3.0 wrong.
Magic bows worked the same way in D&D 3.0 and in 3.5, and not the way they do in the NWN series before Storm of Zehir.
It always bugged me how bad ranged combat was in the Neverwinter Nights series, and I never enjoyed playing a ranged character until Storm of Zehir (the second expansion for Neverwinter Nights 2).
In PnP, melee and ranged weapons use the same progression for enhancement bonuses: +x weapons means +x to attack and +x to damage. However, for some reason, ranged weapons were greatly nerfed in NWN by removing the bonus to damage.
I'm trying to find out why they were nerfed in the first place, but I'm not getting any useful results on Google. Was it because it would've made melee characters underpowered? Or would un-nerfed archers be too lethal to the player character?
Finally, are bows and crossbows hardcoded to only get attack bonuses? Is there a way to add ranged weapons like in Storm of Zehir, which are true +x magic weapons?
submitted by JSLardizabal to neverwinternights

My wishful thoughts for SOON™ to come, Companions 2.0 Finale

Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/Warframe/comments/ikqqst/my_wishful_thought_for_soon_to_come_companions_20/
Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/Warframe/comments/il7hy4/my_wishful_thought_for_soon_to_come_companions_20/
Part 3: https://www.reddit.com/Warframe/comments/ilruj5/my_wishful_thought_for_soon_to_come_companions_20/
Please, if you have any suggestions/criticisms/other stuff to add to this list. Don't be afraid to share them with me in the comments. I know that these suggestions may never come to DEs ears but at least I want to share my own ideas for Companions 2.0. Even after I am done with all of the Companions(Excluding Deimos ones) I still have to revise everything and add even more to really show everyone my vision of Companions 2.0 and make each Companion as useful or as niche as the other ones.
Also a TL;DR once it's all over so that people wouldn't have to go read the huge walls of texts because they don't have the time to read such long posts.
The most buggiest and most useless of the bunch. Almost no one uses them except for the select few that enjoys using Stasis Field and Blast Shields. And maybe Hard Engage but that can become a buggy mess. DE really tried to make MOAs likeable through emotional modules but no one batted an eye cause it costs platinum to get and no one wants to spend platinum on something that's not either a Warframe, favorite weapon and/or Ember's poster. To others that hated the MOA Companion concept, I saw an unrevealed possibility for the MOAs. A possibility that can allow them to be unique from the other Companions and it's all thanks to DE's efforts to make them likeable... Emotion Modules.
  • The first things I want to change for MOAs is that Emotion Modules can now be bought from Legs rather than spending platinum for them. Because of my idea of making use of Emotion Modules, it'll be stupid to keep their prices in platinum and instead should be bought through the use of standing.
  • The second thing I want to change is that depending on what Emotion Module a MOA has. Their mod abilities will be different.
  • The third thing, depending on the equipped mod, a MOA can have either have a revive timer(Regen mods) or can instantly revive themselves(Bleedout mods)
If a MOA has Primed/Non-Primed Regen equipped, they will have the same passive as Sentinels where if they take fatal damage they will explode and will have to wait via a timer before coming back to the battlefield again.
Depending on what Emotion Module they have, each will have a different effect before exploding.
Emotion Modules:
  1. No Module - Before dying, same effects as the Sentinels
  2. Aggressive Module - Before dying, it will rush at the enemy.
  3. Inquisitive Module - Before dying, it will not create an explosion instead it will release all of its' supplies for the player to grab.
  4. Sensitive Module - Before dying, the MOA jumps for joy, not realizing it becomes a ticking time bomb that will create a gigantic explosion.
  5. Tenacious Module - Before dying, it will cause 2 more explosions before the last explosion.
- If Moa has Primed/Non-Primed Regen equipped, they essentially gain the Reconstruction passive unique to Sentinels. After exploding, there will be timer indicating when the MOA will revive. Approximately 30s/60s respectively.
- A MOA without any modules will simply have the same explosion effect as how a Sentinel will explode.
- An Aggressive MOA will run up to an enemy before exploding, it doesn't explode until it is within 3m of an enemy.
- An Inquisitive MOA will not explode at all but instead release all of the supplies it carried inside itself for the player to pickup before collapsing to the ground.(i.e one health orb, one energy orb and one random ammo pack)
- A Sensitive MOA will shiver in fear of exploding but then its' explosion didn't trigger, this causes the MOA to jump for joy before causing a massive 16m explosion hitting all enemies.
- A Tenacious MOA will blow up three times. Enemies caught by the second blast get ragdolled and upon getting hit a third time they ragdoll away.

If a MOA has Loyal Companion or Medi-Pet Kit equipped, they will have the same passive as Beast Companions where if they take fatal damage and get downed, they have a chance to revive themselves.
Depending on what Emotion Module they have, each will have a different effect before exploding.
Emotion Modules:
  1. No Module - When revives self, Same effect as Beast Companions
  2. Aggressive Module - When revives self, Stays invulnerable for longer.
  3. Inquisitive Module - When revives self, will teleport to the player's side.
  4. Sensitive Module - When revives self, Deploys a miniature shield osprey for both the player and MOA to share.
  5. Tenacious Module - When revives self, Does a leg sweep before getting up.
If MOA has Loyal Companion or Medi-Pet Kit equipped, they essentially gain the infinite bleedout timer unique to Beast Companions. When downed, there is a chance that they will automatically revive themselves. 90%/72% respectively.
- A MOA without any modules will simply revive themselves similar to how a Beast Companion will get up.
- An Aggressive MOA upon revival, it gains invulnerability for 10 seconds.
- An Inquisitive MOA upon revival, teleports straight back to the player
- A Sensitive MOA upon revival, will deploy a small friendly Shield Osprey to give 100 overshields to all allies within range.
- A Tenacious MOA upon revival, will do a leg sweep knocking any enemy down in a radius of 5 meters before getting back up.
The player is given options on which revive mechanic they want, do they want to give the MOAs to revive themselves? or do they want the MOAs to have a revival timer so they don't have to worry about them? The player is given a choice and which one they are more comfortable with they have the choice.
Now this is the biggest problem... All MOAs can equip each other's mods something that is very unique to them. A Huras Kubrow cannot equip Sahasa Kubrow abilities and vice versa but a Lambeo MOA can trade abilities with a Nychus MOA. This means that it doesn't matter what a MOA looks like, they will always have the choice to have the abilities of others. This mechanic is what makes MOAs unique to the other Companions and what makes them feel very special from the others.
But here lies in the problem, almost all of the abilities are weak, buggy messy mess. And what's worse they have been given the activation condition that requires the player to fire while an enemy is nearby so that the MOAs can activate the abilities. This could be great as it will tell the MOA when or when not to activate their abilities but here's the thing. It's inconsistent at times. Except Stasis Field, I really like that ability like a lot. But because of how it's always centered around the MOA and I have to run under its' field just so I can feel protected doesn't make it feel nice.
That's why I sort of reworked or at least tweaked each ability to be more consistent. Each ability have been given a synergy with the MOAs current Emotion Module. And also yes, when I mean reworked each ability, Security Override now has a purpose. Oloro abilities are more support-ish now.
Shockwave Actuators Description:
- Every 10s, the MOA readies a shockwave that slowly expands for 3s that knocks enemies down within 12m.
Emotion Modules:
  1. No Module - Default mod
  2. Aggressive Module - The MOA will do short ranged hops up to 3 times causing a shockwave upon each landing.
  3. Inquisitive Module - The MOA will leap to an enemy location within 28m
  4. Sensitive Module - The MOA will jump high into the air before crashing down causing a massive shockwave.
  5. Tenacious Module - The MOA will proceed to do a drop kick ragdolling all enemies hit by the shockwave.
- The default shockwave appears beneath the feet of the MOA that slowly expands for 3 seconds that can reach up to a radius of 12 meters.
- Shockwave Actuators activates when an enemy is within 12m of the MOA
- Airborne enemies are unaffected unless equipped with the Tenacious Module.
- Can stagger some bosses.
- The Aggressive Module variant will cause the MOA to jump around in a random pattern 3 times, the range of where the MOA will jump next is approximately 5 meters from where the MOA landed. The shockwaves also have decreased radius down from 8 meters to 12 meters.
- The Inquisitive Module variant will cause the MOA to leap towards enemies within 28 meters prioritizing if the enemy is walking around in groups.
- The Sensitive Module variant will charge for half a second then leaping high into the air before crashing down causing giant shockwave that expands for 1 second up to a 24 meter radius.
- The Tenacious Module variant will make the MOA do a powerful drop kick that causes a shockwave in the air slightly pushing it back and ragdolling any enemy hit in a 12 meter radius within a 60 degree angle.

Stasis Field Description:
- Upon taking damage, creates an 8m radius stasis field that follows the MOA for 30 seconds. While inside the field, all enemy projectiles move 90% slower and deal 60% less damage.
Emotion Modules:
  1. No Module - Default mod
  2. Aggressive Module - The MOA will turn the stasis field into a slow moving projectile that affects any projectile that passes through it.
  3. Inquisitive Module - The MOA will also create a stasis field that follows the player albeit both stasis field have decreased radius.
  4. Sensitive Module - The MOA will stand still and create a big stasis field.
  5. Tenacious Module - The MOA will throw the stasis field deployment device unto an enemy and upon a successful hit will cause that enemy to have a stasis field.
- Stasis Field affects hitscan attacks but not melee attacks.
- Stasis Field has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
- Stasis Field doesn't affect allies but will affect enemies that were forced to become allies.
- Upon taking any form of enemy damage, Stasis Field will activate.
- The Aggressive Module will turn the stasis field into a rolling globe that slowly moves in a straight line towards the enemy that damaged it.
- The Inquisitive Module will create a stasis field for both itself and the player albeit the stasis field is now 5 meters rather than 8 meters.
- The Sensitive Module will stand still and create a 16 meter stasis field.
- The Tenacious Module will kick a deployment device towards the enemy that damaged it and upon getting hit, that enemy will have a stasis field affecting all enemies including itself with the Stasis Field debuffs.

Security Override Description:
- The MOA will remotely access enemy network for 2s. After a successful hack, it temporarily takes control of enemy systems to work it towards the player's favor.
Emotion Module:
  1. No Module - Default mod, will turn off alarms, temporarily reactivate Life Support Systems and fill up Med Boosters, decreases time required for an excavator to excavate and to upload to a terminal, reduces enemy transmissions on communication towers and temporarily takes control of moving objectives.
  2. Aggressive Module - After a successful hack, will also cause explosions to occur randomly inside the current room dealing 250 blast damage and staggering enemies within 5m of the blast.
  3. Inquisitive Module - After a successful hack, will also provide the player with supplies.
  4. Sensitive Module - After a successful hack, will randomly choose up to 3 enemies to become allies.
  5. Tenacious Module - After a successful hack, will call upon its' friends to fight for the player.
- If the MOA doesn't have any Emotion Modules equipped, beside turning off the alarms, Security Override will not activate for these missions: Assassination, Assault, Capture, Defense, Disruption, Exterminate, Free Roam/Bounties, Infested Salvage, Junctions, Rescue, Sabotage, Sanctuary Onslaught and Spy.
- Security Override has different effects for specific missions: Survival, Defection, Excavation, Mobile Defense, Interception, and Hijack. The following effects are:
  1. Survival - After a successful hack, Life Support Systems are reactivated causing the meter to not drop for 30 seconds.
  2. Defection - After a successful hack, Med Boosters are filled by 40%.
  3. Excavation - After a successful hack, reduces time required for an excavator to finish by 20 seconds. (Approximately 1 power cell)
  4. Mobile Defense - After a successful hack, reduces time required for the data to upload by 30 seconds.
  5. Interception - After a successful hack, reduces enemy control on Interception by 20%.
  6. Hijack - After a successful hack, the MOA will take manual control of the Fomorian Power Core or the Cargo Rover allowing it to move on its' own towards the objective without draining the playes shields.
- Security Override has a 150 cooldown.
- If the MOA has any Emotion Modules, Security Override will activate upon entering the mission.
- The Aggressive MOA will trigger explosions inside the current room causing explosions to randomly appear inside the room where the MOA activated its' abilities. These explosions are harmless to the player. This effect lasts for 10 seconds.
- The Inquisitive MOA will drop supplies for the player to pickup. These supplies can be 3 health orbs, 3 energy orbs or 3 ammo packs.
- The Sensitive MOA will hack into 3 random enemies' intercoms and convert them to the player's side for the duration of the mission. The playes can kill these enemies.
- The Tenacious MOA will summon 3 smaller versions of itself that will help the player, the smaller MOAs will attack the enemies. These MOAs have 25% of the main MOAs durability.

Tractor Beam Description:
- +100% Aim Glide Duration -50% Gravity
Emotion Module:
  1. No Module - Default mod
  2. Aggressive Module - Also gives the player +100% damage to their weapons while Aim Gliding.
  3. Inquisitive Module - Allows the player to Aim Glide forever and have complete control on where they glide.
  4. Sensitive Module - Also gives the player +35% damage reduction while Aim Gliding.
  5. Tenacious Module - Also makes the player drop bombs that explode upon contact that deals 100 blast damage and ragdoll enemies caught within 5m of the explosion while the player is Aim Gliding.
- Tractor Beam has a 5 second cooldown upon landing.
- Tractor Beam will activate regardless of how far the MOA is to the player.
- Tractor Beam will cause the MOA to stand still while the player is Aim Gliding.
- Reduction of gravity will only take effect while the player is Aim Gliding.
- The Aggressive MOA grants the player a buff that gives their weapons +100% damage bonus to their weapons. This damage bonus is additive.
- The Inquisitive MOA grants the player the power of flight essentially allowing the player to fly forever as long as the player is Aim Gliding but once the player lets go of Aim Glide they will immediately fall to the ground deactivating Aim Glide to disallow multiple Aim Glides in a single jump.
- The Sensitive MOA grants the player a flat +35% damage reduction only while the player is Aim Gliding.
- The Tenacious MOA will make the player drop bombs that explodes upon contact with either the ground or an enemy only while the player is Aim Gliding

Anti-Grav Grenade Description:
- The MOA lobs an Anti-Grav Grenade that causes the surrounding gravity to reverse in a 10m radius upon contact for 5s. Enemies affected by the grenade will float helplessly during the duration before falling back down.
Emotion Module:
  1. No Module - Default mod
  2. Aggressive Module - Instead of lobbing the grenade, it will throw multiple Anti-Grav Grenades around itself in a 16m radius. The Grenades have decreased radius of 8m instead of 10m.
  3. Inquisitive Module - Enemies affected by the Grenade take +30% more damage from the player
  4. Sensitive Module - Instead of lobbing the grenade, it will plant the Anti-Grav Grenade turning it into a mine that has an activation radius of 10 meters. Any enemy that walks into the radius springs the trap reversing the gravity with a radius of 20m for 5s.
  5. Tenacious Module - Instead of lobbing the grenade, it will kick the Anti-Grav Grenade towards an enemy making the grenade bounce from enemy to enemy up to 5 times before landing and reversing gravity. It has reduced radius of 5m instead of 10m.
- Any enemy that walks into the Anti-Grav Grenade area of effect will be affected by the reversed gravity and will float helplessly.
- Anti-Grav Grenade has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
- Anti-Grav Grenade activates once an enemy is within 25m.
- The Aggressive MOA will throw exactly 4 grenades diagonally to itself.
- The Inquisitive MOA's thrown grenades will debuff the enemy making the player have increased damage towards the debuffed enemy dealing +30% damage to them. The damage is multiplicative.
- The Sensitive MOA will plant the grenade and any enemy that walks over a 12 meters of it will activate it creating an anti gravity field that has a 18 meter radius.
- The Tenacious MOA will turn the grenade into a projectile that upon contacting with the first enemy will then bounce to the next 4 closest enemy before landing and then activating the anti gravity field. Any enemy hit by the projectile is immediately affected by the anti gravity effects for 5 seconds

Whiplash Mine Description:
Lobs a mine that tethers all enemies in a 20m. After 1s, all tethered enemies who are still in range gets pulled towards the mine.
Emotion Module:
  1. No Module - Default mod
  2. Aggressive Module - Instead of lobbing the mine, it will throw multiple Whiplash Mines around itself in a 8m radius. The Grenades have decreased radius of 15m instead of 20m.
  3. Inquisitive Module - Whiplash Mine doesn't pull the enemies in anymore but any enemy that gets tethered can no longer get out of 20m of its' range for 5 seconds. Any enemy that walks into the Whiplash Mine while it is active will tether that enemy.
  4. Sensitive Module - Instead of lobbing the grenade, it will plant the Whiplash Mine with an activation radius of 10m. Any enemy that walks into the radius springs the mine causing all enemies with 20m to be pulled in.
  5. Tenacious Module - Instead of lobbing the grenade, it will kick the Whiplash Mine towards an enemy. The enemy now becomes a walking Whiplash Mine and any enemy that's within 18m of the enemy affected by the Whiplash Mine will be pulled towards it.
- Whiplash Mine has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
- Whiplash Mine will activate when an enemy is within 16m.
- The Aggressive MOA will throw exactly 3 mines in a triangle pattern
- The Inquisitive MOA's Whiplash Mines becomes similar to the Penta's Tether Grenades mod.
- The Sensitive MOA will turn the mine into an actual mine and any enemy that walks over a 10 meters of it will activate it causing all enemies with 20 meters to be pulled in.
- The Tenacious MOA will stick the mine at an enemy and that enemy becomes a walking Whiplash Mine. After 3 seconds have passed all enemies within range are pulled in to that enemy. The enemy doesn't become a ragdoll and will keep fighting unscathed.

Blast Shield Description:
- Maximum Overshields increased by 1500. Leaps towards an enemy within 15m knocking down its' target and resets overshields.
Emotion Module:
  1. No Module - Default mod
  2. Aggressive Module - The MOA will rush at the target knocking down any enemy that gets in its' way then resets Overshield
  3. Inquisitive Module - Maximum Overshields increased by 1250. The MOA grants the player Overshields.
  4. Sensitive Module - Maximum Overshields increased by 3000. Upon taking enemy damage, it resets Overshields.
  5. Tenacious Module - The MOA will leap and bounce off the target chaining up to 5 enemies before resetting Overshields.
- Blast Shield has a cooldown of 15 seconds after all Overshields have been depleted.
- Blast Shield activates when an enemy is within ability range.
- The Aggressive MOA will rush towards an enemy similar to Rhino's Rhino Charge.
- The Inquisitive MOA will grant the player 250 Overshields.
- The Sensitive MOA has doubled the Overshields but it does not provide any CC and activates upon taking enemy damage.
- The Tenacious MOA will leap towards an enemy then bounce off from the enemy, jumping to another enemy up to 4 more targets knocking each target down before it can reset its' Overshield.

Hard Engage Description:
- Transforms the MOA into a melee combatant, augmenting its' legs to become a powerful weapon dealing 90 impact damage. Melee attacks are enhanced by mods on equipped weapon.
Emotion Module:
  1. No Module - Default mod
  2. Aggressive Module - The MOA occasionally does a ground slam.
  3. Inquisitive Module - Hard Engage has increased critical hits and critical damage.
  4. Sensitive Module - The MOA has damage reductions
  5. Tenacious Module - The MOA can hit multiple enemies with its melee attack.
- Hard Engage will turn the MOA into a melee companion that will actively look for an enemy to attack.
- Hard Engage replaces the MOAs current weapon with a very unique variant and can only be accessed by MOAs with Hard Engage equipped. These are the stats:
  • Weapon Type - Rifle
  • Multishot - 1.0
  • Total Damage - 90 (100% Impact)
  • Magazine - 5
  • Reload Time - 3.0 s
  • Critical Chance - 15%
  • Critical Multiplier - 1.5x
  • Status Chance - 10%
  • Fire Rate 1.0x
- Hard Engage is unique as it is technically a melee but with ranged weapon stats.
- It can equip Rifle mods.
- Its Multishot affect how many hits it will land every time it attacks an enemy
- Its Total Damage scales with damage mods
- Hard Engage has a mechanic where the MOA can hit enemies only for a limited number of times in the form of a magazine. After it empties its magazine, the MOA recharging itself to get back into the fight. Magazine and Reload Time are affected by mods
- Fire Rate simply increases the animation speed in which the MOA will play before it will actually hurt the target.
- Critical Chance, Critical Multiplier and Status Chance are all affected by their respective mods.
- Hard Engage's rank will scale alongside the MOAs rank. (i.e MOA is rank 27, Hard Engage is also rank 27)
- If the MOA has an Orokin Reactor installed, Hard Engage will automatically have an Orokin Catalyst installed.
- Due to Hard Engage not being an actual weapon, it will not show in the player's inventory, nor show up in the profile equipment nor count towards player mastery rank.
- Hard Engage has a fixed capacity of 74 and a Madurai and Naramon polarity installed.
- Hard Engage isn't allowed to have Riven rolled for it.
- The Aggressive MOA has a 15% chance to replace its melee attacks with a ground slam that hits all enemies within a 5m radius.
- The Inquisitive MOA adds 20% critical chance and critical multiplier to Hard Engage. Added after bonuses.
- The Sensitive MOA gains a permanent 40% damage reduction.
- The Tenacious MOA will cause Hard Engage attacks to hit up to 4 enemies in a 45 degree angle.
And that's all of the MOAs, had to fix all of the mods so that they don't have to rely on the player to fire their weapons while there is an enemy.
Now with all Companions done, I can finally do a review on all of the ideas and add even more to the system. Maybe show some pictures about how to fix the incubator hud and make it sleeker and cleaner. I also have to add a TL;DR. Oh boy.
submitted by several_killer to Warframe

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