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[Serial][UWDFF Alcubierre] Part 70

Beginning | Previous
To Valast's great satisfaction, the Sclinter Amalgans had responded. Clearly, Minister Gorman's overtures had needed to carry the weight of the Premier's personal involvement to achieve the desired outcome. This was no surprise, Gorman was an idiot. Sadly, even the feeble-minded could find status in these challenging times. Better a moderately trustworthy dullard than a wise traitor.
The negotiations for a meeting had been a typically annoying affair, as things tended to be with the Amalgans. The creatures loathed being separated from their vessels, and, even when conducting business face-to-face, refused to reveal the themselves. It was much akin to dealing with the vexing tank blobs the Zix, though at least the Amalgans were reasonable conversationalists, if a bit stilted.
Valast idly tugged at the material of his cushion, monitoring the progress of the Amalgans toward his present location. As always, the Amalgans were encased in an enormous contraption, which slowly crawled its way along the corridor to the designated meeting location. More than once, Valast had wondered what the contraption contained. He had sat across from the hulking machines on a number of occasions, but had never gleaned any insight. Upon his ascension to the Premiership, he had availed himself of the Combine's intelligence archives and had been surprised to find that no data existed as to the nature of the species or much of anything else regarding their existence.
There had been some recordings of the initial interactions and the diplomatic exchanges that had devised the non-aggression pact. Rather than become Members of the Combine and enjoy the benefits attached thereto, the Amalgans had negotiated a unique status within and in-relation to the Combine. They would not raise arms, officially at least, against Member species but would serve as an out-sourced fixer for issues that may arise elsewhere, including cleansing problematic sentients. Additionally, they would guarantee a certain tithe to the Combine in the form of rare metals in exchange for wormkeyed vessels.
The arrangement had made some sense to Valast, but he had been surprised at the Evangi's flexibility on the matter. The Amalgans were an old, advanced and militaristic species, clustered close to the core of the galaxy. Historically, the Evangi had sought to convert or eliminate species bearing this profile during the early phases of consolidating the Combine. Valast could not think of another example where an accommodation of this nature had been made. However, it had worked to the Combine and Amalgan's benefit. Much of the early cleansing required to secure Combine space had been undertaken by the Amalgans at Evangi direction, allowing the Evangi to focus their energy elsewhere. The arrangement had also withstood the test of time as well.
Of course, now, it would need to change. If the Amalgans desired continued access to Combine goods, they would need to defend the Combine from the threats arrayed against it. Valast expected the Amalgans would happily eradicate the Humans, as they had any number of other degenerate species, but he was less certain of their willingness to turn against the Evangi.
Sadly, he could only receive those answers if the lumbering device arrived before Valast died of a mix of old age and boredom, which seemed unlikely. He tapped upon the datapad, swiping between various video views the Amalgan machine. It was a dull, matte black with a roughly cube shape, though the sides were uneven and jagged. The machine floated off of the ground, though by only a few paw-spans and moved slightly slower than a drunken Chargo on an incline.
Bit by bit it plodded along.
Moments before Valast lost the will to live, it arrived. The doorway to the meeting chamber slid open and the Amalgan device birthed through it, tedious and terrifying all at once. It scooted forward and came to a stop a short distance from Valast, who had elected to regard them with cool indifference from his pillow rather than hop up and eagerly greet them. Valast carefully preened his whiskers and then took a breath.
"Welcome, dear friends, I am glad we have the opportunity to meet given the dire nature of events within the Combine," Valast said.
"Troubling, yes." A robotic voice emanated. It was the same voice all Amalgans spoke with, a dry monotone that seemed perfectly calibrated to contain no expressive or defining qualities. Valast always felt mildly mocked when he heard it, viewing the voice as a sign for the Amalgans' contempt for all they interacted with. Otherwise, they would have put in some effort to at least sound cheerful.
History had taught him that he would get no where in this conversation if he did not lead it, so Valast forged forward. "I am also concerned by the Amalgan's silence in the face of the Minister Gorman's entreaties. Given these events, I would have expected to the Sclinter Amalgans to embrace a dialogue with the Combine's representatives."
"Not authorized," the voice replied.
"Not authorized?"
"Not authorized," the voice repeated.
"I have personally designated Minister Gorman to act in my name in order to properly secure Combine interests following the assault on Halcyon by the Evangi and their Human co-conspirators."
"Minister appointment requires Combine Council confirmation. Not authorized as intermediary until confirmed. Negotiations with non-authorized intermediaries are problematic."
Valast teeth began to grind at the inside of his cheek but managed to retain his calm. "Then why you have responded to me?"
The soothed Valast's temper somewhat. At least the Amalgans recognized his rightful authority at the Premier. He felt the desire to press the point that all of his actions were permissible under the emergency powers granted to him during a time of crisis, but saw little point to it. The Amalgans were transactional and particular about the transactions, taking care to always clearly act within the confines of established boundaries. It was how they had managed to stay in their unique position for as long as they had -- once an agreement had been reached with them they were utterly reliable.
"The Combine requires your assistance."
"The request is understood. We will negotiate."
Valast's nose twitched, his hindclaws clutching at the cushion as excitement welled up. "Then you have no problem with the proposed actions?"
"Some aspects are not permissible. Others are permissible. We will negotiate permissible aspects. We will refuse non-permissible aspects."
His hindclaws released their vice-like grip upon the cushion. "I see, well, why don't be begin with what is acceptable and what is not?" Macro to micro, as was always the way with the Amalgans. They did not revel in the dickering and debate as the Mus did. Between the voice and their decidedly flavorless approach to existence, they made for uninspiring trading partners. Except for the margin and, in the end, the margin was all that truly mattered.
"First Request: Eradication of Humans. Permissible, but problematic."
Grim satisfaction arose at the first half, but dipped as the sentence finished. "Problematic? Why? You've cleansed tens of thousands of planets, surely one more does not tax the Amalgan's considerable resources."
"Logistical. No Amalgan vessel is keyed for restricted zones."
Valast was untroubled by the response. The worm projectors could provide the answer to that easily enough, though he found the response curious. Gorman had led him to believe that the Amalgans possessed broad keys so that they could conduct their business. Clearly, there were limits. "That is not an issue. We will provide the Amalgan forces with a wormhole directly to Sol via the use of our worm projector."
"Cleanse Contracts with the Combine carry a guarantee of wormkeys for deployed ships."
Valast flapped his ears in irritation, his eyes drawing to a squint. Due to Neeria's treason, he was not in a position to supply additional wormkeys. "Yes, well, I am unable to provide wormkeys to restricted space at this time. I am we can reach some other arrangement. Perhaps additional shipments of your last trade orders, offered at considerable discount?" Gorman wouldn't like it, but even with a discount, there would be a margin.
"We will accept the transfer of a worm projector for our use."
Valast jerked up from his cushion, his whiskers splayed outward and at attention. "What?"
"A worm projector is a satisfactory alternative to supplied wormkeys."
"Those are critical resources, required for the operation of the Combine. Even the loss of a single one would have substantial negative effects on our ability to administer trade routes and other forms of necessary travel." Rough calculations spun in Valast's mind as he tried to assess the cost of a lost worm projector. Access to a number of planets would need to be pruned or entirely removed from the trade routes network. It was potentially possible, but an outrageous expense for something as trivial as exterminating a pest.
"Our military operations cannot be contingent on a third party. It creates an unavoidable and impermissible weak link in operations. A Combine Cleanse Contract resolved this issue by providing a designated set of Amalgan vessels with keyed access to a target."
"Then we will lend it to you for a period."
"No. Wormkeys were a key part of contract compensation. We will not relinquish our right to a unique asset."
Claws ticked on polished table as Valast began to pace, his head bowed as he considered his alternatives. A meaningful percentage of Peacekeeper forces had been eliminated during the flight from Halcyon. What remained were split between safeguarding Mus and patrolling some of the more problematic portions of Combine space. Valast could easily withdraw those resources as well and make use of them in Sol, but it was unclear what might transpire in the battle. If at all possible, Valast would prefer his personal forces, as that was what Combine resources were, to avoid direct conflict with the artificient spewing barbarians. Other allies had begun to offer military support, but it was anemic. Like the Mus, few Legacy species had invested much into their military, content to reside in the collective protection offered by the Combine. It made little sense to invest in space navies, they would not be keyed and would only serve as a defense force against enemies that could not reach them.
Of course, that seemed to be a mistake now.
He could either risk the Peacekeepers, leaving himself open to the Evangi, or he could pay for someone else to do his dirty work. Valast stopped pacing and offered the Amalgan contraption a withering stare. If it cared, it did not express it. "What of the Evangi? If you are provided with a worm projector, will you assist in attacking them?"
"Impermissible. The Evangi are a Member of the Combine."
Valast snarled and drew his ears back, "They're treasonous traitors that are responsible for the destruction of the Combine's capitol and likely the entire galaxy."
"We are aware of the Combine's internal conflicts. We cannot take a side against a Member species."
Valast waved his hands back and forth, "Fine, by the power invested in me as the Premier of the Combine, I hereby declare the Evangi are no longer Members of the Combine." Valast stared at the floating black cuboid. "There, good enough?'
"This is not a proper adjudication."
"Fine, if I get them removed, then will you attack them then?" He had not intended to call the Council to order for some time, but if he had to drag those useless bureaucrats out of their holes and force them to do their jobs to secure the Amalgans' cooperation, so be it.
"Two Cleanse Contracts, one for Humanity, one for the Evangi, payment to be made in the form of a single worm projector. Correct?"
"What now?"
"We will require a worm projector for each Cleanse Contract."
Valast briefly wondered if he put a heater under the contraption whether he could cook the Amalgans within alive. He was the one who did the fleecing, not the other way around. A single worm projector was an unwieldy cost, two had the potential to cripple the Combine's fragile economy. The vast majority of keyed vessels routed through Halcyon, meaning they were useless. There were some that possessed direct access between key trading partners, with Mus possessing more of those bilateral arrangements than most, but it was still a massive reduction in throughput. The loss of two worm projectors would reduce that throughout by almost twenty percent. It was an unfathomable cost.
And Valast knew he would pay it. All of the margin the Mus had extracted from the Amalgans would be returned to them, with interest. Because, in the end, securing the demise of one's enemies was always a worthwhile investment. Still, there might be some wiggle room.
"I am willing to agree, but with the following contingencies. First, payment will be split. One projector upon commencement of the contract and another after the terms of the agreement have been reached. Second, that the Amalgans agree to defend the Combine and its interests until both species had been Cleansed."
Silence settled over the room.
"Do you possess a means of reaching the Evangi's homeworld?"
"Yes," Valast lied. He had no idea how to reach the four-armed traitors' lair, but he was quite certain that the Humans would have answers. If not them, then perhaps the good Overseer Neeria would be present and more forthcoming. It would be quite...nice to rekindle their friendship. Valast's fur stood up along his spine fluffed up in eager anticipation of such a delightful event. "But the path to the Evangi runs through Humanity."
"These contingencies are acceptable with a contingency of our own."
Never simple. Everyone always wants something more. "State it."
"Without a guaranteed means of reaching the Evangi homeworld, we would be entering into an open-ended defense obligation. This is unacceptable. We agree to provide defense to the Combine, but only for a limited window following the cleanse of Humanity should you be unable to provide a method for traveling to the Evangi homeworld."
"How long?"
"Twenty five Mus orbits."
Valast would be dead long before then. Few Mus lived before four or five orbits. He was already well into his third. If the matter wasn't resolved before he died, he fully expected whoever to succeed him to screw it up badly enough that an extra few orbits would not matter. "Acceptable. Anything else?"
"The Cleanse terms remain open. We are prepared to offer habitat disruption and military decimation."
Valast shook his head, "Total eradication."
"Without a species mapping, current intelligence on all resources and proper wormkeys, this is not feasible. We are open to instituting opportunistic annihilation, of all reachable repositories of targeted species, but the Amalga cannot commit to actions it does not possess the resources to deliver."
"Habitat disruption coupled with opportunistic annihilation of all reachable repositories is acceptable. The Combine will provide a supporting force to this action and would like the ability to designate certain targets for capture rather than extermination."
"Cleanse operations are typically solely undertaken by Amalgan resources, but a cooperative effort would be permissible so long as it operates within the parameters of the agreement, does not interfere with Amalgan operations beyond the designation of capture targets and the designation of capture targets does not unduly jeopardize Amalgan operations."
"I'll pre-designate if that is helpful."
"It would be preferred."
"Overseer Neeria. Witness Levinson. If either is present within Sol, they are to be captured rather than harmed."
"Do you have a means of ascertaining their location?"
"Yes." A number, in fact. "Their location will be provided upon arrival and scanning within Sol."
"This is acceptable. The Cleanse Contracts will be formulated per these discussions and submitted for approval. Upon approval, the Amalgans will prepare for the Cleanse of Humanity. You will be notified when preparations are complete."
"How long?"
"Not long, Amalgans are consistently called upon to perform this action and are efficient at its execution. Efforts would be assisted by the transfer for any and all data the Combine possesses about the species. We understand they are primitive in certain regards but highly unorthodox. We have already made certain accommodations, but much remains unknown about the species and the restricted zone they dwell in."
"They are a savage species and we will gladly provide what information we have." Valast spat out the sentence, the contempt dripping from his maw.
Valast nodded, "Good. I await your contracts."
The Amalgan cuboid began to slowly float backward, making its agonizing exit from the conference room. If Valast had not been so familiar with the Amalgans' services, he would be seriously questioning their claims of expedience in this matter.
But he was comforted by one thought:
The Amalgans may be slow, but their ships were fast.
More importantly, their results were undeniable. More than one Mus mining colony operated on the burned out husk of the Amalgans' handiwork.
Perhaps Sol would be resource rich.
That would be a delightful bonus.
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I have a guy in my office who exhibits all of the signs of being a serial orbiter and I need a proper term to describe his "friendzoned harem", if such a term exists.
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