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History of the Sol war: Lesson 5: The Rogue Element.

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The lecturer watched his students, there was some conversation among them. About the visitor last lecture, about the rogue elements, and about todays lecture.
“This lecture will be somewhat different. I will ask you all to turn off your recording devices.” He started, this was unusual. Very unusual. The lecturer put a small device on his lectern, the two students taking the Electronic warfare class recognized it as a counter-recording device. Even if someone left their recording device on all they would get was white noise and static.
“There are two parts of this lecture.” He began, no slide behind him this time. “The federation approved lecture, And the lecture that has been put together from hidden archives, humanity’s recordings and first hand accounts. I will start with the federation approved lecture.” He finally opened the first slide, Showing a human village.
“During the Sol wars, humanity moved all non combatants to small villages, out of the way and as far from the fighting as possible. However as combat became more widespread and more skirmish based in nature towards the end of the second year. There were small brushes up against these villages on accident. Most of the federation species did not care. Nor did they approach. However, despite orders several Torsek squads approached the human non combatant domiciles. As far as the federation knows this was because they were under the impression they were providing supplies to human forces in the area. It is unclear if this is true.” He paused and shifted on his legs, looking somewhat uncomfortable.
“When the humans refused to give up the supposed military forces they were supporting the Torsek attempted to force the humans to reveal the location of the military forces. In total disregard for orders. This force came in the threatening of the human spawnlings. Culminating in the execution of several of the human spawnlings. Once knowledge of this reached orbital command. The force command declared the Torsek squad a rogue element,striking them from the record and preventing them receiving any further support, or even evacuation off planet. This small group of Torsek started to gather other Torsek who were displeased with the federations inaction towards these ‘hidden supply bases’ as they claimed they were. Slowly building a moderate rogue element, big enough to cause problems for both the humans and federation.” He changed slide. This slide showed what was clearly a federation base, however it looked empty and it was filled with spectral blue-white glowing lights.
“As these rogue elements grew and caused further issues. Humanity continued to make use of more and more of the forbidden weapons they had locked away over the centuries. We were not fully aware of what Humanity had made to fight one another, till it was used to fight us. Humanity had its own rogue elements. While the ambassadors had indicated they would not use more than they had already shown with the three forbidden weapons. It seemed as the rogue Torsek forces broke further rules. Humanity used far more terrible weapons.” He gestured at the photo behind him. His antennae were oddly settled, as if he was somewhere between telling a lie and unwilling to speak.
“Humans did not seem to care if they were targeting rogue elements or official Federation bases with their weapons. The humans claimed this was work of rogue elements on their side.” He moved his antenna in a motion that was the Tricul equivalent of a shrug.
He waved his arm up at the photo behind him. “This is Phosphex. A human forbidden weapon. It is a cluster munition that humans developed to be used against heavy armor. It is a far more advanced version of a human chemical called Phosphor. Once lit Phosphex cannot be put out. Humans have assured us it can, if exposed to the void of space. It will eat through metal, the heat will shatter ceramic and laminate armor, flesh and bone and carapace melt like ice in the sun. This would not be a significant problem if it was simply ‘rained’ as phosphor once was. Phosphex floats in the air, spraying down anything over a size that moves in the area. Thus when humans bomb an area with it, the area becomes functionally uninhabitable until all the phosphex orbs have been triggered, or burnt out, which takes upwards of six weeks.” He paused again, looking at his class. “The humans call it ‘Ghost lights’ for each light is a death waiting to happen.” The next slide clicked up. This one showed over fifty large, whale bellied transport ships with a bright red cross on them and a strange winged stick with two long thin legless creatures wrapped around it.
“As this war of horrors grew the rogue elements of the Torsek forces stopped targeting civillian populations, at least en-mass, and rather would take one or two individuals and create gruesome displays with them. This changed as we entered the seventh year. Humanity, tired of the attacks on their civilian population had prepared a safe location off world. The federation were unaware of it at that time. Only becoming aware of it long after the Sol war. It is what is now known as Station Earth.” They’d all heard of Station Earth. A titanic, and ever-growing space station that followed the same orbit as earth, but was on the opposite side of the sun to it at all times. It was the closest any non human got to Earth after the sol war. It was also the main trade hub of the Sol system and the Diplomatic heart of the Human Coalition.
“The Torsek Rogue forces targeted these ships.” He gestured at the huge ships behind him. “They had raided Federation supply bases several days before. Stealing Anti-lander weaponry.” Even the lecturer’s antennae showed incredulity and disbelief at this statement.
“These shuttles contained over Eighty percent of humanity's non-combat population. The rogue elements destroyed all but one.” He paused “The rogue elements then transmitted a demand for surrender to the human forces of their own volition.” There was a much longer pause.
“Humanity, was not pleased. We did not know that humanity had been very ‘restrained’ on the forbidden weapons they had used so far. Nothing that could not be considered truely, as humans called it ‘uncontrollable and unavoidable’ had been used.” He moved on to the next slide. This one was of another federation groundside base. Bloated corpses littered the ground, all species had one thing in common, they were leaking a blue coloured liquid from their mouths.
“It was after this action of the torsek rogue elements that humanity attempted another meeting with the Federation. This was far less an attempt at diplomacy. It appeared that the ambassadors that had arrived the first time had either left, or had been killed by the rogue elements. I shall not be going over all the details, However it had two or three main points. The humans warning the Federation to leave human space and let them deal with the rogue elements. Or all of the federation would be considered a ‘rogue element.’ The federation insisting that the only sensible choice was for humanity to surrender and let the federation help them rebuild and hunt down these rogue elements. And the human ambassador telling the Federation peace makers that their female parent must have fornicated with a beast of burden to cause them to be so mentally damaged and that the Peace Maker themselves should perform oral pleasure on their male parent.” The lecturer chuckled.
“That is where the Federation Sanctioned Lecture ends. However. For those of you who wish to know what the humans believe happened, based on first hand accounts, gathered evidence and what is believed to be information hacked from Federation archives. You are welcome to stay.”
He moved on to the next slide. This one was of a Federation task force, Torsek foot soldiers at the front with two hover tanks backing them up. “This is a photo provided by a human scout, This is of one of the supposed ‘Rogue elements’ If you look here.” He waved his UV pointer at a section of the background.
“It is easy to see a Federation shuttle ramp. This photo was taken just outside one of the human settlements. This photo, combined with other evidence, including what is claimed to be a Federation datapad with orders from fleet command. Has led the humans to believe that these atrocities as the humans call them, were perpetrated on orders from high command. Thus the use of forbidden weapons on all enemy combatants.” He moved on to the next photo. This one of a collection of grisly corpses, human bodies that looked to have been flayed open and skinned before being pinned up on wooden boards.
“Supposedly, according to the transmissions and recordings that were hacked from Federation data vaults. There were members of the force command that were under the impression that the reason humanity had these rules to prevent certain ways of fighting was because humanity was weak to those tactics or they would make the humans surrender. Thus those tactics were prosecuted.” He stopped for a moment and allowed the class to catch up, there was frantic note taking and whispered conversations.
Once the hall had fallen silent again he resumed. “They were wrong, We found that humanity did not outlaw these methods of war because it made them weak. They outlawed these methods of warfare because it made them unstoppable. Where before a force could break a human line and force them to fall back. Or an attack would falter and retreat. After the supposed ‘rogue elements’ destroyed the civilian transports the way humans waged war changed. There was no taking prisoners, No surrender available to federation troops. According to human records, they had previously been fighting to defend their homeworld and that had made them more stubborn and brutal than they normally were. But when the transports were destroyed they were fighting to annihilate those that’d dared to do such a thing. And for vengeance.” He moved on to the next slide, This was a picture of a section of ground that looked less like a planet and more like an asteroid.
“This is an example of a human forbidden weapon that was used. What you are looking at is the remains of a Federation forward operating base.” The class shifted in shock. ‘Remains’ there wasn’t even a hint that anything had ever even existed there. “The humans made use of an OWL, This was the first time the Federation saw use of such a weapon.” He explained he seemed somewhat more comfortable now that they’d moved away from what the Federation mandated lecture was.
“That is all for this lecture. Please Email me your questions via the Extra-Net I will be Emailing you the answers to your questions halfway between this lecture and the next. The next lecture will cover the Ignorance of the Jupiter ship yards and how that led to the forced retreat of the Federation fleet.”

Woo, this was a pain to write. I kept writing rouge rather than rogue. The first of the secrets of the Sol war are Revealed. The next 'chapter' will be the Lecture Notes, In universe answers to the questions I've been asked. As always, I hope people enjoy and criticism is always welcome.

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Bodleian Lectures: Tolkien: The Maker of Middle Earth

In in October of this year, the Bodleian library presented 5 lectures on the languages which Tolkien studied and taught. The lectures show how Tolkien's linguistic and philological scholarship inspired him to create names for characters and places in his literary works, and to invent the languages of Middle-earth.
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